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Test: Friends Forever - GMAT MCQ

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15 Questions MCQ Test - Test: Friends Forever

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Test: Friends Forever - Question 1

The amount of house accidents caused by faulty gas burners, like accidents caused by faulty wiring, has increased significantly since regulations on manufacturing have been relaxed.

Test: Friends Forever - Question 2

Praveen’s books, which provide a list of best techniques for GMAT, are of interest to both students and teachers.

Test: Friends Forever - Question 3

Following is a set of four sentences. Choose the sentence which is most appropriate – grammatically, semantically and logically.

Test: Friends Forever - Question 4

The increase in GMAT scores, coupled with significantly increased number of test takers as well as test costs, are forcing many students to look into alternative sources of getting admit to MBA schools in order to save money on admissions.

Test: Friends Forever - Question 5

According to industry analysts, the recent growth in the number of test takers in major metropolitan areas are likely to accelerate in the future.

Detailed Solution for Test: Friends Forever - Question 5

Answer :

The original sentence supplies the incorrect plural verb “are” to refer to the singular
subject “growth.”

Test: Friends Forever - Question 6

Before the final test, Henry Sloan, along with other former teachers at the top institutes, helped create, what had become known as the Ultimate Success, and were responsible for leading hundreds, if not thousands, of students to IVY Leagues.

Test: Friends Forever - Question 7

Since 1953, when the Graduate Management Admissions Test started, the number of tests annually have increased from 4288 to 250,000 last year.

Test: Friends Forever - Question 8

Mathematical analysis of the GMAT Scores provide evidence that students other than engineering students use a structured approach to the test.

Test: Friends Forever - Question 9

According to a recent study conducted at over 1000 cities in India, the number of college graduates interested in studying abroad is likely to double by 2020.

Test: Friends Forever - Question 10

Since the last month, the efforts initiated by health organizations, homeowners, and small organizations have increased awareness of pending health legislation.

Test: Friends Forever - Question 11

In comparison with urban students, rural students have a relatively narrow choice of higher education options located away from their place, and typically have a less symmetric approach to studies.

Test: Friends Forever - Question 12

Every Sunday morning, the head of one of the city’s ten most influential families leaves his house and flies to the US.

Test: Friends Forever - Question 13

Less than 20 years after the patent of the Serious System of GMAT preparation by Xavier Dante, its main competition, the Wizius System method developed by Davier Xante, had been adopted as the method of preparation from US to India.

Test: Friends Forever - Question 14

The list of students that qualifies for a scholarship by the Wizius Careers has been increased to include several students seriously affected by the recent economic downturn.

Test: Friends Forever - Question 15

The institute’s lead trainer, whose subject expertise, views on the questions on the test, and problem-solving style were impressive to the students who worked with her, was also acknowledged as a leading strategist by many people outside her firm, including teachers at rival institutes, whose approaches often differed substantially from her own. 

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