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Question 1 : Imagine that you are a worm moving in the vegetable market sketch what you see.  (50)

Question 2 :  Draw a logo 4 kabbadi game using rectangles, circles and triangles use only 3 colours. (25)

Question 3 : Using cubes of different sizes create a sense of opening and steps with light and shades (25)

Question 4 : You are standing in your balcony which is at the first floor and you are looking at bus stop. There are number of people waiting 4 the bus, its morning time. Sketch this scene in an interesting style. (50)

Question 5 : Use basic shapes and sketch any electronic gadget of your choice .  (25)

Question 6 : Thick books kept vertically on a table and 1 pencil box kept on that books. Light coming from left top at 45 degree. Sketch it with suitable shade & shadows. (25)

Question 7 : Imagine that you are sitting in a merry go round. You can see some food stalls, giant wheel etc. Draw the view.   (50)

Question 8 : In the given rectangular box, divide the box using straight and zig zag lines and colour it using 4 colours only.  (25)

Question 9 : Using 4 parts of a luggage draw a 3D composition assuming the light falling from the left side.  (25)

Question 10 : There is a inter school quiz competition going on in an historical school assembly hall. There are two students in each group and there are three groups. The other three sides of the hall is occupied by audience with the quiz master standing in the middle of one side, and you are sitting on 2 top row of a side. Sketch what you see. (50)

Question 11 : Sketch a logo for a TV channel.  (25)

Question 12 : Using atleast 4 cylinders compose a tall building. Show light and shadow & sketch it. (25)

Question 13 : You are going on a trip in a bus and sitting on the window seat. The bus is passing through a village.There is an open air cattle market going on in the village with lots of bullocks, buffalos, bullock carts & its spare parts, tea and snack stalls on hand carts, huge crowd of sellers, customers and visitors. Draw what you see from the window sitting inside the bus. (50)

Question 14 : A renowned Indian mobile service company wants to redesign their logo. Draw a logo for them so that it attracts customers of all age groups. Also, color it appropriately. (25) 

Question 15 : You have six automobile tyres. Arrange them and form a visually attractive sculpture, viewing from one angle and light is coming from the other angle. Show shadow and lighting effect & sketch it.

Question 16 :Imagine you are a fish and you are in aquarium with your fish friends and a family of four is watching you and a girl of that family is pointing her finger towards you. Sketch the scene you see. (50)

Question 17 : Create a logo for motor-cycle company (25)

Question 18 : Create a sculpture from 4 cubes. But some cubes are opaque and some are transparent. So give the light and shadow accordingly & sketch it.

Question 19 : Imagine you are a 3 year old boy looking out from a third floor balcony where you can see a play ground with children playing cricket with a adjoining street with a temple near by and sketch the situation. (50)

Question 20 : Sketch a mural for a drama theater lobby. (propotions :10 metre long and 2 metre high). (25)

Question 21 : 3 Sketch a 3D composition of 3 books, 1 magnifying glass, 1 pair of spectacles, 1 drinking glass and 1 alarm clock. (25)

Question 22 : Imagine your size is 5cm. It is raining & kids are playing with paper boats in puddles. You are sitting on the board and enjoying the ride and the kids are laughing at you. Draw what you see. (50)

Question 23 : Make an interesting 2D composition with 5 playing cards using three colors only. (25)

Question 24 : You have three balls, a bat, stumps, and a cap. Make a dimension stable arrangement and show the effect of light.​ (25)

Question 25 : You are looking out of a window. It's a normal window with a wooden panel & horizontal bars (grills). You can see a playground with play equipment & some children playing. Beyond that there is a small building & a hospital after that. Draw your view from your imagination. (50)

Question 26 : Design a bed sheet for a children's bedroom using basic geometric shapes. Each shape cannot be used only twice & maximum 4 colours. (25) 

Question 27 : You have 4 cubes interlinked to each other. Some are opaque. Some are transparent. Draw a stable structure showing the effect of light & also draw the shades & shadows of them.

Question 28 : You are visiting a mall where there are food stalls. You are enjoying your cold drink in the ground floor of the 5 storey atrium space seeing the people moving on the escalators, shopping, performing culturals. Sketch this scene. (50) 

Question 29 :
Redesign a logo for a mobile company filling it with colours of your choice so that all generations of people are attracted towards it. (25)

Question 30 : You are seeing your grandfather's desk where there are three broad books, a pair of specs, a glass of drinking water, a table clock. Now rearrange these items to give a sculpture like look. Also give 3D effects and shadows. (25)

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