who discover artificial heart ?

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Aman Anand answered Sep 20, 2020
Artificial heart discover by (Paul Winchell, )and it's function👉
An artificial heart is a mechanical device, about the size of an orange, that is connected to,
your heart or implanted in your chest to help or replace a failing heart. It may have severalvalves, a mechanism to propel blood forward, and one or more chambers. Sometimes an artificial heart may help your heart temporarily, until yours recovers. If this isthe case, the artificial heart will be removed when it is no longer needed. More commonly,when there is irreversible heart muscle damage and your heart can t recover, the artificial heart stays until you can have a heart transplant. If no other options are available, an artificialheart may completely and permanently replace your heart.

Ñíshú Príyã answered Sep 19, 2020
Pual winchell..

Suhani Kumari answered Sep 19, 2020
The first artificial heart was made by the Soviet scientist Vladimir Demikhov in 1937. It was implanted in a dog. On 2 July 1952, 41-year-old Henry Opitek, suffering from shortness of breath, made medical history at Harper University Hospital at Wayne State University in Michigan.

Priyanka Swain answered 2 weeks ago
Artificial heart is discovered by Paul Winchell

Maroof Khan answered 2 weeks ago
Paul Winchell ne discover the artificial satellite

Anitha Jadhav answered Sep 20, 2020
Paul winchell

Prashasti answered 2 weeks ago
However, upon research it was found that he was not the first because prior patents had been filed before Winchell's [14]. Dr. Robert Jarvik is renowned for his work on the first permanent artificial heart which proved to be successful. He has received the most acclaim amongst all of the previous inventors.

Harsh Tayal answered Jun 01, 2019
Artificial heart discovered by Paul Winchell.

Jhimica Malik answered 2 weeks ago
Discovered by Paul Winchell.

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