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Test: Inductance - NEET MCQ

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10 Questions MCQ Test Physics Class 12 - Test: Inductance

Test: Inductance for NEET 2024 is part of Physics Class 12 preparation. The Test: Inductance questions and answers have been prepared according to the NEET exam syllabus.The Test: Inductance MCQs are made for NEET 2024 Exam. Find important definitions, questions, notes, meanings, examples, exercises, MCQs and online tests for Test: Inductance below.
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Test: Inductance - Question 1

The unit of self inductance of a coil is

Detailed Solution for Test: Inductance - Question 1

Now, e=L(di/dt)
1 henry=1 volt/(1 ampere/second)

Test: Inductance - Question 2

Coefficient of mutual induction is the ratio of

Detailed Solution for Test: Inductance - Question 2

Coefficient of mutual induction:-
It is a measure of the induction between two circuits, It is the ratio of the electromotive force in a circuit to the corresponding change of current in neighboring circuits; usually measured in henries.
Coefficient of mutual induction is the ratio of induced e.m.f in secondary coil to the rate of change of current in primary coil.

Test: Inductance - Question 3

If a capacitor of capacitance 9.2F has a voltage of 22.5V across it. Calculate the energy of the capacitor.

Detailed Solution for Test: Inductance - Question 3

E = CV2/2

= 9.2 x (22.5)2/2

= 2328.75 J

Test: Inductance - Question 4

A solenoid coil has 10 turns per cm along its length and a cross sectional area of 10 cm2. 100 turns of another wire are wound round the first solenoid coaxially. The two coils are electrically insulated from each other. The mutual inductance between the two coils is​

Detailed Solution for Test: Inductance - Question 4

n1=10 turns per cm, =1000 turns per metre
n2l=100, A=10 c=0.1 m2, M=μ0n1(n2l) A

Test: Inductance - Question 5

If we take the analogy between mechanical motion and electric circuits, then inductance is analogous to

Detailed Solution for Test: Inductance - Question 5

Inductance in electric circuits plays the same role as moment of inertia in mechanical circuits.

Test: Inductance - Question 6

Two pure inductors are connected in series, if their self inductance is L. Find the total inductance

Detailed Solution for Test: Inductance - Question 6

The total inductance of inductors connected in series is given by the following formula:
Leq = L1 + L2
Substituting the values in the equation, we get the total inductance as
Leq = L + L = 2L
Hence, the total inductance of two inductors connected in series is 2L.

Test: Inductance - Question 7

Suppose there are two coils of length 1m with 100 and 200 turns and area of cross section of 5 x 10-3 m2. Find the mutual inductance.

Detailed Solution for Test: Inductance - Question 7

The magnetic field through the secondary of N2 turns of each other of area S is given as,
N2= Φ2=N2(BS)
M= N2Φ2/i1
M= μ0n1N2S
Substituting the values.
M=(4πx10-7) x100x200x5x10-3

Test: Inductance - Question 8

If the current in primary coil changes from 5 A to 2 A in 0.03 sec and the induced e.m.f. is 1000 volts, find the mutual induction​

Detailed Solution for Test: Inductance - Question 8

As φ =mi
now take change in flux
we can write it as
dφ/ dt= m Δi/Δt

Test: Inductance - Question 9

The mutual induction does not depend on which of the following factors

Detailed Solution for Test: Inductance - Question 9

Mutual inductance is the phenomena where an adjoining wire coil induces the voltage from the magnetic field produced by a wire coil. A transformer is a tool which is made up of two or more coils in close proximity to each other to create a situation of mutual inductance between the coils.The factors determining the value of mutual inductance are —
a. The number of turns of the coils
b. The geometric shape and size of the coils
c. The separation of the coils and
d. The angular orientation between the coils
So clearly it does not depend upon the current flow through both of the cells.

Test: Inductance - Question 10

Inductance is a _______ quantity. Its dimension is ________.

Detailed Solution for Test: Inductance - Question 10

It is also called the Coefficient of induction. Coefficient of induction is about the ratio of current induced with respect to magnetic flux. This constant of proportionality is known as Inductance. It is a scalar quantity.
The dimension of inductance- M1·L2·T−2·A−2

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