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2x + 4 = 3x + 1 will represent a.

Solution: 2x+4=3x+1 2x-3x=1-4 -x=-3 x=3 Here x is positive.So it is in the right side and value of x is 3.So it is 3unit in right of y axis.

The line x = 3 is

Line x=3 has special form - it is not from the same family of lines in the form y=mx+b.

Slope is not defined for a line x=3 because it represents vertical line.

Remember the definition of slope. In common words, it is the value that tells us how much is line increasing/decreasing as we move from left to right on the graph. That is why horizontal lines have zero slope - no increase nor decrease on horizontal line.

Now, imagine vertical line. In only 1 point it increases in infinity. Thus, we cannot use any real value of m to describe this behaviour.

A line intercepts the x axis at (-7, 0), so its x intercept is​


An equation of the type ————- represents a line passing through the origin.


——————- is the equation of y-axis.


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