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Q.1. The Principal of your school retired after rendering 35 years of meritorious service. A grand function was held to give him a hearty send-off. Write a report in 150-200 words for publication in your school magazine describing the celebrations. You are Sudha/Sandeep of XI A.

(by Sudha, XI A)

Our esteemed Principal Sh. R.R. Gupta retired on 30th September this year after rendering 35 years of meritorius service. On the day of his retirement a grand function was held to give him a hearty send-off. Students and teachers organised a cultural show. Songs and poems dealing with his qualities were recited. Our Vice Principal delivered a thought-provoking speech. He praised the outgoing principal for his contribution to education and sports. Students garlanded the principal and escorted him to his car. Some of them became emotional. They began to weep. We bade him farewell with tears in our eyes.

Q.2. Your school has recently opened a computer wing. The facility of computer training and access to Internet connections has been made available to students. As Rakesh/Rashmi of XI B, write a report on the new computer wing in 150-200 words for your school magazine.

(by Rashmi, XI B)

The new computer wing of our school on 25th April constructed at a cost of two crore rupees was inaugurated by the Director of Education, yesterday. This wing with five halls on first floor has twenty computers with access to internet connections. The ground floor has facility of computer training for the beginners. It has nine rooms with five computers in each room. Our school authorities have now fulfilled a long felt need of the students. Computer training facilities will arouse and sustain the interest of the students in IT industry and new technology.

Q.3. You were a member of your school cultural club which participated in the zonal inter-school music and dance competition and won the trophy. Write a report in 150-200 words for your school magazine describing the items presented, preparation, costumes, music, performance and efforts of the participants and teachers. You are Nehadsfavin of XI D.

[by Navin, XI D]

The cultural club of our school added another feather to its cap when it won the trophy in inter-school music and dance competition held at Sophia School, Meerut. Our school team participated in solo as well as group items of music and dance. Kathak dance by Mohini, ghazal by Renu, folk song by Urvashi and group song were highly acclaimed. We were rated second in group dance, bhajan and geet. We won the trophy for our over-all best performance. The students and teachers had worked hard for a month. They hired costumes and rehearsed three to four hours a day for each item. In spite of initial nervousness, the performance on stage was splendid.

Q.4. The Environment Club of your school organised a campaign to celebrate cracker-tree Diwali. Posters, placards and banners were prepared. Then a long march was organised Write a report in 150-200 words for publication in your school magazine about the campaign describing the efforts put in by staff and students to make tire campaign successful. You are Mohini/Mayur of XI C.


[by Mayur, XI C]

Environment club is fairly active in our school. It organised a campaign to celebrate cracker-free Diwali. Posters, placards and banners were prepared. Posters were displayed at prominent places. Then a long march was organised. Teachers and students assembled at 9.00 a.m. All the students were in their school uniform. They carried banners and placards in their hands. They stopped near the posters and notices displayed along the road. The aim was to create awareness among the public in general and the young children in particular. Crackers create sound pollution. Being expensive, they are a wasteful luxury. The money* ends in smoke and fire. Moreover, child labour is involved in cracker industry. Thus exploding crackers indirectly leads to exploitation of child labour. The response of the general public was good.

Q.5. Write a report in 150-200 words for publication in your school magazine describing how the Tteacher’s Day was celebrated in your school. You are Priyanka/Piyush of XI A.

[by Priyanka, XI A]

Teacher’s Day was celebrated by us in our school on the 5th September. All the teachers were our honoured guests. We, the students, organised the entire day’s programme. First of all we decorated the school with banners and posters. This year’s celebration was a special one because Mr R.C. Mathur, our physics teacher had received national award for the best teacher. We invited him to the stage, read out the citation and honoured him with a bouquet and a shawl. Then we paid our respects to the other teachers.
After the assembly, came the most interesting part. Students of class XII went to the other classes and ‘taught’ the children. There was a party for teachers during the break. Our teachers were touched by our love and affection. They appreciated our concern, and care for them.

Q.6. Your school has celebrated ‘Library Week’ recently. The editor of your school magazine has asked you, the head boy/girl, to submit a report in 150-200 words to be published in the magazine. As Manish/Manisha, write the report.

[by Manisha, Head girl]

Library week was celebrated in Vivekananda Memorial School in January. The students took active part in decorating the library tastefully and arranging the books, magazines, posters, charts and innumerable written material in the hall. The title covers of the new arrivals were displayed on the notice boards in the porch. The school counsellor addressed group meetings and made us aware of the utility of books. He stressed that books could be our everlasting friends and advised us to adopt books. Moreover, books lead us from ignorance to knowledge and superstition to enlightenment. We can crane in contact with the genius of the previous ages through the books. Our school librarian advised us how to borrow books from the library and keep them neat and clean. On the final day, the Principal awarded special prizes to the teacher/student who had borrowed the maximum number of books from the library during the session.

Q.7. You are Amrit/Amrita, the head boy/girl of Ryan International School, Gurgaon. ‘No Tobacco Day’ was organised by the Health Club of your school last week. Write a report in 150-200 words for publication in the school magazine.

[by Amrit, Head boy]

Last Saturday our school celebrated ‘No Tobacco Day’ in school hall. The aim was to create general awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco on human lives. We displayed posters and banners in and around the school campus to this effect. An exhibition was arranged in the Activities’ Room, to enlighten the people about ‘Tobacco— the silent killer.’ It highlighted the harmful effects of smoking, chewing or inhaling tobacco. A public meeting was also arranged. Eminent doctors, local dignitaries and general public participated. The doctors highlighted how tobacco harms not only the user but also others adjacent to him. With the help of slides, film strips and charts, they illustrated how tobacco impairs human throat, eyes, lungs, digestion and blood ;i , circulation system. It could lead to mouth sores and cancer. Dr Anuj Vats advised people to avoid the use of tobacco in any form. The programme had a salutary effect on all.

Q.8. You are Sneh/Anshu of Army Public School, Meerut. Recently you had the honour of having participated as the contingent leader of your school team in the Republic Day parade in Delhi, in which your school was adjudged the best participating team. Write a report in about 150-200 words about the memorable event for publication in your school magazine.

[by Anshu]

This year’s Republic Day will ever be cherished as a red letter day by our school. On this historic occasion our school team had the good fortune to participate in the Republic Day parade at Vijay Chowk in New Delhi. More than fifty teams representing different parts of India displayed their varied, colourful and romantic items of songs, dances and aerobics. Their feats made people glued to their feet. The enthusiasm and cheerfulness of the . participants was beyond description. The celebrations were also a test of performance of the participating teams. When the name of our school was announced as the best participating team, I felt overjoyed. For a moment, disbelief overpowered me. Then I as contingent leader went forward to receive the shield. I dedicated this award to our Principal and the Physical Instructor who had provided us such an excellent training.

Q.9. The Golden Jubilee celebration of your school has just ended. It was a year-long programme featuring an inter-school debating contest, a play festival, a fun fair, an exhibition, special programme for ex-students and parents and concluding with a grand cultural programme. As Mayank/Mayuri of XI A, write a report in 150-200 words for publication in your school magazine.

[by Mayank]

Our school completed fifty years of its existence on ‘Basant Panchami’—the 5th February, this year. To commemorate the event, a year-long programme of celebrations were planned. Meetings of staff, and students’ council were-held. An organising committee comprising the principal, five members of staff, office bearers of the student council was constituted. A calendar of curricular activities was chalked out. It was decided to hold an exhibition of art and craft and science exhibition at school level. Fancy dress and dance competitions were held for the primary section. A Golden Jubilee issue of the school magazine was also brought out. Inter-school debate contest and a play festival were held in September and October. Dining November, special programmes were staged by ex-students. On the concluding function, a dance-drama ‘Eklavya’ was presented. It was acclaimed by the audience.

Q.10. The library of your school has been expanded and modernised with the facilities of computer and Internet connection and video tapes and shifted to a new block which is more spacious and better ventilated. As Rishabh/Ruchika, write a report in about 150-200 words for your school magazine.

[by Ruchika]

The new millennium has showered a wonderful blessing on us in the form of a well equipped modem library housed in a spacious and better ventilated complex. It is indeed a ‘quiet comer’ as it is detached from the main block. It has a large hall with seating capacity for 500 students. The tables and chairs have been arranged tastefully. The curtains on the large and airy windows match with the sobriety of the place. The walls are decorated with posters and pictures. .There are four other halls adjoining it. Books on different subjects are kept in almirahs there. Our principal has provided a facelift to the library. Even the catalogue has been computerised. By making Internet connection available to the computers in the library, we now have access to the latest books in the world. Moreover, we have the facility of borrowing educational audio and video tapes in addition to two books at a time. These changes have made our library a really attractive place.

Q.11. You are Shekhar/Sarika of Govt. Model Sr. Sec. School, Chandigarh. The annual sports of your school were held on 12th February, 20XX. Write a report for your school magazine giving all details of the function.

[by Shekhar]

12th February, 20XX, was a big occasion for our school. The Annual Sports of our school were held on that day at our school playground. A colourful shamiana was erected for guests and teachers. The stands were also tastefully decorated. The athletes gathered in front of the stage at 8.30 a.m. There was a march-past. The Principal took the oath and declared the sports-meet open. At 9.30 the track events began with 200 metre race for boys and 100 metre race for girls. Field events like long jump, high jump, javelin throw and discus throw were held in between the races. The programme was beautifully planned. In the afternoon the cycle race, sack race and three legged-race provided amusement. The musical chair race for guests provided a lot of fun. Kamal Nath of XII A was declared the best athlete.

Q.12. You are Aditi/Aditya of Rani Laxmi Bai School, Jhansi. The Children’s Day was celebrated in your school on 14th November, this year. You took an active part in the celebrations. Write a report in about 150-200 words on ‘The Children’s Day’ for the school magazine.

[by Aditi]

The Children’s Day was .celebrated in our school on November 14, this year. This day is the birthday of our beloved Chacha Nehru. It is celebrated in schools all over the country. This year it was celebrated in our school with great pomp and show. The Education Minister was the Chief Guest. A cultural programme was organised. Dances, songs and one-act plays were presented. Students recited poems. In the morning, sports were held. A Bal Mela was also organised in the afternoon. The students arranged the stalls there.
Parents and other visitors went round the stalls. They liked the items prepared by students and praised their efforts. Tiny-tots were most elated. For them it was colourful fair. They moved about freely and enjoyed themselves. It was now afternoon. The Chief Guest awarded prizes to winners of sports, best stalls and cultural events. The function ended with thanks giving ceremony.

Q.13. Amarapali is the Secretary of the cultural society of ABC School, Janakpuri. Van- Mahotsava is celebrated in her school on 24 August. She is asked to write a report of the programme. Write this report with all necessary details about programmes, participants, cleanliness, tree plantation, dances, etc.

[Amarapali, Cultural Secretary]

The environment club of our school, celebrated Vana-Mahotsava on 24th August, 20XX. Our Botany teacher Ms M. Sudhakar, set the tone by delivering an illuminating discourse on the importance of the trees in our environment. Then Nishant, the president of the club, informed the assembly of the day’s programme. Some posters and slogans were displayed. These depicted the benefits of trees and the harmful effects of deforestation. The Vana-Mahotsava was inaugurated by the Principal by planting a neem sapling. Teachers and students followed suit. One hundred trees were planted. Each tree was allotted to a group of five to look after. Thus the awareness of preserving trees was created.

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