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Ordering MCQ - 1 - Banking Exams MCQ

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10 Questions MCQ Test - Ordering MCQ - 1

Ordering MCQ - 1 for Banking Exams 2024 is part of Banking Exams preparation. The Ordering MCQ - 1 questions and answers have been prepared according to the Banking Exams exam syllabus.The Ordering MCQ - 1 MCQs are made for Banking Exams 2024 Exam. Find important definitions, questions, notes, meanings, examples, exercises, MCQs and online tests for Ordering MCQ - 1 below.
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Ordering MCQ - 1 - Question 1

If Anil finds that he is fourteenth from the left end and 7 from the right end, then how many boys must be added to the line such that there are 30 boys in the line?

Ordering MCQ - 1 - Question 2

In a class of 90 students, numbers of boys are twice the number of girls. Rani is 58 from the left end and there are 20 boys to the right of Rani, then the number of girls to the left of Rani?

Ordering MCQ - 1 - Question 3

In a row of 50 students, A is fourteenth from the left end and B is tenth from the right end. How many students are there in between A and C if C is eight to the left of B?

Ordering MCQ - 1 - Question 4

A number of students are standing in a row facing north is such a way that a particular student is nineteenth from both the ends. So find the number of students in the class.

Ordering MCQ - 1 - Question 5

In a row of 25 girls, when Neha was shifted by four places towards the left, she become 10 from the left end. What was her earlier position from the right end of the row?

Ordering MCQ - 1 - Question 6

In a queue, P is seventeenth from the front while Q is nineteenth form the last. If R is twenty forth from the front and is exactly in the middle of P and Q. Then find the number of people in the queue.

Ordering MCQ - 1 - Question 7

If A ranks seventh in the class. B is tenth from the last. If P is fifth after A and just in the middle of A and B, then how many students are there in the class?

Ordering MCQ - 1 - Question 8

In a row facing north, A is tenth to the left of B, who is 19 from the right end. If C who is 16 from the left end, is fourth to the right of A, how many girls are there in the row?

Ordering MCQ - 1 - Question 9

A is eight from the left end and B is sixteenth from the right end. C who is fourth to the right of A is sixth to the left of B. Find the total number of people in the row.

Ordering MCQ - 1 - Question 10

In a row of 40 boys, when Rajesh was shifted to his left by 4 places his number from the left end of the row becomes 10. What was the number of Suresh from the right end of the row if Suresh was three places to the right of Rajesh’s original position?

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