What is capital of India ?

Class 8 Question

By Krishna · Jan 25, 2019 ·Class 8
44 Answers
Akshat Bhatt answered Nov 17, 2019
It's very easy question and answer is New Delhi... New Delhi is the current India capital which is used to administrate all all over our nation by are representatives

Afruyash answered Jan 27, 2019
New Delhi

Singh Is King answered Apr 19, 2020
The capital of india is New Delhi

Chetna Giri answered Jun 06, 2020
New Delhi is the capital of India

Anil Shirsath answered Nov 16, 2019
So simple

Ans is new Delhi


Kavyanshi Mehta answered 2 weeks ago
Capital of India is New Delhi

Afruyash answered Jan 26, 2019
New delhi

Ramesh Manjalkar answered May 21, 2020
New dehli its India's current capital city

Adiba Khan answered 3 weeks ago
New Delhi is the capital of India.

Jyoti K answered 2 weeks ago
New Delhi us the current capital of India replacing its former Kolkata .

Bobby Beauty Parlour answered Apr 19, 2020
New Delhi in India

Amrn Hsmth answered May 07, 2020
The capital of India is new Delhi, simple and easy question.

Yash Chaudhry answered 3 weeks ago
By the government the Delhi is made capital in 13 February 1931

Laxmi Pathak answered yesterday
New Delhi is capital

Arooj Altaf answered Jan 26, 2019
The capital of India is New Delhi.

Jasmin Shiekh answered Nov 16, 2019
Dude what a silly question???? by the way answer is Delhi...

Priyanjali Singh answered 3 weeks ago
The answer is new delhi

Anil Shirsath answered Nov 18, 2019

Alpesh Patel answered May 14, 2020
So simple question our capital of India is Delhi. from many centuries our country has capital as New Delhi only.

Madhu answered Jan 26, 2019
New Delhi

Akshat Bhatt answered Nov 16, 2019
Its a very nice and easy question .. Answer is New Delhi

Lalith Togalla answered Nov 20, 2019
New Delhi

New Delhi is an urban district of Delhi which serves as the capital of India and seat of all three branches of the Government of India. The foundation stone of the city was laid by Emperor George V during the Delhi Durbar of 1911.
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Parimala Parimala answered 2 weeks ago
Soo soo simple question the answer is New Delhi

Millo Kanya answered May 14, 2020
New Delhi is the correct answer

Mathi Malar answered 4 weeks ago
New Delhi..... it's our present capital of India...

Deboshree Chatterjee answered Jan 25, 2019
Very simple question.... the capital of India is New Delhi.

Honey Mishra answered May 07, 2020
Its New Delhi

Chetan Rian answered yesterday
Aap kon ho
jis ko pta nhi capital of India

Ishu answered Jan 26, 2019
New Delhi

Rabindra Jha answered Nov 22, 2019
New Delhi.By the way the question was so hard and so difficult.

Shahwaz.khan answered Jan 26, 2019
New Delhi

Saidulu Sai answered 3 weeks ago
New Delhi is the present capital of india

Darsh Saini answered May 25, 2019
New Delhi

Mehilal Gupta answered Dec 04, 2019
Very easy New Delhi

Prabhat Anand answered Jan 26, 2019
It's so simple "New Delhi" is the answer

Vihan P answered yesterday
New delhi capital of India

Tanishka Gupta answered May 07, 2020
Its simple New Delhi

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