A cat have three sons named january ,februry and march what is the name of cat?

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By Divyam · Feb 21, 2018 ·Class 6
54 Answers
Ananya answered Feb 21, 2018

Anshuman Kumar answered Jun 27, 2020
Answer is month

Apurva answered Apr 30, 2018
Why do we need to reply..Because it is already said that 'what' is the name of the cat...And if u like my answer pivoted and be my follower and instead I will follow u too...

Shreya Kumari answered Jun 20, 2020
Answer is 'what' .

Mushfiq Pathan answered Jun 08, 2020


Shakeel Khan answered Jul 04, 2020
April very easy

Farana Kadher answered Jul 18, 2020
The answer is what

Ankit Kumar answered Jul 05, 2020
December is the name

Bhuvi Rajput answered Jun 24, 2020
The name of cat is itself

Kianna Trevor answered Jul 14, 2020
I think it is anything

Devaki Naganathan answered Feb 24, 2018
I Don't know what plz upload ans

Tushti answered Feb 24, 2018
I hope months or years

Bhumi Pandey answered Apr 22, 2018
'WHAT' is the name of cat

Mahira Ahmed answered Jul 04, 2020
The cat name is months !!

Marsh mallows answered Feb 24, 2018
The name is cat itself !

Jasdeep Singh answered May 09, 2019
Answer is WHAT....

Manirul Sk answered Jul 15, 2020
Answer is year as year has 12 months. And January, February and March are months .

Purvi Nayak answered Jun 15, 2020
'WHAT' is the answer. Its written That 'WHAT' is the name of the cat. Simple :} ^~^

Ankit Bhujeja answered May 01, 2018
I think answer is (what)

Divyam answered Apr 22, 2018
Wrong 'what' is the correct answer

Rich Source See It answered Apr 29, 2018
Her name is july

Renu Pandey answered Apr 24, 2018
Answer is what

Riddhima Pandey answered Apr 28, 2018

Aditi Mohapatra answered Feb 24, 2018
What is the name of the cat......Plz reply.......

Jaswinder Kaur answered Jul 09, 2020
The name os the cat is : What

Aryan Khara answered Jun 08, 2020
This is a funny we questioan

Janvi Gulati answered Apr 27, 2018
I think that it is month

Good Boy answered Jun 22, 2020
See , all the names of cats are given in the question
son name - january, february and march
mother name - what

Lovely Yadav answered Jul 05, 2020
Yes april

Ravi Sawale answered Jul 06, 2020
Year /what/

Vashist Kumar answered Apr 25, 2018
The cat's name is what

Ajithkumar M answered Apr 25, 2018
Month because Jan Feb march are months from a year

H K Singh answered Jun 29, 2020
I think the cat name is cat because in the question there is only mention cat or nothing.

Meer Safoora answered Jun 29, 2020
I hope month or year

Mylarapu Pushpa answered Jul 18, 2020
What is the cat's name

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