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Textbook Solutions: Sniffles the Crocodile and Punch the Butterfly | Class 3 English Alive PDF Download

Word meanings:

  •  Swamp – an area of land that is wet or covered with water, in which trees and plants grow.
  • Sniff –to breathe in air through one’s nose hard enough to make a sound.
  • Sniveling – crying and complaining in an annoying way.
  • Feeler – one of the two long parts on the head of some insects which is used to feet and touch things.
  • Perch – to sit or rest vi. Snap – to open and close jaws quickly to bite.  
  • Gnashing his teeth – grinding his teeth in anger.  
  • Whipping – moving suddenly and quickly. 
  • Menacingly – threateningly. 
  • Took to their heels – ran away.


A. Choose the correct option.

1. Sniffles did not want to be a crocodile because

a. he felt that crocodiles were very ugly

b. the other crocodiles made fun of him.

c. he was scared of being killed by hunters

2. Punch wanted to be 

a. big and strong

b. wise and brave

c. rich and beautiful

3. People kill crocodiles for their

a. hair

b. skin

c. blood

4. Who told Punch that people caught butterflies and pinned them to a board?

a. Punch's grand aunt

b. Punch's grandfather

c. Punch's grandmother

5. The men shot at the logs because

a. they were rotten.

b. they looked like snakes from afar

c. they looked like crocodiles from afar

B. Mark the sentences as true (T) or false(f)

1. Sniffles and other crocodiles lived in a swamp. (True)

2. Sniffles' mum and dad had to feed him. (True)

3. Punch was bright orange in colour. (False)

4. Punch was big and strong.(False)

5. Sniffles helped to save Punch and the other butterflies. (True)

C. Answer the questions.

1. What was Sniffles’ mother tired of ? What did she say to Sniffles? 

Answer: s. Sniffles’ mother was tired of Sniffles as he was always shedding big crocodile tears or sniffing around. 

She said Sniffles to stop sniveling and start behaving like a crocodile and hunt for his own food. 

2. Why did the other crocodile laugh at Sniffles? 

Answer: The other crocodiles laughed at Sniffles because he did not want to be a crocodile and his friend was Punch who was a golden yellow butterfly. Sniffles used to swim around with Punch perched on his head which seemed very funny to the other crocodiles. 

3. How did the crocodiles escape the hunters? 

Answer: The crocodiles went deep into the water and left some rotten logs floating on the water. The men shot at the logs which looked like crocodiles from far away. This was how the crocodiles escaped the hunters. 

4. How did the crocodiles save the butterflies when the men arrived with nets? 

Answer: When the men arrived with their nets, all the crocodiles came to the riverbank. The butterflies settled on the heads and backs of the crocodiles. A few of the crocodiles made a circle around the men as they came closer. They snapped their jaws to threaten the men. This made the men frightened and they ran away. 

5. Sniffles became proud to be a crocodile. What made him change?

Answer: One day, Sniffles saw men with net. He shouted to Punch to warn her. When the men arrived, Sniffles was in front, gnashing his teeth and whipping his tail around most menacingly. He was no longer timid. This incident changed Sniffle as he acted like a real crocodile.

6. Why do you think Sniffles was given that name? 

Answer: Sniffles was given that name because he was always shedding big crocodile tears and sniffing around.

7. Was Sniffles a good friend? Give reasons to support your answer.

Answer: Yes, Sniffles was a good friend. When the men with net arrived, he shouted to warn Punch. Sniffles was in front of the other crocodile , gnashing his teeth and whipping his tail. This scared the men and they went away. Sniffles saved Punch and lives of other butterflies. 


A. Use the picture clues to form compound words.

1. Cowboy

2. Sunflower

3. Tablecloth

4. Moonlight

5. Bedroom

B. Look at the picture clues and make compound words. One has been done for you.

1. book+shelf= bookshelf

2. lap+top= laptop

3. hair+brush= hairbrush

4. tooth+paste= toothpaste

C. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the nouns given in brackets.

1. match, matches

2. buses, bus

3. watches

4. foxes, fox

5. bush, bushes


A. Put the correct punctuation mark at the end of each sentences

1. How lucky you are - How lucky you are ! 

2 . Is it time to go home - . Is it time to go home ?

3.  How hard he hit the ball - How hard he hit the ball !

4. Do you have an umbrella -  Do you have an umbrella ? 

5. What a beautiful painting - What a beautiful painting ! 

6. . Did you make that yourself - Did you make that yourself?

7. What did you do with the money - What did you do with the money ?

8. . Will you come to school tomorrrow - Will you come to school tomorrrow?

B. Underlined possessive pronouns in the sentences. 

1. This is her pen and that is his. 

2. Your nails are clean but mine are dirty. 

3. I like those bicycles. Are they yours. 

4. You have had your apple; this apple is mine. 

5. Let her wear the shoes. Those shoes are hers.

C. Put the adjectives given in brackets in correct order.

1. a fierce Indian tiger 

2. a clever young man 

3. a big red cotton dress. 

4. a small round steel plate.

5. some beautiful old Chinese vases.  

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