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Textbook Solutions: The Selfish Giant - Class 3 English Alive


A. Choose the correct option.

1. In the beginning, the Giant was

Answer: a) selfish

2. The frost painted all the trees

Answer: a) silver

3. Who rattled and broke the slates on the roof?

Answer: a) hail

4. The beautiful music that the heard one morning was from 

Answer: a) a little bird

5. The little boy cried because:

Answer: c) he could not climb the tree

B. Complete the sentences

1. groans at them and asked what they are doing in his garden .

2. Snow, frost, north wind, and hail

3. the garden is so cold and white

C. Answer the questions

1. Why did the children like to play in the Giant's garden?

Answer: The children liked to play in the giant's garden because it was a large lovely garden with soft grass with beautiful flowers and peach trees bearing fruits.

2. What was the marvellous sight that met the giant's eyes one day?

Answer:  As perhaps the lesson the giant was so upset because the spring hadn't arrived in his garden yet . But the wonderful sight which he saw was that all the children were playing in garden and the spring was arrived at that time .

3. Why was Giant angry when he saw his little friend again after many years?


The children often come to the garden to play,one day they saw the giant,they slowly became friends. They both meet often to eachother; but on coming of winter there was no meet of them and the giant often missed his friend. Long time passed but he never came to meet the giant once. But one spring morning he came to the giant but it was so late. The giant was totally pished off and on watching him he was extremely very angry.

4. What did the little boy say when the giant asked him about his wounds?

Answer:  When the giant asked the little boy about his wounds he said that these were not the injury marks but the marks of love. The giant could be pacified.

5. Who do you think the little boy was?

Answer: Christ is the Little boy in the story of the selfish giant.


A. Match the words in column A with their synonyms in column B.

1. begin- start

2. behind- back

3. close by- near

4. disappear- vanish

5. every- each

6. finish- end

7. see - look

8. yell- shout

B. Rearrange the following anagrams to name parts of the body.

1. are - ear

2. below- elbow

3. cafe- face

4. earth- heart

5. fringe- finger

6. inch- chin

7. keen- knee

8. lamp- palm

9. sink- skin

10. waits- waist


A. Fill in the blanks using do, does or did

1. Does

2. Did

3. Do

4. Do

5. Did

B. Read these sentences. Use do and does to change them into questions.

1. Does Lata sings?

2. Do they play tennis?

3. Does Madhu likes music?

4. Does his mother hates cats?

5. Do the children play every evening?

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