Test: The Address- 2

10 Questions MCQ Test English Class 11 | Test: The Address- 2

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“Her face gave absolutely no sign of recognition.” Who is her?

Solution: Mrs. Dorling did not receive her warmly. First of all she pretended to have not recognized her; but when the narrator gave her a few hints, she recognized her.

What was the address that the author's mother asked her to remember?

Solution: The narrator remembered the address her mother had told her only once. It was number 46, Marconi Street. Her mother’s acquaintance Mrs Dorling lived there. She had stored the valuable belongings of the narrator’s mother there. After her mother’s death, the narrator had an urge to visit the place. She wanted to see those things, touch them and remember.

Was the author convinced with her mother’s idea of letting Mrs. Dorling take away their things?

Solution: The narrator did not feel convinced about her mother's concern for Mrs Dorling. The latter was keen on removing the precious possessions of the narrator's mother to her own house. It is evident from the questions she puts to her mother.

Why had the author come to visit Mrs. Dorling?

Solution: The author suddenly desired to see the stored stuff at Mrs Dorling house because the narrator, Mrs. S's daughter understood that she was at the right place where she could find her mother's belongings. She ushered the narrator in and told her to sit and wait here for Mrs. Dorling to come.

What was the protagonist’s reaction when she entered the living-room?

Solution: The narrator was horrified to find herself in a room she knew and did not know. She found herself in the middle of familiar things which she longed to see again but which troubled her in the strange atmosphere. She had no courage to look around her. But she no longer had desire to possess them.

In what condition did the author find the living room?

Solution: She found herself in the midst of things she wanted to see again. She felt oppressed in the strange atmosphere. Everything was arranged in a tasteless way. The ugly furniture and the muggy smell that hung there seemed quite unpleasant. These objects evoked the memory of the familiar life of former time. But they had lost their value since they had been separated from her mother and stored in strange surroundings. She no longer wanted to see, touch or remember these belongings. She resolved to forget the address. She wanted to leave the past behind and decided to move on.

What was the ‘silver’ that the author was once asked to clean by her mother?

Solution: Once the narrator’s mother asked her if she would help her polish the silver. The narrator asked her which silver she meant. Her mother was surprised at her ignorance and replied that it was the spoons, forks and knives, i.e. the cutlery they ate off everyday.

At the end, what does the author decide?

Solution: The narrator went to the house of the lady who had promised to keep the valuable items of her mother safe during the war . The address given by her mother helped the girl in finding out the house but when she saw the tasteless manner in which her belongings were arranged she wanted to forget the address and leave the house as she could not connect herself with her belongings. They had lost all their emotional value for the narrator. She now lived in a small rented room where there was no place to keep all those things. That was why she wanted to forget the address.

What was the very first out of her mother’s possessions that the protagonist could recognize?


The narrator recognised the green knitted cardigan of her mother that Mrs Dorling was wearing. Mrs Dorling noticed it and half hid herself behind the door. The narrator again asked if she knew her mother. Mrs Dorling asked with surprise if she had come back. She declined to see the narrator or help her.


After reading “The Address”, how would you describe Mrs. Dorling?

Solution: Long time ago she was the narrator's mother neighbour. When narrator rang the bell she appears wearing a green knitted woolen cardigan which belongs to the narrator's mother. she is very rude, selfish and cunning lady. In the name of help she wiped away silver studded items from their house.
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