Why are human beings resources?

Class 8 Question

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Laxmi Pathak answered 2 weeks ago
Human resources
people of humans are human resources
improving the quality of people's skills so that they are able to create more resources is called human resources
it also refers to to the number and abilities of people though they are differing views regarding treatment of humans as a resource one cannot deny the fact that it is the skills of human that helps in transferring the physical material into a valuable resource

Chetan Rian answered 2 weeks ago
Human being resources because the ability or qualities of human make the resources and also help in making things in a resource .

Honey Mishra answered 2 weeks ago
Human beings are termed as resources and they are the most important resource because if human beings are not there ,than other resources wont be utilized properly and the resources wont be of any use. Humans are the ones who have the capability of changing nature into resources that can help them to survive.

Pakiar Pathima answered 2 weeks ago
Human beings can be referred as a resource where there qualities like knowledge and skills are utilised for some purpose .....human resources can be of more importance than any other resource because human resource is needed to utilise other natural resources

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