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Q. What would you call a naturally occurring substance that has a definite chemical composition

A mineral is a homogeneous naturally occurring substance with a definite but not necessarily fixed chemical composition. Most minerals are solids with an ordered atomic arrangement, and most are inorganic in the chemical sense of that word.


Listed below are a few important facts about Minerals. Which one among the following is not TRUE


India is blessed with plenty of metallic and non-metallic mineral resources. However, they are unevenly distributed due to differences or variations in geological structures, processes and time involved in the formation of minerals. So the minerals are evenly distributed over space.


Minerals can be identified on the basis of their physical properties. Which one among the following is not a physical property with respect to the minerals?


Yes the correct answer is B as all the other properties like colour, hardness,density( weight) are the physical properties they define the physical appearance of the minerals....But presence of sulphides is a chemical property of the minerals as it defines it's chemical composition....


Which one of the following best defines a rock which contains enough mineral to make it economically viable for mining

Solution: Ore is a special type of rock that contains a large enough amount of a particular mineral (usually a metal) to make it economically practical to extract that mineral from the surrounding rock. Not all minerals are found in a large enough amount in one location to make it worth it to remove the ore from the rock through a process known as mining. Ores can be mined in a number of ways, including strip mining as shown here at this uranium mine.

Complete the following in the same order of the sequence as it comes. In the ________ grade ores, the mineral content is high and impurities are less. In the __________ grade ores mineral content is low and impurities are more.


High-grade ore contains a large concentration of the desired mineral. Low-grade ore has a smaller concentration.


Complete the following on the basis of Composition , Minerals can be classified as :


Thorium is found in large quantities in the Monazite sands of an important state of India. From the options given, choose the state.


The largest concentration of monazite sand is on the Kerala coast.


Which one of the following contain metal in raw form


Which one of the following best describe a Metal


Metals : Metals are the elements which can easily loose electrons and forms cations.

Properties of metals :

  • They are lustrous (shine).
  • They are malleable and ductile (flexible).
  • They conduct heat and electricity.
  • The metallic oxides are basic in nature.
  • They form cations in an aqueous solution.

Non-metals : Non-metals are the elements which can easily gain electrons and form an anion.

Properties of non-metals :

  • They are non-lustrous.
  • They are brittle and hard in nature.
  • They do not conduct heat and electricity.
  • The non-metallic oxides are acidic in nature.
  • They form anions in an aqueous solution.

Hence, from the given options the correct option for metal is, Malleable, shiny, and able to conduct heat or electricity.


Some examples of minerals are given below, pick out the one that is not a metallic mineral

Solution: Limestone is not a metallic mineral.
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