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Test: Network Layer - Question 1

The network layer concerns with

Test: Network Layer - Question 2

Which one of the following is not a function of network layer?

Test: Network Layer - Question 3

The 4 byte IP address consists of

Test: Network Layer - Question 4

In virtual circuit network each packet contains

Test: Network Layer - Question 5

Which one of the following routing algorithm can be used for network layer design?

Test: Network Layer - Question 6

Multidestination routing

Test: Network Layer - Question 7

A subset of a network that includes all the routers but contains no loops is called

Test: Network Layer - Question 8

Which one of the following algorithm is not used for congestion control?

Test: Network Layer - Question 9

 The network layer protocol of internet is

Test: Network Layer - Question 10

ICMP is primarily used for

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