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How is Sunaina related to Sahil?
I. Sunaina who has two children is daughter of Radhika. Radhika has only one grandson named Sahil.
II. Paras who is brother of Sunaina has only one child named Ridhi.


Since it is not known that how many children does Radhika has, it cannot be answered. Sahil can son also and nephew also of Sunaina.


Who stays at 4th floor of the building having 5 floors (1-5, ground floor empty)?
I. Radhika stays on an odd-numbered floor.
II. Varun stays three floors above Radhika


From both: Radhika stays at either 1, 3 or 5. Varun to be at 3 floors above Radhika, she should be at 1st floor, then Varun at 4th.


What is the distance between points A and B?
I. Point P is 10 m west of point C. Point D is 5 m north of point A which is 5 m west of point C.
II. Point Q is equidistant from points A and B.


Point D is 5 m north of A, so B is also 5 m from D, but it is not necessary that B is in straight distance to A through D, so cant be determined.


How is ‘gone’ written in that code?
I. In a certain code, ‘gone are those days’ is written as ‘ki vo tu mpi’ and ‘those days were good’ is written as ‘ki fo mpi ta’
II. In a certain code, ‘many days passed’ is written as ‘ti mpi dis’ and ‘those good years’ is written as ‘ko ki ka’.


From both, those’ and ‘days’ can be find out. ‘gone’ and ‘are’ only present in 1 code, so cant be determined.


On which day is Maya’s birthday?
I. Shruti remembers that Maya’s birthday falls in February. Preet remembers that Maya’s birthday fall on either 29 or 30.
II. Krish remembers that Maya’s birthday occurs in the last week of a month.


From I: Maya’s birthday is on 29 Feb, Since Feb has no 30 date


What is Rakhi’s position from the left end of a row?
I. There are 4 students between Gauri and Rakhi. Bhavna is 6th to the right of Gauri.
II. Gini is 6th to the left of Rakhi and is 2nd from the left end.


From I: it is given that Gauri is 5th to Rakhi but not given left or right
From II: Gini is 2nd from left end, and then rakhi is 6th to right of Gini, so Rakhi is 8th from left end.


How many children are sitting between A and B? |
I. A is 5th to the right of C and 6th to the left of D. B is 6th to the right of C
II. In a row of 25 students, A is 5th from left end and B is 20th from the right end.


From either statement, it says that there is no one between A and B, or 0 students between


Among A, B, C, D and E who has got the marks in middle position?
I. A has got 1 marks less than B and has got greater marks than E.
II. C and D have got greater marks than A


From both: B has got 1 marks greater than A, and C and D have marks greater than A, it can be possible that either of C or D have 0.5 marks greater than A. middle position cant be determined.


How is E related to A?
I. C is daughter of A and also mother of D.
II. B is brother of C and E is the wife of D


From both E is grand daughter-in-law of A.


Who has got highest marks among A, B, C, D and E?>
I. D has got greater marks than A and less than C. Also B has got greater marks than A and less than E.
II. E has got less marks than C and greater than B and D. A has got the lowest marks.


1st alone does not answer


Who among A, B, C, D and E was the first to reach the station?
1) B reached earlier than E, A and C were not the first to reach.
2) A reached earlier than both C and E, but could not reach earlier than D, who was at the station before B.
3) C didn’t reach just after A


From 1) E>B (B is earlier than E) and A and C are not first
From 2) C,E > A (A reached earlier than C and E) and also A>D (D is earlier than A) and B>D (D was at station before B ) so we get D is first to reach the station From 3) we can’t say anything


P, Q, R, S, T and U are sitting around a circular table, facing the centre. Who is sitting opposite P?
1) Q and R are sitting opposite each other.
2) T may sit either on the immediate left of Q or on the immediate right of R.
3) S cannot sit opposite T, and P cannot sit opposite T


From 1 Q and R are opposite to each other From second we get either T is to the immediate right of R or to the immediate left of Q so from all three we get that P is opposite to S


Who is the tallest among A, B, C, D and E?
1) C is taller than B but not as tall as E.
2) A is not the shortest.
3) A is taller than only D.


1) E>C>B
2) A is not the shortest
3) A>D (only D),
So from 1 and 3 we get that E is the tallest person


On which day of the week did Anil arrive?
1) His sister, Tanvi, correctly remembers that he did not arrive on Wednesday.
2) His friend, Manav, correctly remembers that he arrived before Friday.
3) His mother correctly mentions that he arrived before Friday but after Tuesday.


1) Wednesday he didn’t arrive
2) number of possible cases S,M,T,W,T
3) possible cases W,T
But from first he didn’t arrive on Wednesday, so from 1 and 3 he arrives on Thrusday


P, Q, R, S and T are sitting in a row facing North. Who among them is in the middle? ​
1) T is at the right end of the row.
2) S sits between P and R.
3) Neither P nor R sits at an extreme end


From 2 and 3, we get that either they are in PSR or in RSP manner and P and R didn’t sit at the ends, so we get S sits in the middle


Among A, B, C, D and E each with a different weight, who is the lightest?
1) C is heavier than B but lighter than E.
2) A is heavier than B but lighter than D.
3) E is not the heaviest


From 2 and 3 we get that E>C>B and D>A>B, so we can conclude that B is the lightest


How many sons does C have?
1) A’s father has at most three children.
2) B is the brother of A and the son of C.
3) E is C’s wife and has one daughter D, who is younger than her brothers”.


From all three we get


On which day of the week did Yogesh arrive? (The week starts from Monday)
I.Archit correctly remembers that Yogesh did not arrive on Thursday.
II.Sunil correctly remembers that Yogesh arrived before Saturday but after Tuesday.
III. Namah remembers that Yogesh did not arrive a day before Saturday.


Yogesh didn’t arrive on Thursday, Yogesh arrives may be on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday and from last statement we get that he didn’t arrive on Friday. So he arrives on Wednesday


Who among Raj, Jyoti, Akash and Neelam is the heaviest?
1) Jyoti is heavier than Neelam.
2) Raj is not as heavy as either Akash or Jyoti.
3) Neelam is neither the heaviest nor the lightest.


we can’t determine the heaviest person from all the three statement as there is no relation between akash and jyoti


How many students are there between Bunty and Anuj in a row of sixty students?
1) Raj is twentieth from the left end and Bunty is five places away from Raj.
2) Bunty is twenty-second from the left end and Anuj is twenty-seventh from the right end.
3) Anuj sits at an end


From second it is clear that, (21 students) Bunty (11 students) anuj (26 students)

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