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Q.1. You are Rashmi/Rohan Kapoor reporter for The Indian Express. Write a report for your newspaper on miscreants hijacking and looting a bus from Delhi, bound for Dehradun. Your report should be of 150-200 words.

[Rashmi Kapoor, Staff Reporter, ‘The Indian Express’]

Meerut, 17 April, 20XX
A daredevil act was reported by the passengers of an ill-fated deluxe tourist bus which was going from Delhi to Dehradun on the night of the 16th April. It passed Meerut around 11.20 p.m. When the bus reached near Shamli, the driver noticed road blocks and indicators for diversion. He applied brakes. Just then some miscreants appeared from the cover of darkness. Two of them engaged the driver in conversation while the other two managed to enter the bus. They threatened to shoot the conductor and a passenger. They compelled the driver to take an approach road. The bus reached a wilderness. All the miscreants now became active. They surrounded the passengers and forced ladies to part with their jewellery and compelled men to surrender cash and costly items. A case has been registered for robbery but the offenders are still at large.

Q.2. You are Asha/Arun Verma, correspondent for The Times of India. Write a report in 150-200 words for publication in a newspaper about the arrest of a gang of scooter/car lifters operating in your city.

(Arun Verma, Staff Correspondent, TOI)

New Delhi, 12 October, 20XX
A gang of scooter/car lifters operating in Delhi, U.R, Haryana and Punjab, was arrested due to the vigilance of Delhi Police. The gang, consisting of four teenagers was nabbed near Noida late at night.
The police control flashed the description of a red coloured Tata-Indica missing from the porch of Kanishka hotel. All patrol parties were put on high alert. On a tip-off from the Safdarjung cross-road the missing vehicle was spotted near Noida. The Uttar Pradesh Police was immediately contacted. The miscreants were forced to surrender. On interrogation they revealed the details of other cars, scooters and mobikes stolen by them.

Q.3. You are a press reporter. You have interviewed different victims of the earthquake/ flood to know their experiences. Sum up their experiences in 150-200 words as a report for a newspaper.

(Nidhi, Reporter, ‘The Sun’)

Bhuj, 25 August, 20XX
The unfortunate victims of the 26th January earthquake are still shelterless, jobless and nervous wrecks. The trauma of the devastation has proved unbearable for many. Tall promises of rehabilitation, development, social and economic reconstruction have proved hollow. The plight of the victims is apparent from their conversation. Most of them complain of the apathy of the government machinery. They need physical facilities, medicines and psychological care in addition to financial help. The voluntary organisations should come forward to render help.

Q.4. Recently, the protest of bus-operators against the banning of diesel driven buses brought transport to a standstill. Describing the plight of the harassed commuters—school children, office-goers, patients, old and sick persons, write a report in about 150-200 words for a newspaper. You are Nidhi/Manoj.

[Nidhi, Staff Reporter]

New Delhi, 28 November, 20XX
A state of disorder and confusion was witnessed at almost all the bus stops whereas the situation was quite chaotic at the railway stations and ISBT. This was a direct outcome of the protest by bus operators against the Delhi Govt, orders to ban diesel driven buses with immediate effect. According to the Supreme Court orders only CNG fuel driven buses could operate after 1st October. The bus-operators pointed out that conversion to CNG mode was costly and refuelling was time consuming. So they called for a flash-strike to register their grievances. Their action brought transport to a standstill. School children, office-goers, patients, old and sick-persons were all stranded. There were not enough vehicles on the road to cope with the rush. Taxis and auto rickshaws had a field day. The plight of women and children was touching. Some alternative fuel or energy source is needed to save the transport going into a mess.

Q.5. A school boy of fifteen displayed remarkable nobility and heroism in rescuing men, women and children trapped in an overturned bus. After rescuing them he also arranged for their hospitalization. As Vineeta/Vipin, write a report in 150-200 words for publication in a newspaper.

[Vipin, Staff Correspondent, TOI]

Kanpur, 7 May, 20XX .
Fifteen-year-old Ashish saved two precious lives. He rescued people trapped in an overturned bus. It was about 8 p.m. when Ashish was returning home after tuition. As he came to a lonely dark spot near the bend, he heard cries. He found a bus on its left side. It had probably skidded. The passengers were trapped. Some of them had managed to come out of the windows and were extricating other persons. Ashish climbed in from driver’s seat. He carried a small child out and gave it artificial respiration. Then he lifted an old lady in his arms. She was a heart patient and swooned on seeing blood stains. Ashish stopped a passing auto rickshaw and took them to the city hospital.

Q.6. You are Rahul/Rashmi, a staff reporter of The Hindustan Times. You have been asked to cover the incident of a daylight robbery when the inmates were watching television in their house. Write a report in 150-200 words.

[By Rahul, Staff Reporter, HT]

New Delhi, 10 Feb., 20XX

Three unidentified armed youths robbed a businessman’s house in Sundar Nagar yesterday at about 2 p.m. when the family was watching television in their drawing room. It was learnt that they entered from the back door in the street, cut off the telephone wires and bolted the doors of the drawing room from outside. Then they entered the bed rooms, broke the locks of chests, safes and almirahs and carried away cash and jewellery. The maid servant, who was cleaning the kitchen, noticed strangers moving about suspiciously. As she opened her mouth to shout, one of the robbers hit her on the temple with the butt of his revolver. She fell down unconscious. In the meanwhile, the robbers drove away in the Ford Ikon car of the businessman. The maid servant is the only eyewitness in this case of broad day light robbery. The police is investigating the case.

Q.7. You are Puneet/Nalini, a correspondent of The Pioneer. While passing near Lucknow University, you saw a violent demonstration of the students. Write a report in 150-200 words for your newspaper.

[Puneet, Staff Correspondent, The Pioneer]

Lucknow: 15 September, 20XX
It was a unique event in the history of the Lucknow University when angry, slogan-shouting students proceeded to the Vice-Chancellor’s office from all sides. Apprehending trouble and breach of peace, the authorities had sought police protection. The whole area looked like a fort guarded by garrison. While the youth raised slogans and waved placards, the police resisted their attempts to break the cordon and rush into the Senate hall, where a meeting of the Executive Council was going on. The shouts of “revoke the enhanced fee”, reverberated in the air. Ultimately, the Registrar came out and asked the agitated students to submit their case in writing. The students felt pacified as he assumed them that the E.C. will consider their demands. The students presented a charter of demands, dropped their demonstration and went back to their classes.

Q.8. ‘Traffic Week’ is being observed in your city. Within the first two days the police has booked over three hundred violations. Under-age drivers are the main culprits of lane breaking, jumping red lights and speed violations. As Pritish/Parul write a report in 150-200 words for publication in a newspaper.

[Parul, Staff Correspondent]

New Delhi: 8 April, 20XX
The “Traffic Week’ currently being observed by the Delhi Police promises to be effective in controlling traffic problems of the city. In the first two days of the week-long campaign, over three hundred violations have been booked for various offences. Maximum offences were of lane breaking. These violations were detected using special devices with the electronic eye fitted strategically. Jumping red-lights and breaking speed limits are next in frequency. These violations are reported to cause accidents with pedestrians and cyclists. High on the list of offences is rash driving by under-age drivers, some of whom sit behind the steering wheels without a driving licence. It will be better if the “Traffic Week’ is preceded by an ‘Awareness Week’.

Q.9. You are a press reporter. Recently Delhi reeled under a heavy fog for 22 days. This resulted in cancellation of many trains and air-flights. Passengers were stranded at the Palam Airport and Indira Gandhi Airport. Write a report in 150-200 words highlighting the plight of the stranded passengers.

[Mukul, Staff Correspondent, The Indian Express]

New Delhi: Jen. 21, 20XX
The weather gods have been fickle and unpredictable and the forecasts of the weathermen ominously correct. What surprised everyone is the long spell of fogs and low temperature for more than 20 days. The thick fog delayed air flights and fast running trains. Passengers who had booked their seats in advance reported at the airport in time. They were not allowed to leave the hall. An announcement was made from time to time that the flight had to be rescheduled.
Gradually, the number of passengers increased and the information network failed. The harassed persons could not contact their dear ones as the STD booths were not functioning. The stalls selling tea/coffee and snacks had already exhausted their supplies. Poor visibility and extreme cold made it difficult for people to move out. They remained cramped and stranded in the overcrowded waiting hall. What an ordeal for the air-travellers!

Q.10. Recently, the protest of industrial workers against the shifting of polluting industries out of residential areas brought normal life of the city to a standstill. Rioting, stoning and burning of buses, attack on government property were witnessed all over the city. As Akash/Akanksha Chawla write a report for publication in a newspaper in 150-200 words.

[Akanksha, Staff Correspondent, TOI]

New Delhi: 6 April, 20XX
Three buses were burnt and five were damaged by a stone throwing and road-blocking mob of agitated industrial workers. They felt provoked by the government decision to shift polluting industries out of residential areas to far flung places in outer Delhi or even out of Delhi. They felt cheated as they would be deprived of their jobs which was their sole means of subsistence. Hence they decided to lodge a protest in their own way. The protesters organised a demonstration and raised slogans. Flared up by the speeches of labour leaders, the peaceful march took a violent turn. Now the protesters came on roads and blocked traffic. Some mischievous elements destroyed government property. Schools were closed and markets forced to close. The commuters were stranded at various places. Till evening no settlement of dispute was in sight.

Q.11. ‘Cinema Fire claims 156.’ This is the newspaper heading. Write a report on the event mentioning the following points. Your report should be in about 150 words.
— Place, date
— What, where, when

— Details of cause of fire
— People injured, extent of damage
— Rescue operations
— Government’s response /action

[An eyewitness account by Suruchi]

Yesterday a very devastating fire broke out in Uphar Cinema, New Delhi, taking a toll of 156 lives. The show was running on when the fire started at about 2 p.m. in the afternoon. On seeing the smoke and suffocation the firemen gave alarm but there was pitch dark in the hall. Audience started running one after the other for safety. More than 100 people got serious injuries. As the fire spread like a wild fire, the hall was completely burnt. Its roof fell flat with a crackling sound. More people could not be rescued by the fire brigade due to congestion in the hall and the area. The police reached in time and registered a case of gas leakage in the canteen. The canteen manager was arrested and taken into police custody. The city government has initiated an inquiry into this heinous act.

Q.12. ‘Kidnapping bid foiled’. This newspaper heading caught your attention. Develop a report in about 150 words on the above event mentioning the following points:
— Place, date
— What, where, when
— Details of the vehicle
— Reaction of passers-by
— How Munish responded
— Social responsibility: prompt actu Police rescued the child

[XYZ, News Correspondent, The Express]

An attempt to kidnap an eight year old boy, Asim, was foiled by the timely intervention of East Delhi police on Friday. Asim was going to his teacher’s house in the Saraswati Vihar at about 4.30 p.m. on Friday when he was whisked away by a red Maruti car. Many passers-by shut their eyes to the cruel, unjust and wicked act. But Munish Kumar, a young man noted the van number and informed the Police Control Room. The police at once swung into action and nabbed the kidnapper. The child was rescued and restored to his parents. The kidnapper, it was learnt, was a former employee of Asim’s father and wanted to kidnap him for ransom. He is now languishing in police custody. The courage, nobility and sense of responsibility displayed by Munish Kumar is a fine example for others to emulate.

Q.13. The floods in the state of Orissa, adversely affected the area causing destruction to life, property, cattle and crops. As a news correspondent, you visited this state. Write the details of this disaster in 150-200 words. Also give a suitable title to your write up.

[XYZ, News Correspondent, The Express]

A visit to the flood-hit districts of the state of Orissa fills one with depressing thoughts. How can nature be so cruel? The cyclonic storm has proved a disaster for the state. Coastal areas have been .hit hard. The villages and hamlets have been adversely affected. Thousands of acres of land having crops are still submerged in water. Millions of cattle have been washed away or perished in the flood waters. Thousands of the villagers have been rendered homeless. Hundreds of children and the aged have been swept off. Thus there has been an all round destruction of life, property, cattle and crops. Government agencies and voluntary groups have rushed to the help of the flood- affected victims. The situation is grim and calls for more concerted efforts.

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