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Textbook Solutions: Marco Polo - Class 3 English Alive


A. Choose the correct option

1. Marco Polo was

Answer: c) an adventurer

2. Marco Polo was from

Answer: a) Venice

3. Kublai Khan was the emperor of 

Answer: a) China

4. The capital city of China was

Answer: a) Kinsay

5. The explorer who was greatly inspired by The Travel of Marco Polo was

Answer: c) Christopher Columbus 

B. Answer the questions.

1. How did people travel to other countries in ancient times?

Answer: In ancient times, people travelled to other countries by ship or caravan.

2. Why did Marco Polo visit other countries?

Answer: Marco Polo visited other countries because he wanted to find out about country, it's people, it's culture and about their food.

3. Why was Marco Polo impressed by Kinsay?

Answer: Marco Polo was impressed by Kinsay because it was large city but well organised and clean, roads are wide. Everything was new and interesting.

4. Why was Marco Polo put in prison?

Answer: Marco Polo was put in prison because Venice fought a war with the city of Genoa and he was captured by Genoese. They put him in prison.

5. Whom did Marco Polo marry?

Answer: Marco Polo was married to Donata Badoer.

6. Why do you think The Travels of Marco Polo was translated into many languages?

Answer: The stories of Marco Polo's journey wrote in a book The Travels of Marco Polo. It became a very popular book, that's why it is translated into many languages so that interested people could read it.


1. Pakking

Answer: Packing

2. Muving

Answer: Moving

3. Traveiling

Answer: Travelling

4. Seaking

Answer: Seeking

5. Wurld

Answer: World

6. Bak

Answer: Back

7. Vizit

Answer: Visit


A. Look at the picture and fill in the blanks with the correct preposition of place from the box.

1. under

2. behind

3. beside

4. on

5. in front of

6. between 

B. Choose the correct prepositions to fill in each blank.

1. to


3. in

4. across

5. down

6. along

C. Fill in the blanks with can or can't

1. Can't , Can

2. Can't

3. Can't

4. Can

5. Can't

D. Fill in the blanks with must or must not.

1. must

2. must not

3. must

4. must not

E. Write must or mustn't in the blanks to complete the classroom rules.

1. must

2. must

3. mustn't

4. mustn't

5. mustn't

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