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Class 6 Geography Chapter 5 Question Answers - Major Domains of the Earth

Q1: The Equator passes through__________ latitude.

Ans :  00

Q2: Name The part of the Earth where oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other gases are found

Ans :  Atmosphere.

Q3: Why Mariana trench is famous for?

Ans :  Being the deepest spot in Pacific Ocean

Q4: Define biosphere.

Ans :  A narrow zone of earth where all forms of life can be found.

Q5: Name the largest Continent on Earth.

Ans :  Asia

Q6: Nitrogen gas in the atmosphere is used for

1. breathing

2. the growth of living organisms

3. absorbing heat radiated by the earth

4. photosynthesis

Ans :  the growth of living organisms 

Q7: Name the latitude that runs through the middle of Africa.

Ans :  Equator

Q8: Name the two oceans that are connected by the Bering Strait.

Ans :  Arctic Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

Q9: Name the domain of earth which consists of solid rocks.

Ans : Lithosphere.

Q10: Maitri’ and ‘Dakshin Gangotri’ are two research stations of __________.

Ans :  India

Q11: Why our earth is called as blue planet?

Ans :  As 97.2% of the earth is covered with oceans and other water bodies, it is called as the blue planet.

Q12: The most harmful effect of cutting of forests is

a. it makes the place untidy

b. it decreases the wood availability

c. it causes soil erosion

d. it leads to evaporation

Ans : it causes soil erosion 

Q13: The continent of North and South America are connected by Isthmus. True/False

Ans :  True

Q14: Who was the first Indian woman to climb Mt. Everest?

Ans :  Bachendri Pal.

Q15: Why Ocean water is unfit for human use?

Ans :  Because it is too salty

Q16: The topmost layer of the atmosphere is Exosphere. True/False

Ans :  True

Q17: The depth of Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean is

a. 10122 metres.

b. 11022 metres.

c. 12012 metres.

d. 22011 metres.

Ans :  11022 metres

Q18: What is the name given to a Narrow zone on earth which contains land, water and air?

Ans :  Biospheret

Q19: Name the latitude which passes through Europe.

Ans :  Arctic Circle.

Q20: Choose the correct option: India and Sri Lanka are connected by

a. Bay of Bengal

b. Palk Strait

c. Arabian Sea

d. Bering Strait

Ans : Palk Strait

Q21: A narrow passage of water connecting two large water bodies is called __________.

Ans :  Strait.

Q22: What is the shape of the Pacific Ocean?

Ans :  Circular

Q23: Choose the correct option: Pacific Ocean covers

1. half of the earth’s surface.

2. one third of the earth’s surface.

3. one fourth of the earth’s surface.

4. three fourth of the earth’s surface

Ans :  one third of the earth’s surface.

Q24: Name the longest river of the world.

Ans :  River Nile

Q25: What should be the elevation of a hill to be termed as a mountain?

Ans :  A hill of more than 600 metres is termed as a mountain.

Q26: Which is the largest hot desert?

Ans :  Sahara desert in Africa is the largest hot desert.

Q27: Name the smallest continent of the world.

Ans :  Australia

Q28: Name the deepest point on the earth.

Ans :  The deepest point on the earth is Mariana Trench (10,994 metres or 36,070 feet below the sea level) in the Pacific Ocean.

Q29: Name the largest ocean of the world.

Ans :  Pacific Ocean.

Q30: What is our main duty for future generation?

Ans :  Our main duty is to leave the earth a better place for future generation.

Q31: Define hill.

Ans :  A hill is a land surface higher than the local area.

Q32: The seven continents are separated by large __________ bodies.

Ans :  Water

Q33: What is Eurasia?

Ans :  The combined landmass of Europe and Asia

Q34: Give reason why Some parts of Andaman & Nicobar island were submerged in water?

Ans :  Due to the recent Tsunami.

Q35: Density of the air decreases with the increase in_________.

Ans :  Height

Q36: The continent which is called as Island Continent is _________.

Ans :  Australia.

Q37: Indented coastline of Atlantic Ocean is ideal for sea ports and natural harbours. True/False

Ans :  True

Q38: Name some of the oldest plateaus of the world.

Ans :  Some of the world famous plateaus are: Deccan Plateau, East African Plateau, Tanzania Plateau and The Tibet Plateau.

Q39: Name the most important river of China?

Ans :  River Yangtze is the most important river of China.

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FAQs on Class 6 Geography Chapter 5 Question Answers - Major Domains of the Earth

1. What are the major domains of the Earth?
Ans. The major domains of the Earth are the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere.
2. What is the lithosphere?
Ans. The lithosphere is the solid outer layer of the Earth that includes the crust and the uppermost part of the mantle.
3. What is the hydrosphere?
Ans. The hydrosphere refers to all the water on Earth, including oceans, lakes, rivers, groundwater, and even water vapor in the atmosphere.
4. What is the atmosphere?
Ans. The atmosphere is the layer of gases surrounding the Earth. It provides us with the air we breathe and protects us from harmful radiation from the Sun.
5. What is the biosphere?
Ans. The biosphere is the zone of life on Earth. It includes all living organisms, from plants and animals to microorganisms, and their interactions with the other domains of the Earth.
67 videos|344 docs|57 tests
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