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Very Short Q & A :

Q1: Define temperature.

Ans: A reliable measure of hotness of the hotness of an object is its temperature.

Q2: Name the device used to measure temperature.

Ans: Thermometer.

Very Short Question Answers - Heat Class 7 Notes | EduRevThermometer

Q3: Name the two types of thermometer.

Ans:  Clinical thermometer and laboratory thermometer.

Q4: What do you mean by clinical thermometer?

Ans: Thermometer used to measure our body temperature is called a clinical thermometer.

Q5: The bulb in thermometer contains _____________.

Ans:  Mercury.

Q6: Thermometer should be washed before and after use with, preferably with an _________ solution.

Ans:  Antiseptic solution

Q7: Before use the mercury level of thermometer should be below_________________________.

Ans:  35°C

Q8: We should hold the thermometer by the bulb while holding it. True/False.

Ans:  False

Q9: What is the unit of temperature as adopted by India?

Ans:  Degree Celsius (°C )

Q10: What is the average body temperature of a healthy person?

Ans:  37°C

Q11: What is the range of laboratory thermometer?

Ans:  - 10°C to 110°C

Q12: Laboratory thermometer should be kept upright and not tilted. True/False.

Ans: True.

Q13: The bulb of laboratory thermometer should not touch the surface of the ________________.

Ans:  Container.

Q14: What is the use of kink in a clinical thermometer?

Ans:  Kink prevents mercury level from falling on its own.

Q15: Give an example to show the transfer from heat from one body to another.

Ans:  Any utensil kept on flame, becomes hot because heat transfers from flame to the utensil.

Q16: Heat always flows from a hotter object to ________________________.

Ans:  Colder object.

Q17: In solid heat is transferred by the process of

a. Conduction

b. convection

c. Radiation

d. None of these

Ans: Conduction.  

Q18: Give examples of conductors.

Ans:  Aluminium, copper, iron etc.

Q19: Give examples of insulators.

Ans: Water, air, etc.

Q20: Insulators are ________ conductor of heat.

Ans: Poor

Q21: Conductors are _____________ conductor of heat.

Ans: Good

Q22: Name the process by which heat transfer in air.

Ans: Convection.

Q23: From the sun the heat comes to us by the process called __________________.

Ansthe : Radiation.

Q24: Transfer of heat by radiation requires any medium or not?

Ans: Not.

Q25: All hot bodies __________________ heat.

Ans: Radiates.

Q26: An iron rod at 30°C is dropped by chance into a bucket containing water at 30°C, the heat will flow or not in this case?

Ans: No.

Q27: An wooden spoon is dipped in a cup of ice cream, its other end

a. Becomes clod by the process of convention

b. Becomes hot by the process of conduction

c. Does not become cold

d. None of these.

Ans: Does not become cold  

Q28: Which of the two absorbs more radiation- a dark coloured object or a light coloured object?

Ans:  A dark coloured object.

Q29: Temperature of boiling water cannot be measured by a ________________________.

Ans:  Clinical thermometer.

Q30: Land breeze blows at the time of ______________.

Ans: Night.

Q31: Sea breeze blows at the time of ______________.

Ans:  Day

Q32: Which type of cloth should be preferredin the month of June?

Ans: Light coloured clothes

Q33: Which type of cloth should be preferredin the month of January?

Ans: Dark coloured clothes.

Q34: A cold steel spoon is dipped into a cup of hot coffee, it will transfer heat to its other end or not? If yes then by which process?

Ans: Yes, by conduction.

Q35: One litre of water at 30°C is mixed with one litre of water at 48°C, the temperature of the mixture will be.

a. 48°C

b. 30°C

c. Between 30°C and 48°C

d. More than 48°C

Ans: Between 30°C and 48°C 

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