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Defence News – April

India Mongolia Military Exercise kicks off in Mizoram

India- Mongolia military exercise training has started at Vairengte in Mizoram. Mangolian Army is represented by 9 officers and 36 soldiers of the elite 084 Special Forces Task Battalion while Indian contingent comprises 3 officers 4 Junior Commissioned officers and 39 soldiers of Jammu and Kashmir Rifles.

i. It is a 14 day exercise which continues till 18th of April

ii. Christened “Exercise Nomadic Elephant- XII”aimed at training troops in operations like counter-terrorism and counter insurgency.

US conducts successful field test of new B61-12 nuclear bomb

The National Nuclear security Administration (NNSA) and US Air force have conducted a test of a modification of the B61 atomic bomb. B61-12 bomb was tested without a nuclear warhead.
The Bomb was dropped from the F-16 fighter bomber on the Nellis test site, Nevada.

ii. It was conducted to extend the B61’s operational life by upgrading its nuclear and non- nuclear components and to improve the reliability of its security systems.

iii. It was the first test of the B61-12 with the usage of the F-16.

Coast Guard decommissions ICGS Varad after 27 years

On April 28, 2017, Indian Coast Guard ship, ICGS Varad, the eight in the Vikram-class offshore patrol vessel, was decommissioned at Chennai Port. ICGS Varad was in service for 27 years.

i. ICGS Varad was built by Goa Shipyard Ltd. Its Construction work was launched on September 
2, 1989.

ii. It was formally commissioned on July 19, 1990 by the then Governor of Goa, Khurshid Alam Khan.

Nepal and China to Conduct Sagarmatha Friendship

First ever Joint military exercise begin between Nepal and China named Sagarmatha Frienship 2017 in Kathmandu

i. It will be conducted from 17th April to 23rd 2017. The exercise will be taking place at the Maharajgunj based training school.

ii. It’s mainly focus on combining terror activities and disaster management.

Joint Indian-French naval exercise 'Varuna' begins

The Indian Navy began a joint maritime exercise Varuna with the French Navy at the Mediterranean Sea.

i. The exercise was begun on 24th April 2017 and will be ended on 30th April 2017.

ii. It aims at deepening combat coordination between the two navies.

iii. The ships are part of the Indian Navy's overseas deployment to the Mediterranean Seaand West Coast of Africa.

iv. Guided missile destroyer INS Mumbai, stealth frigate INS Trishul and fleet tanker INS Aditya are taking part in the Varuna exercise.

INS Chennai dedicated, Chennai to become hub of Naval activities

INS Chennai a P 15A Guided Missile Destroyer of Indian Navy was dedicated to the city of Chennai on April 17, 2017.The ship has a complement of about 45 officers and 395 personnel.

i. The ship is under the command of Captain CR Praveen Nair.

ii. Ceremony includes Shri Edappadi K Palaniswami, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Dr D Karthikeyan IAS, Commissioner of Chennai and Vice Admiral HCS Bisht.

Navy successfully tests land-attack BrahMos supersonic missile

The BrahMos supersonic cruise missile has successfully test fired. It is a land-attack version with an extended range increased from 290 km to 450 km.

i. The missile was test fired from a Mobile Autonomous Launcher (MAL) from the Integrated Test 
Range (ITR) at

ii. It is two-stage missile, the first one being solid and the second one ramjet liquid propellant.

iii. It is capable of carrying a warhead of 300 kilogram, both conventional and nuclear.

iv. It has top supersonic speed of Mach 2.It is a joint venture of India and Russia.

INS Darshak conducting joint survey of Sri Lankan bay

INS Darshak, the Indian Navy's hydrographic survey ship is on a two-month deployment in the Sri Lankan waters since March 3, 2017.

i. Along with Sri Lankan Navy, it is jointly undertaking a hydrographic survey of Weligama Bay which was last studied in 1901. Weligama Bay is located in Southern Province of Sri Lanka, about 130 km south-east of the capital city Colombo.

ii. INS Darshak was commissioned on April 28, 2001 at Visakhapatnam under Eastern Naval Command of Indian Navy.

IAF Inducts Su-30 MKI into Frontline 221 Squadron

Indian Air Force introduced its frontline Su-30 MKI fighter aircraft into the 221 Squadron, ‘Valiants’, at its base in Punjab to enhancing the IAF’s capabilities.

i. The induction of Sukhoi fighter jets at a frontline base close to the India-Pakistan border will act as a force-multiplier for the defence forces.

ii. Su-30 MKI is a state-of-the-art all-weather multi-role fighter jet.

iii. Itis capable of undertaking varied air combat and ground attack missions.

Joint operational doctrine for army, navy, air force unveiled

A "joint doctrine" envisaging deeper operational synergies among the army, navy and air force was unveiled on April 25, 2017. The three defence services will now follow a unified approach to deal with all possible security challenges including conventional and proxy wars.

  • Navy Chief Admiral Sunil Lanba, the Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee (COSC) released the document in presence of Army Chief Gen. Bipin Rawat and IAF Chief B S Dhanoa. This document is the second edition. First edition was released eight years ago.

​Key Aspects of ‘Joint Doctrine”:

  • Transnational threats, "proxy war" in Jammu and Kashmir and left-wing extremism in various parts of the countryhave been listed as primary security threats for India.
  • "Surgical Strikes" has been considered as an important option to counter terrorism.
  • Joint training of personnel, unified command and control structure and tri-service approach for modernisation of the three forces has been proposed.
  • A broad framework of concepts and principles will be established for joint planning and conduct of operations across all the domains viz. land, air, sea, space and cyber-space.
  • Deterrent capabilities will be enhanced to safeguard India’s strategic interests along the Northern, Western and Eastern borders including the Line of Control (LoC) and Line of Actual Control (LAC).
  • Steps initiated for establishment of the 'Defence Cyber Agency', 'Defence Space Agency' and 'Special Operations Division' have also been mentioned in the doctrine.
  • During war, doctrine has directed land, air and naval commandersto jointly formulate orchestrate and implement war plans

 India successfully test-fires Agni-III ballistic missile

India has successfully test-fired 3000 kilometre range Agni-III ballistic missile on 27 April 2017. It has launched from Abdul Kalam Island off Odisha coast.

i. The test was carried by the Strategic Forces Command with logistics support from Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO).

ii. The test was aimed at re-establishing the operational effectiveness of the weapon system.

iv. This Surface-to-Surface nuclear capable intermediate-range ballistic missile can hit targets in the range of around 3000 km.

v. It can carry a warhead of 1.5 tonne which is protected by carbon all composite heat shield.


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