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Test: Physics - 12

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45 Questions MCQ Test NEET Mock Test Series | Test: Physics - 12

Test: Physics - 12 for NEET 2023 is part of NEET Mock Test Series preparation. The Test: Physics - 12 questions and answers have been prepared according to the NEET exam syllabus.The Test: Physics - 12 MCQs are made for NEET 2023 Exam. Find important definitions, questions, notes, meanings, examples, exercises, MCQs and online tests for Test: Physics - 12 below.
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Test: Physics - 12 - Question 1

When 97.52 is divided by 2.54, the correct result is

Detailed Solution for Test: Physics - 12 - Question 1

In multiplication or division, the final result should retain as many significant figures as are there in the original number with the least significant figures.
2.54 contain the least significant figures of 3

​= 38.393

= 38.4 

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 2

Given that where a = constant. Using dimensional analysis, the value of n is

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 3

Determine the length of the copper wire which breaks under its own weight when suspended vertically from one end. Breaking stress for copper = 2.45 x 108 N/m2 and density of copper = 8600 kg/m3

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 4

if and are two unit vectors inclined at an angle 600 to each other then

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 5

Figure shows two holes in a wide tank containing a liquid column. The water streams coming out of these holes strike the ground at the same point. The height of liquid column in the tank is

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 6

A train passes an electric post in 8 seconds and a bridge of length 1km in 108 seconds. The speed of the engine is

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 7

A vessel containing water is given a constant acceleration ‘a’ towards the right along a straight horizontal path. Which of the following diagrams in figure represents the surface of the liquid?

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 8

The negineer of a train moving at a speed V1  sights a freight train a distance d ahead of him on the same track moving in the same direction with a slow speed V2. He puts on the brakes and gives his train a constant deceleration α.Then there will be no collision if

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 9

A ball is thrown up with a certain velocity at an angle θ to the horizontal. The kinetic energy K.E. of the ball varies with horizontal displacement x as

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 10

Tow particles of same mass are projected from same place with same velocity u, such that their ranges are same. If h1 and h2 are the maximum heights attained by them then the relation between h1,h2  and R will be

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 11

Which one of the following is constant projectile motion

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 12

Sixty four spherical rain drops of equal size are falling vertically through air with a terminal velocity 1.5 ms-1.If these drops coalesce to form a big spherical drop, then terminal velocity of big drop is

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 13

A dynamometer D is attached to two bodies of masses M= 6kg and m= 4 kg. Forces F=20N and f =10N are applied to the masses as shown.The dynamometer reads

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 14

A man of weight 80 kg is standing in an elevator which is moving with an acceleration of 6 m/supward direction. The apparent weight of the man will be (g =m/s)

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 15

If a body is placed on another body which is accelerating by an external force then work done by frictional force on the upper body relative to ground is

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 16

Given that the displacement of the body in meter is a function of time as follows x = 2t4 +5  The mass of the body is 2 kg. What is the increase in its kinetic energy one second after the start of motion?

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 17
The work done by pseudo force is
Test: Physics - 12 - Question 18

A pump can hoist 9000 kg of coal per hour from a mine of 120 m deep. Then the power in watts, assuming that its efficiency is 75% is

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 19

A particle of mass m is suspended from a fixed point O by a string of length l.At t = 0, it is displaced from equilibrium position and released . The graph, which shows the variation of the tension T in the string with time ‘t’, may be

Detailed Solution for Test: Physics - 12 - Question 19

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 20

Let ar and at represent radial and tangential acceleration. The motion of a particle may be circular if

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 21
A stone is attached to one end of a string and rotated in a vertical circle. If string breaks at the position of maximum tension, it will break at
Test: Physics - 12 - Question 22

Two vehicles of equal masses are moving with same speed v on two roads inclined at an angle θ. They collide inelasitically at the junction and then move together. The speed of the combination is

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 23
A rod is of length 3 m and its mass per unit length is directly proportional to the distance x from its one end.The ceter of gravity of the rod from that end will be at
Test: Physics - 12 - Question 24
A force is acting at a point  The value of a for which angular momentum is conserved as
Test: Physics - 12 - Question 25

Two disc one of density 7.2 g/cm3  and the other of density 8.9 gm/cm3 , are of same mass and thickness. Their moments of inertia are in the ratio

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 26
An automobile engine develops 100 kW when rotating at a speed of 1800 rev/min then the torque produced is
Test: Physics - 12 - Question 27

The angular velocity of the wheel increases from 1200 to 4500 rev per min in 10 seconds. Then the number of revolutions made during this time is

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 28
A spherical shell is cut into two pieces along a chord as shown in figure. If I denote the gravitational field strength, then for points P and Q
Test: Physics - 12 - Question 29

The plane of the orbit of an earth satelite

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 30

The period of the satellite of the earth orbiting very...................T0. What is the period of the geostationary satellite in term of T0?

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 31

A particle is projected vertically upwards from the surface of earth (radius Re)with a kinetic energy equal to half of the minimum value needed for it to escape. The height to which it rise above the surface of earth is

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 32

A particle undergoing SHM has the equation : x = A sin(ωt + φ) where x represents the displacement of the particle. The kinetic energy (K.E.) oscillates with the time period

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 33
Which of the following quantities is always negative in a SHM ?
Test: Physics - 12 - Question 34
The velocities of three molecules are 3v, 4v and 5 v respecitvely. Their rms speed will be
Test: Physics - 12 - Question 35

Two mole of argon are mixed with one mole of hydrogen, the Cp/C for the mixture is nearly

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 36
The rms speed of a certain gas is v at 400 K. The temperature at which the rms speed become two times, will be
Test: Physics - 12 - Question 37

Starting with the same inital conditions, an ideal gas expands from volume V1  to V2 in three different ways. The work done by the gas is W1 if the process is isothermal, W2  if isobaric and W3  if adiabatic, then

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 38

In a cyclic process shown in the figure an ideal gas is adibatically taken from B to A, the work done on the gas during the process B A is 30 J, when the gas is taken from A B. the heat absorbed by the gas is 20 J. The change in internal energy of the gas in the process A B is

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 39

A cyclic process ABCD is shown in the figure P-V diagram. Which of the following curves represent the same process ?

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 40
For isothermal expansion of a perfect gas, the value of   is equal to
Test: Physics - 12 - Question 41

The maximum wavelength of radiation emitted at 900K is 4μm. The maximum wavelength of radiation emitted at 1200 K, will be

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 42
The fundamental frequency of a vibrating organ pipe is 100 Hz. Select the wrong alternative
Test: Physics - 12 - Question 43
On producing the waves of frequency 1000 Hz in a Kundt’s tube, the total distance between 6 successive nodes is 85 cm. Speed of sound in the gas filled in the tube is
Test: Physics - 12 - Question 44

The phase difference between two points separated by 0.8 m in a wave of frequency 120 Hz is 0.5π. The velocity of wave will be

Test: Physics - 12 - Question 45

The equation of a progressive wave is  y = 0.3 sin(314 t - 1.57x) the velocity of the wave

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