What all can I study on EduRev?

Anything and everything! It is quite probable that we’ll have a course on any topic you might be curious about (we encourage you to play around, type in the topic keyword in the search bar, and see for yourself).

What you can study on EduRev, though, depends on what you want to study, no matter how out-of-the-curriculum it might be. From WordPress to Yoga to even Tarot- we’ve got you covered.

That being said, some of the most popular categories on our website till date are the courses for entrance exam prep and those for classes 6-12.

You can check out the complete catalogue here: https://edurev.in/search

And if you do not find a perfect match,we ask you to wait a while. What you want might just be a week or a month away.

How do I create my account?

As a web user, direct your mouse to ‘New User’ on the top right corner on any page. You can create an account using:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Your email

Follow the directions for whatever option you select.

Click on 'create your account' and you're good to go.

As an app user, click on 'Create Account' and follow the directions to register as a new user.

What if I forget my password?

We'd ask you to note it down somewhere but if you didn't do that, follow these steps:

  • Simply click on Login
  • Select 'Forgot Password?' after which you'll be asked to enter your email
  • Type in your email and we will send a reset link so you can change your password.

What if I want to change my password?

You change it!

If you are using the website, simply go to the top right hand side of the page after logging in, click on the wheel like icon next to the bell one, and select ‘Change Password’. Type in the old password and the new one you want to set.

If you are using the app, Done!

How do I edit my Profile?

Even online personas need makeovers so we are glad you chose to give yourself one. Follow these steps now:

On the website:

  • When the home page for your account opens up, go to the top of the page next to the search bar and click on your username displayed there.
  • When your profile page opens up, click on ‘Edit Profile’.

On the app:

Simply shift over to the ‘Profile’ tab and click on ‘Edit Profile’.

If you are using the website, simply go to the top right hand side of the page after logging in, click on the wheel like icon next to the bell one, and select ‘Change Password’. Type in the old password and the new one you want to set.

If you are using the app, Done!

What do I do now that I have signed up? Where should I start?

  • Studying: Pick one of the courses you initially joined. (You would have selected these from the screen that came just after sign-up.) After going through the study material in the course, take a couple of tests to flex your mental muscles. Additionally, even challenge your friend to a test to see who’s got a better hold on the material.
  • Networking: For each category that you take a course in, you’ll find a separate forum where you can discuss, ask, and answer questions. You can network with fellow students and connect with teachers from across the globe. Not to mention, group studying makes understanding and retention a lot easier!

How can I best analyze my performance?

Taking tests is the best way to see how well you have understood the material and to plan your future efforts. Here are the 2 types of tests that are offered in all courses:

  • Practice tests: Tests with no time limits that can be taken any number of times. These are like intermediate stops to prepare you for the final...
  • One time attempt tests: These are timed tests that can only be taken once. We recommend that you take these tests only after you have gone through the material thoroughly and are ready for the final examination. These tests are priced sometimes.

Where can I track my performance?

We have a special dedicated area to track all of the studying that you do on EduRev. On the website,

  • Open up your profile home page and aim for the ‘Stats’ box on the right hand side of the page.
  • Click on ‘View Complete Analysis’ and see how you are soaring or sinking on EduRev in the ‘Analysis’ tab.

On the app, simply go to the ‘Profile’ tab and the first thing you’ll see is your analysis. Use these numbers, then, to improve your performance and test-taking strategies. We’ll of course tell you how effective your plans were in the same tab again.

What is level?

Your level on EduRev is a combination of your study activity, your popularity, and your generosity.

The more you scale up in these categories, the more your level increases. Again, by virtue of human psychology, the higher the number associated with you, the more it makes you seem trustworthy among your peers. So the next time you see an unanswered question on the forum, don’t shy away from answering. Your level could do with the boost up.

What is the leaderboard?

When you click to check the profile of another person, you can compare activities with him i.e. how active both of you have been in comparison to each other. You’ll also get to compare test performances with them. Hello to healthy competition now.

Can I share my notes and videos?


Simply, click on the icon upload icon next to ‘Home’ on the top right of the page. You’ll be directed to the upload page where you can upload a write-up, a document, or a video.

On the app, switch to the ‘Feed’ tab, click on the ‘Upload’ button, and contribute to one of the biggest educational communities online.

What is the comparison tab for?

When you click to check the profile of another person, you can compare activities with him i.e. how active both of you have been in comparison to each other. You’ll also get to compare test performances with them. Hello to healthy competition now.

What is the difference between a write-up and a document? Both seem to serve the same purpose.

For a write-up you can share an educational snippet by typing it yourself. A document, on the other hand, allows you to upload a pdf, a ppt, a simple word file- anything you’d like to share in any format that you see fit.

How can I edit/delete a document / write-up I uploaded?

Simply open the document/ write-up you uploaded. Scroll to the end of it and below ‘Recommended For You’, you will find two options for ‘Edit’ and ‘Delete’.

What sets the courses on EduRev apart? Why should I enroll in one here and not on another website?

Let us give you 5 reasons for this:

  • Teachers/publishers: We have some of the best teachers and publishers with trustworthy backgrounds and years of experience in teaching. They’ve spent years teaching in the classroom and their content has been used by millions of students offline before they started teaching on EduRev.
  • Quality: Once the teachers/publishers have created the course, it undergoes a meticulous review process which assures the quality delivered to you.
  • Money: All of the courses are kept at the lowest possible price. Out of all the options in the market, EduRev courses would be delivering the highest quality to you while being the lightest on your pocket .
  • In-depth Analysis: The detailed feedback related to your performance would feel like having a personal tutor with you at all times. You can view this personalized report card in the ‘Analysis’ tab on your Profile page.
  • Community: You’ll find teachers and students here from all over the nation (and some from outside the borders too!) solving doubts, asking questions, and befriending each other in the private chat section. We bet this will make EduRev one of your favorite internet corners soon enough.

These are just some of the starter points. We are certain you will discover many more once you start your own EduRev journey.

Do I need textbooks along with the courses?

There exists no one-size-fits-all strategy and hence, while studying from the course, using a textbook would be entirely your choice. You can refer to it as you see fit, compare to see where learning happens best for you, and hopefully, by the end of the course you would have built enough confidence to not use the book at all.

I have a doubt related to what I studied in the course. Whom should I ask and where?

There are 2 ways to clear your doubts:

  • Study Groups (Forums). If you are using the website, use the ‘Ask a Question’ box on the Home Page and shoot your query away! On the other hand, if you are an app user, go to the Feed Tab and click on ‘Ask your Question’. You can also go to the Discuss Tab and select an appropriate group for sharing your query.
  • Chat with the Teacher or maybe a wise friend you made on EduRev, ping them and see if they can help out.

    P.S. Be sure to be respectful, patient, and not spam at any cost.

Either way, don’t hesitate to ask. In the words of Confucius, “The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute, the man who does not ask is a fool for life.”

Where do I view all my courses?

Go to your home page once you have logged in. You’ll see all your courses right under the ‘My Courses’ section. Click on ‘View all’ then to expand the list so that even if some are hidden, they’ll magically appear.

Are EduRev courses only available in English?

No, we offer courses in a variety of other languages, like Hindi, Urdu, French, Russian, Marathi etc. The number of these courses is relatively less, though, and English remains as the most used language of instruction.

How do I suggest improvements in the course to the teacher?

Reach out to the teacher directly through the private chat feature.

If you find some delay in the response, send us a mail at support@edurev.in with your suggestions and we will forward them to the concerned course creator.

I can't find any course for a topic I want to study. What do I do?

Though we are adding courses and bringing new teachers on board everyday, if you have used all search options (the search bar and course catalog - https://edurev.in/search) and cannot find your course, email us with your request at support@edurev.in and we will have the course created for you as soon as possible.

Also, if you know someone who could create an apt course, act as the bridge and connect us with them! You would get your perfect course, the teacher will have the perfect platform for online teaching and so many others would also benefit from that course. This is your opportunity to create a ‘win-win-win’ moment!

What if the syllabus of the courses is not updated or in sync with my school curriculum?

Our Teachers do their best to follow the latest curriculum but if you find that the content is not in sync or missing, please do inform us of the same at support@edurev.in, with details about the problems you are facing. We’ll get in touch with the concerned course creators and have the changes made asap.

How do I unenroll from a course?

Open the course page for the course you want to unenroll from and click on ‘Leave course’. No hard feelings, we promise.

What is the discussion forum?

Discussion forums a.k.a study groups function as coffeehouse/ student center of sorts.For every course you enroll in, you can access the forum of its category by scrolling down the page. They are a great place to meet other students who are taking the same courses as you. You can ask about a problem you are having- material you aren't understanding, a question you can't quite get; share something you’ve enjoyed about the course; or help out your fellow students. All without climbing out of your bed on a cold Sunday morning.So, visit the forums as much as possible to get social and get discussing.

How do I use the discussion forum?

The forums are where you can post ideas and thoughts you have about courses, programs, and projects, and ask questions and receive feedback from other students.

It is an important social and learning element of every course and we encourage you to use it for learning purposes only i.e. do not use it for conversations you might have with your friend over chai/ coffee. You can use the chat rooms for these purposes.

What should I post in the discussion forum?

Anything relevant to your learning. Questions, doubts, clarifications, or text snippets that ultimately lead to a better understanding of the material. We wish we could allow you to post memes, too, but we know from experience just how productive study time becomes because of them.

What should I NOT do in the forums?

The forums pack a lot of diversity in one place. Hence, there are a few things we are firmly against so that a healthy environment is maintained for all:

  • Do not use the forums for casual conversations like hi/ hello/ good morning. If you do wish to send such a message, use the private chat rooms.
  • Do not post solutions to a problem, especially when someone only asks for a hint. Let learning happen organically.
  • Do not post disrespectful comments or remarks.

Any disrespectful/ derogatory/ judgemental remarks can be reported by other users. So, follow the golden rule and treat others as you would have them treat you.

Also, posting any inappropriate content might even lead to your banning from the forums for the upcoming 24 hours.

How can I edit/ delete a question?


Sometimes in our excitement of asking a question, our fingers fly over the keyboard and land over the wrong alphabets. Here’s how you right this wrong:

Once you upload your question, you are directed to a new page which is actually your question page. Opposite to the question, are two icons- one for editing the question and the other for deleting it. Use the click on the appropriate

(App) Just click on your question and then click on the 3 dots right below the share option. Select ‘Edit’. And voila! Question changed.

What if I find something abusive in the forums?

You can report it to us using the ‘Report’ option. For every message in the forum you get 3 options- Upvote, Reply, and Report. Click on Report, specify the reason (offensive) and have it submitted. We’ll review your request and take appropriate action.

If a question is reported more than 5 times, it’ll be removed from the forums.

How can I report a user?

Although we hope it never comes to this point, if you do want to report a user, you can go that user’s profile, and below ‘Categories of Interest’ (right side of the page) click on ‘Report User’.

How can I block a user?

If there’s someone who has been bothering you after you kindly accepted their chat request, you can simply cut off all means of communication with them by blocking them.

Open up your chat with them. Click on the three dots at the top right of the page and select ‘Block’.

Bye bye, negative energy.

What payment methods are available?

We’re all in for going cashless! (and we know you are, too). Hence, we accept payments through:

  • Net Banking
  • Debit/Credit Card
  • PayTm Wallet

We've tried to offer the commonly used Payment Options. However, if you wish to pay through any other method, feel free to reach out to us on 'support@edurev.in' and our team will get in touch with you accordingly.

If you wish to pay through Cash, you can purchase the EduRev Infinity plan through Amazon using Cash-on-Delivery option - https://www.amazon.in/EduRev-Infinity-Solutions/dp/B07JJCMTHC

What if my payment fails?

Payment failure might arise because of a problem in the PayU / PayTm portal or a problem with your card/payment options.

If possible, we would recommend you to try again with a different payment option. Or feel free to get in touch with us at support@edurev.in and we’ll help you with getting access right away!

Does EduRev offer a refund?

Yes, we want you to pay for EduRev Infinity only if you like the experience so we offer a complete 100% refund for requests raised within 24hrs of purchase.

*Though, a refund cannot be claimed more than once and is also subject to extreme usage.

It's been more than 2 weeks and I haven't received a refund. What do I do?

Email us at support@edurev.in with the details of your purchase and we will see what’s holding up your refund.

What if I can't afford the full cost EduRev Infinity?

We do not think your circumstances should stop your learning. Do email us at support@edurev.in with some details about you and your recent scores, we will try to offer you a scholarship to cover a part of your cost of using EduRev Infinity.

Who can participate in the Invite & Earn program ?

EduRev Users on Android can participate in the Invite & Earn Program. You can only invite new users who have not installed EduRev App before.

How do I get started with the Invite & Earn program ?

  • Just share this link with your friend: link or ask her/him to apply your code CODE after signing up the app
  • Whenever a friend joins the App with your code both of you will get INR 20 EduRev Money in your accounts.

How do I use my EduRev Money?

You can use your EduRev Money to buy/upgrade Courses and EduRev Infinity Monthly/Annual packages at EduRev

How much EduRev Money can I earn ?

There is no limit to EduRev Money that you can earn through ‘Invite & Earn’ program.

How much discount can I get for buying EduRev Infinity using ‘EduRev Money Invite & Earn’ program ?

The amount of EduRev Money that you can use during a purchase may be subject to a limit, based on the package you are buying.

How many people can I send the invite code/link to ?

You can invite as many friends as you want!

How to apply a friend's invite code?

Download the EduRev App and just Click on the Sidebar button (top-left), you will see the 'Apply Invite Code' option, just apply your friend's code then and both of you will get EduRev money added to your accounts!

What do I get in EduRev Infinity?

EduRev Infinity is a special pass that unlocks all courses under all exams on EduRev. With EduRev Infinity, you can watch unlimited videos, read unlimited docs, and take unlimited tests.

Though EduRev Infinity is more about quality than quantity, but if we have to put a number you would get around 250+ tests, 500+ docs and 300+ videos for each field under courses of EduRev Infinity!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, any new course that is added over the year, detailed solutions with every question, higher preference to questions asked, early access to new features and upcoming deeper analysis are all a part of EduRev Infinity!

Why are we charging for EduRev Infinity? Also, why not keep it free with ads?

Imagine you have a test tomorrow and you are really short on time but video ads keep coming up before every document and test, taking away your precious time by showing you ads! That is not something we want for you and we’re sure you don’t like ads either.

So if with a minimal amount you can save time and get great quality, it is totally worthwhile to do that for your better score. And if you compare, it is less than even the books that you buy or the large amounts you have to pay for tuition or even those expensive online platforms but the value addition and the knowledge gained is pretty much comparable if not more!

Can I share EduRev Infinity with my friend/brother/sister?

EduRev analyses you at every point of your learning journey whether you are viewing content or attempting and we give analysis and recommendations on the basis of the same. So it will end up giving you wrong recommendations and incorrect analysis which might become a problem in your preparation. Also, if someone attempts your tests, you won't be able to attempt those tests which again will be a problem for you.

So it is best if you keep your password only to yourself and do not share it with anyone else to preserve your perfect experience.

Does EduRev offer a refund?

Yes, we want you to pay for EduRev Infinity only if you like the experience so we offer a complete 100% refund for requests raised within 24hrs of purchase.

*Though, a refund cannot be claimed more than once and is also subject to extreme usage.

I cannot afford to pay but I really want to learn on EduRev. Can I get some scholarship?

We do not think your circumstances should stop your learning. Do email us at support@edurev.in with some details about you and your recent scores, we will try to offer you a scholarship to cover a part of your cost of using EduRev Infinity.

Will all of the Courses on EduRev be available during the Infinity validity period? Also, if any new courses are added can I access those too?

Yes, you will have access to each and every course on EduRev after joining EduRev Infinity. Also, all the new courses added over the year would also be available to you under EduRev Infinity!

Do you also provide solutions for the questions?

Yes, solutions are available for most of the questions after you finish the test, further, you can even discuss questions with other students and teachers from across the country.

Which books do I need with EduRev Infinity?

EduRev Infinity has a question bank that has tens of thousands of questions, with hints, solutions. EduRev Infinity has more than 500 hours of video lectures and concept notes. These are neatly organized into chapters and topics. Also depending on your progress, EduRev shows you exactly what you need right now with recommendations.

So with EduRev Infinity, everything you need is available at the tap of a button and you don’t need any supplementary books with EduRev Infinity!

I go to a coaching class, why should I use EduRev Infinity?

A large part of learning is self-study and EduRev helps you make the most of your limited time. You can learn or practice anytime, anywhere at your own pace; ask questions 24x7 and take tests with lakhs of students. EduRev Infinity provides guidance like a personal tutor. EduRev Infinity learns about you, adapts to your needs and grows with you to help you achieve your study goals.

So whether you go for a coaching class or not, EduRev will always be your perfect learning partner!