Static GK Test: June 6, 2022

10 Questions MCQ Test Daily Tests for Static GK | Static GK Test: June 6, 2022

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Alang Shipbreaking yard is located in which State?


Alang Ship-breaking yard in Gujarat is the world’s biggest ship breaking yard with hundreds of ships getting scrapped each year. With increase in the yard’s popularity around the world, there has also been a steep increase in the number of threats posed by the ship breaking yard to the marine environment and laborers working there.


In which year Pitts India Act was enacted?


The Pitt’s India Act, enacted in 1784 also called the East India Company Act, 1784 was passed by the British Parliament to correct the defects of the Regulating Act of 1773. This act resulted in dual control of British possessions in India by the British government and the Company with the final authority resting with the government.


Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is located in which State of India?


Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is protected area of Gujarat. It shares

boundary with Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. Established in 1982 it is composed

of riverine forest, deciduous forest, moist teak forest, two water reservoirs and

agricultural fields. Highest peak of this region is Dhanmal.


In which country Badab-e Surt is located?


Natural site Badab-e Surt is situated in northern Iran’s Mazandaran Province.

It contains travertine terrace range that has been created over a period of thousand

years when flowing water from two mineral hotsprings cooled and deposited minerals

at mountainside. Words Badab and Surt mean gassed water and intensity.


SC held that resignation is not necessary for?


The Supreme Court has expanded the definition of ‘voluntary resignation’ in its decisions, saying that if a member indulges in anti-party activities without resigning from the party then it can be inferred that he has voluntarily given up the membership of the party.


Diego Garcia Island according to Indian Ocean Territory, to be transferred from UK to which country?


Diego Garcia is an island of the British Indian Ocean Territory, an overseas territory of the United Kingdom. It is a militarised atoll just south of the equator in the central Indian Ocean, and the largest of 60 small islands comprising the Chagos Archipelago. It was first discovered by Europeans and named by the Portuguese, settled by the French in the 1790s and transferred to British rule after the Napoleonic Wars. It was one of the "Dependencies" of the British Colony of Mauritius until the Chagos Islands were detached for inclusion in the newly created British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) in 1965.


Under Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana, rice/wheat is provided to beneficiaries covered under which act?


In March 2020, the Union Government has announced ‘Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana (PMGKY).
Under the scheme, additional 5 kg rice/wheat per person per month, are being provided to beneficiaries covered under National Food Security Act, 2013, free of cost from April to June. Recently, the Union Cabinet has approved to further extend the scheme till November 2020.


Where is the Commonwealth Headquarter located?


Marlborough House, a Grade I listed mansion in St James's, City of Westminster, London, is the headquarters of the Commonwealth of Nations and the seat of the Commonwealth Secretariat.


Which country has proposed to mint coin in remembrance of Gandhi Ji?


Rishi Sunak Britain’s current Finance Minister issued an order in a letter to the Royal Mint Advisory Committee (RMAC) to pursue recognition of individuals from the BAME community. Taking a step ahead in following the order RMAC will mint a coin to commemorate Gandhi. He advocated for non-violence throughout his life and played a key important role in India’s Freedom Movement. 2nd October, Mahatma’s birthday is observed as the International Day of Non-Violence. Gandhi Ji died on January 30, 1948, just a few months after he led the country’s freedom from British rule”.


Which country is going to resume BRICS presidency in 2021?


India will assume the BRICS Presidency in 2021. Shri Javadekar extended invitation to the nations to participate in the environment meetings. The meeting adopted BRICS Environment Ministers’ Statement.

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