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Textbook Solutions: Peter Saves Wendy - Class 3 English Alive


A. Choose the correct option.

1. Captain Hook feared

Answer: c) crocodile

2. The name of the fairy was

Answer: c) Tinker Bell

3. The leader of the pirates was 

Answer: c) Captain Hook

4. The crocodile had swallowed

Answer: c) a clock

5. Wendy was 

Answer: Peter's Friend

B. Mark the sentences as true( T) or false (F) 

1.  T

2. F

3. F

4. T

5. T

C. Answer the questions.

1. Why did Captain Hook capture Wendy and the children?

Answer: Captain Hook was Peter's enemy and Wendy was Peter's friend. Captain Hook captured Wendy and other children to kill them. 

2. Was Wendy a brave girl ? Give an example to support your answer.

Answer: No, Wendy was not a brave girl as she did not try on her own to escape Captain Hook's capture.

3. When Captain Hook was telling Wendy how he was going to kill them one by one, he heard a loud ticking. How did he react?

Answer: When Captain Hook heard the loud ticking, his face turned pale with fright. He yelled ,'Yow the crocodile! He's come back for me again! Hide me!.'

4. How did Peter Pan manage to fool Captain Hook?

Answer: When Hook was threatening Wendy, he heard the terrible tick tock of the crocodile and he ran to a safe hiding place. However it was Peter who was making ticking sound to fool Captain Hook in order to save Wendy and the other children from his capture. 


Add dis- and un- to the words in brackets to form their opposites and fill in the blanks.

1. unlocked

2. dishonest

3. unsafe

4. unable

5. unhealthy

6. unhappy

7. discontented

8. unobedient


A. Underline the verbs in the following sentences

1. sail

2. bakes

3. ate

4. rang

5. barked

6. drove

7. climbed

8. fell 

B. Fill in the blanks with suitable verbs from the box

1. cut

2. washed

3. coughs

4. visited

5. answered

6. completes

7. ran

8. filled

C. Fill in the blanks with the past tense of the base forms of the verb.

1. cried

2. fell

3. found

4. got

5. liked

6. looked

7. fried

8. called

9. married

10. took

D. Fill in the blanks with simple past tense of the verbs given in brackets 

1. visited

2. melted

3. tried

4. presented

5. blew

6. knew

7. drank

8. clapped

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