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10 Questions MCQ Test Structural Analysis | Test: Arches -2

Test: Arches -2 for GATE 2022 is part of Structural Analysis preparation. The Test: Arches -2 questions and answers have been prepared according to the GATE exam syllabus.The Test: Arches -2 MCQs are made for GATE 2022 Exam. Find important definitions, questions, notes, meanings, examples, exercises, MCQs and online tests for Test: Arches -2 below.
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Test: Arches -2 - Question 1

A parabolic arch, symmetrical; with hinges at centre and ends, carries a point load P at a distance x from left support. The arch has a span of 20 m and rise of 5 m. What is the value of 'x' if the left hinge reaction is inclined with a slope of two vertical to one horizontal?

Test: Arches -2 - Question 2

An arch is used in long span bridges because there is

Test: Arches -2 - Question 3

A symmetrical circular arch of span 25 m with a central rise of 5 m is hinged at crown and springings. it carries a point load on the arch at a distance of 6.25 m from the left hinge. If the inclination of the thrust at the right hinge is 0 measured from horizontal, then what is the value of tan 0?

Test: Arches -2 - Question 4

A three hinged arch is subjected to point load at crown. The magnitude of horizontal reaction at A is

Test: Arches -2 - Question 5

The horizontal thrust at support A in a three hinged arch shown in the given figure is

Test: Arches -2 - Question 6

A three hinged arch shown in the figure is quarter of a circle. If the vertical and horizontal components of reaction at A are equal, the value of θ is

Test: Arches -2 - Question 7

For the semicircular two-hinged arch shown in the figure below a moment 50 t-cm applied at B produces a displacement of 0.5 cm at A. If a concentrated load of 10 t is applied at A, the rotation at B in the arch will be

Test: Arches -2 - Question 8

A two hinged semicircular arch of radius 20 meters carries a load system shown in figure. The horizontal thrust at each support is (Assume uniform flexural rigidity)

Test: Arches -2 - Question 9

A three hinged semicircular arch of radius R carries a uniformly distributed load w per unit run over the whole span. The horizontal thrust is

Test: Arches -2 - Question 10

The horizontal thrust due to rise in temperature in a semicircular two hinged arch of radius R is proportional to

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