Anybody to discuss on superstitions ?

Class 8 Question

By Monika Riya · Jan 05, 2020 ·Class 8
2 Answers
Akshat Bhatt answered Jan 05, 2020
Yup , in my opinion some superstitions have logical or scientific reasons behind them where is others are mostly illogical for example "one should always take a bath after attending a funeral" when talking about this superstition it has a very simple biological reason that if a body is dead it attracts many germs and bacterias which makes anyone attending the place exposed to harmful pathogens which can cause serious disease so he should take bath to prevent himself. But when we talk about superstitions like "breaking of glass bring 7 year of bad luck" this type of superstition had a very important reason ancient periods because at that time glass was meant to be very expensive and when it breaks it could harm very badly but now glass is not much expensive so when talking about 7 year of bad luck this superstition is mostly illogical .

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