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How to prepare for English Exam? Step by Step Guide - Class 12

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Initially, students tend to ignore English subject thinking that they will cover it after studying all other subjects. Scoring 90+ in english may seem difficult but if preparation is done well and a good amount of practice is done, you can definitely score higher. As English subject contains a lot many sections and vast syllabus, students might face difficulty in wrapping the complete syllabus of the subject. But, do not get confused at such a crucial time. You need to relax and follow a proper preparation process which will lead to great results.

How to prepare for English Exam? Step by Step Guide - Class 12

Class 12 English

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To guide you with the preparation of English and help you score really good, some tips and tricks are provided here:

1. Start early and go through the syllabus:

It is highly recommended that students should start the English preparation quite early instead of leaving it for a few days before the exam date. This is sure to reduce load and hence, you will feel relieved as you will have enough time to practice and work on your weak areas.

You must go through the syllabus so that you are aware of what you need to study and how much time you should give to every part. Read all chapters from NCERT Textbooks for English. Before starting with the preparation, it is important that you have all the relevant content, especially class notes, test papers, NCERT Solutions for English etc. Keep all the study material handy with you so that you do not waste your precious time looking for the relevant notes while studying.

NCERT Textbooks and solutions

Vistas ( Supplementary Reader)

Chapter 1 - The Third Level

Chapter 2 - The Tiger King

Chapter 3 - Journey To The End Of The Earth

Chapter 4 - The Enemy

Chapter 5 - Should Wizard Hit Mommy?
Chapter 6 - On The Face Of It
Chapter 7 - Evans Tries an O-Level
Chapter 8 - Memories of Childhood


Chapter 1 - The Last Lesson

Chapter 2 - Lost Spring

Chapter 3 - Deep Water

Chapter 4 - Rattrap

Chapter 5 - Indigo

Chapter 6 - Poets And Pancakes

Chapter 7 - The Interview

Chapter 8 - Going Places


Poem 1 - My Mother at Sixty Six

Poem 2 - An Elementary School Classroom in a slum

Poem 3 - Keeping Quite

Poem 4 - A Thing of Beauty

Poem 5 - A Roadside Stand

Poem 6 - Aunt Jennifer s Tiger

2. Follow a Study Plan:

After you have gone through the syllabus and have all the study material with you, make a proper time-table by distributing time to all the topics in the syllabus. Allot required amount of time to each section. This way you will be able to complete the entire syllabus in time. Follow the study plan very strictly. Also, this time-table should include breaks as no one can study continuously and it is not advised to do so either. You will only be able to retain the concepts in your mind if your mind is fresh and not tired.

3. Work on your Grammar and Writing skills:

Grammar matters in all sections of English exam. So, your english grammar needs to very strong. Work on your weaknesses in Grammar. Improve your grammar knowledge by following certain good grammar books and reading as much as you can. Try to understand all the concepts of Grammar and get your doubts cleared simultaneously. Never mug up things. Just mugging things up could easily result in one forgetting it during the time of exam, when one is usually under pressure. Instead of mugging things up, try to understand the basics and fundamentals of the language. For example, by improving vocabulary and Grammar, one will be able to easily form sentences. This will help one write good essays and answers on their own.

This leads to the writing section. You should work on your writing skills if you want to score a good number in that section. You should know all the formats. Use simple words in the answer sheet. Don’t complicate things up. Keep practicing before the exam.

4. Revision - A must:

It is very important to revise what you have studied and learnt. Revise all the questions and answers of English Literature. Go through the summaries of all chapters to make sure you have every important point and event in your mind. Revise the grammar concepts by practicing more and more. Revision is a must especially when it comes to the literature section.

5. Test your learning with Previous Year papers and sample papers:

English exam is all about practice. Students are advised to solve one previous year paper daily. This practice will enhance their writing skills (mainly in reading and writing sections). This is the most important part of the preparation for any exam. Previous year question papers will help you know the exam pattern and also, help you with time management which is quite important in English exam. With sample papers, you will know the latest changes if made in the exam pattern and if you attempt these, you will be able to improve your writing speed. Solve as many English previous year papers and sample papers as you can before the exam.

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