Can you explain the answer of this question below:
The manual method of sowing seeds is also known as :
  • A:
  • B:
  • C:
  • D:
The answer is c.

Class 8 Question

Bhagya Kora
Jun 04, 2018
I think so answer b

Adarsh Kumar
Jun 05, 2018

Sarthak Singh
Mar 27, 2020

Akram Shaikg
Jun 21, 2020
C and D

Arpita Kashyap
Apr 05, 2020
Broadcasting is a method of sowing seeds in soil by spreading seeds by hand this known as broadcasting .It is manually because it is simple method of sowing seeds in soil . This can do anyone

Harish Khare
May 31, 2020
The correct option is c broadcasting as the manual method of scattering seeds is called broadcasting.

Chetan Rian
Aug 15, 2020
The answer is broadcasting.

Shampriti Ghosh
Jun 13, 2020
The answer is c, broadcasting. it is a method of sowing seeds by hand.

The correct option is c. brodcasting

Sweety Sapam
Apr 02, 2020

Advait Bhise
Apr 30, 2020
Answer is C

Vishruthan Kavin
Jul 22, 2020
The manual method of sowing seeds is Broadcasting.

Trisha Prakash
Jun 05, 2018
In agriculture, gardening, and forestry, broadcast seeding is a method of seeding that involves scattering seed, by hand or mechanically, over a relatively large area.
Broadcast seeding is of particular use in establishing dense plant spacing, as for cover crops and lawns. In comparison to traditional drill planting, broadcast seeding will require 10–20% more seed. It's simpler, faster, and easier than traditional row sowing and works best for plants that do not require singular spacing or that are more easily thinned later.

Jayakrushna Giri
May 29, 2020
The manual method of sowing seeds is also known as broadcasting

Purple Sky
Jul 06, 2020
C Broadcasting is answer.
It is manually scattering of seeds in farm.

Noory Harsuijker
May 07, 2020
Winnowing ofcourse

The answer is option number b broadcasting because broadcasting is the process of random scattering of seed on the surface of seedbeds it can be done manually or mechanically both.

Shiv Kapur
Aug 15, 2020
The manual way of sowing seeds is broadcasting.

Rahul Yadav
Apr 20, 2020
Because it called boardcasting

My answer will be Transplantation

The answer to your question is :
option (c : broadcasting)

broadcast seeding is a method of seeding that involves scattering seed, by hand or mechanically, over a relatively large area.
Feeling pleased to answer your question

Asari Kismat
Mar 27, 2020
Correct answer is option (c) because The manual method of sowing seeds is called broadcasting.

Sachin Tyagi
Oct 28, 2020
Brodcasting or irrigation

Rähíl Khäñ
Aug 28, 2020
1. Irrigation is the artificial application of water to the soil through various systems of tubes, pumps, and sprays. Irrigation is usually used in areas where rainfall is irregular or dry times or drought is expected. There are many types of irrigation systems, in which water is supplied to the entire field uniformly.

2. Winnowing is an agricultural method developed by ancient cultures for separating grain from chaff. It can also be used to remove pests from stored grain. Winnowing usually follows threshing in grain preparation.

3.Broadcasting is the distribution of audio or video content to a dispersed audience via any electronic mass communications medium, but typically one using the electromagnetic spectrum (radio waves), in a one-to-many model.

4. Transpiration is the process of water movement through a plant and its evaporation from aerial parts, such as leaves, stems and flowers. Water is necessary for plants but only a small amount of water taken up by the roots is used for growth and metabolism. The remaining 97–99.5% is lost by transpiration and guttation.

Abhishek Kumar
Jul 04, 2020
Option c (Broadcasting)

Usha Kumari
Aug 26, 2020
Answer is C because slow by hand: scattering of seeds this method is also called broadcasting.

Sayali Patil
6 days ago
The process of sowing the seeds manually by hand is known as broadcasting.thats why the correct option is c.

Tanusha Sivvala
Sep 08, 2020
The manual method of sowing seeds is broadcasting

Anil Shirsath
Apr 15, 2020
It's ( b) broadcasting

H K Singh
Apr 24, 2020
The correct answer is c

Shivam Kumar
Jun 25, 2019
Of course broadcasting

Mithra Mithra
Jun 21, 2020
The manual method of sowing seeds is also known as Broad casting.Broad casting is the process of random scattering of seeds on the surface of seedbeds.

R Gautam
Apr 28, 2020
The answer is broadcasting

Ishita Rani
Sep 08, 2020
The manual method of scattering seeds placing them by hands or machines or drills

Aditi Bond
Oct 20, 2020
The answer is c)Boardcasting

Samarpita Saha
Jul 31, 2020
C.Broadcasting is the answer...

Manas Shukla
Oct 06, 2020
B, broadcasting is the answer , it is random scattering of seeds

Rina Singh
Apr 22, 2020
Options c is correct. because , The method of putting the Seed into the soil is called sowing. traditionally, the Seed is sown manually by spreading the Seed by using
hand. this process is called Boardcasting

Amrn Hsmth
May 07, 2020
The answer is c , broadcasting.

Abhijeet Kumar
Apr 13, 2020
Answer is broadcasting because it is done by farmers by scattering seeds by hand.

Santosh Gorade
Jun 21, 2020
The manual method of sowing seeds is also Broadcasting

Sanjay Kumar
Oct 22, 2020
The process of sowing seeds manually called boardcasting or manual sowing. Boardcasting is a method of sowing by scattering seeds all over the prepared soil surface.

Shweta Singh
May 18, 2020
Broadcasting answer c

Aditi Debnath
Aug 25, 2020
Option B is the correct answer

Sushma Rajput
Jul 29, 2020
Here is the . options C, broadcasting

Suraj Kar
Apr 16, 2020
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Gaurav Verma
Nov 02, 2020
The right answer is option C . because the manual method of sowing seeds is Broadcasting.

Malisha Twinkle
May 07, 2020
Option b.) Broadcasting is the answer

Rathika M
Aug 24, 2020
Answer is winnowing ok dear pls upvote

Komal Verma
May 21, 2020
Answer is broadcasting bcoz, the method of sowing is called broadcasting from a long time and it has been written in great science books,so by the my point of view the actual ans.of this question is broadcasting

Elango D
Jun 08, 2020
The correct answer is B

Chinmayee Panda
Apr 13, 2020
The suitable answer is Broadcasting (C).

Krishna Singi
Mar 27, 2020

Radha Devi Dhayal
Apr 05, 2020
What is broadcasting?

Broadcasting is the correct answer

Mayank Yadav
Sep 16, 2020
Broadcasting also known as broadcast seeding. It involves scattering of seeds by hand on a large scale. So the answer is option C.

Asari Kismat
Jul 20, 2020
Yes the correct option is see broadcasting because the process in which we are using hands for sowing the seeds or manually is known as broadcasting.

Ananya Kumar
Oct 12, 2020
Broadcasting may be done manually with hands or through mechanical spreader.
Correct answer is: (c). Broadcasting

Abhishek Kumar
Aug 22, 2020
Broadcasting is the manual method to sow seed