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If a charged particle does not experience any force in a magnetic field, then…​


A static charged particle does not feel any force in a magnetic field. Also, if the direction of velocity of the particle and magnetic field is same it does not experience any force. In other words only the component of velocity perpendicular to the direction of magnetic field determine the force on it.


The function of commutator or slip ring is to


option ( b) change the direction of current through coil  is the correct answer. 



Split ring is used for reversing the directions of the current in the coil. Therefore, after every half rotation of the coil the direction of the couple rotating the coil remains the same and the coil continues its rotation in the same direction.


Which of the following property of a proton can change while it moves freely in magnetic field ?


velocity and mass of proton change when it enters a magnetic field. When a proton enters a magnetic field it starts moving on a circular path. Because of its movement along a circular path it attains angular momentum. We know that momentum is a product of mass and velocity.


A beam of alpha particles enters a chamber moving along the magnetic field. The force acting on them is



The force acting on alpha particle is zero, because they are moving along the magnetic field. 


When the direction of current through the conductor is reversed, the direction of

Solution: Stretch out your hand as per Fleming left-hand rule and then tilt your hand upside down. You can see that the direction of mag field is the same, but the direction of current has reversed as per the question. also, the thumb goes downwards i.e opposite to initial direction. hence, we can see that the direction of force has been reversed.

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