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Life Processes - Class 10 MCQ

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6 Questions MCQ Test - Life Processes

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Life Processes - Question 1

Amoeba shows following kind of Nutrition :-

Detailed Solution for Life Processes - Question 1

Amoeba is a unicellular organism which engulf it's food through the processes named PHAGOCYOTISIS.

And comes under hlozoic like, we Human Beings.

Life Processes - Question 2

Woody plants carry gaseous exchange through :-

Detailed Solution for Life Processes - Question 2

In the plans having hard and woody stems and mature roots the exchange of gases takes place through LENTICELS.

Lenticels are actually loosely packed dead cells which are present as small pores on the bark of woody plants or old roots. 

These enable oxygen to reach the intercellular spaces of the interior tissues and carbon dioxide to be released to the atmosphere by the process of diffusion.

Life Processes - Question 3

Which of the following blood vessels contain only deoxygenated blood :-

Detailed Solution for Life Processes - Question 3

Pulmonary artery as an exception carries  Deoxygenated blood from the right side of the heart to the lungs.

Life Processes - Question 4

 In which of the following group/groups of animals heart does not pump oxygenated blood to different parts of the body?

Detailed Solution for Life Processes - Question 4

Pisces are the 'group of animals' whose 'heart' does not pump 'oxygenated blood' to different 'parts of the body'.

Life Processes - Question 5

Name the part of the alimentary canal receiving bile from the liver

Detailed Solution for Life Processes - Question 5

BILE JUICE which Alkaline in nature works in dueodenum of small intestine.

Life Processes - Question 6

Which of these is not a part of small intestine ?

Detailed Solution for Life Processes - Question 6

COLON AND RECTUM ar the pars of large intestine

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