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All of you must have been so fixated on this exam that you probably haven’t thought of anything after taking the exam.

Metaphorically, students dedicate all their blood and sweat to crack CAT and think once it is cleared, they are set to enter any B-school of the country. However, there are other hurdles they need to go through after clearing the exams and here they are.

What After CAT Exam? 10 Things to do after CAT Exam

What after CAT Exam 2022?

Here are some pointers for what exactly you should be doing after taking your CAT Exam.

1. Analyze Your Performance

To understand how you did on the CAT exam, it's important to analyze your performance by looking at the question paper and understanding the difficulty level of the exam.
EduRev has prepared detailed analysis of the CAT Exam over the past few years, which can help you get a better sense of how you did and where you might need to improve.

2. Calculate CAT Scores

  • Your raw scores for each section of the exam will be based on the number of questions you answered correctly, incorrectly, or left blank. 
  • Correct answers will earn you 3 points, incorrect answers will result in a deduction of 1 point, and unanswered questions will not affect your score. 
  • This scoring system rewards you for your knowledge and understanding of the material.

3.  Check CAT Result (Released)

To check your CAT exam result, you will need to visit the official website of the exam. There you will typically find instructions on how to access your result. 

  • CAT 2022 result was declared on December 21 at 5:00 PM. 
  • The CAT 2022 scorecard is available online at IIMCAT website for candidates to download it by using their login ID and username.
  • If you have any problems accessing your result, you can contact the exam authorities for assistance.

4. Apply to B-Schools

  • Even before the CAT result is announced, many B-schools begin application process of MBA admissions. Many colleges have application deadlines that are open until January of the following year. 
  • Your percentile score on the CAT Exam may result in receiving a call from individual colleges that you previously applied to, as long as the application deadline for that specific college has not passed.

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5. Choose your MBA Specialisation Wisely

  • Along with college selection, it is also important to focus on selection of course/ specialization. 
  • Many candidates choose a college first, and then select their MBA specialisation, whereas, some candidates search for colleges on the basis of specialization they want to pursue. Both approaches are right. 
  • Be clear about what you are looking for. Start weighing your options well in advance, so that there is no confusion at a later stage.

6. Prepare for GD/PI

You should remember that scoring good marks in the CAT examination doesn't guarantee your admission to one of the top IB-Schools in India.
In addition to the CAT percentile score, MBA programs may consider other factors such as essay writing, group discussion, statement of purpose, case analysis, personal interview or extempore in their selection process.

  • Final admission to colleges will be done on a merit list which will include your performance in CAT as well as GD/ PI rounds. You will have to perform well in GD/ PI and other rounds also. 
  • You must be careful about how you present your views. It must appear that the point that is being discussed in the GD is relevant and makes sense. 
  • Many candidates know what to talk about or write, but they do not know how to present it. 
  • Also, when appearing for WAT, the thought process must be presented in a linear fashion, so that it makes sense. Scattered thoughts will only confuse the examiner. 

Check out the CAT Interview Preparation Guide that have been prepared with the help of toppers  of CAT and experts at EduRev which will help you in the leaving a good impression in the interview. 

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EduRev experts have created a comprehensive guide to help you succeed in the CAT Interview process. This guide includes the top 10 questions that are commonly asked and provides tips on how to answer effective them.

7. Attend Workshops

  • Attending webinars and workshops will help you to get familiar with the type of questions that you can face in the interview. 
  • Besides this, it will also help you to gain some confidence before you appear for an interview. 
  • Refreshing your C.V. presentation at this time would be a great idea.
  • While it's important to present yourself in the best possible way, there's no need to go overboard, and that's where expert assistance comes in. Join a reputable institution and improve yourself.

8. Back-Up Plan for MBA Admission

  • One of the most important things is to have a back plan. Since you are not sure about the CAT result, you should keep a backup plan ready with you. 
  • You are advised to give at least 2-3 other entrance exams such as XAT, NMAT, or CMAT. 
  • If you can score good marks in any of these management entrance exams, then you will surely be able to get a good B-School. You don’t have to depend upon the CAT results.

9. Newspapers should be a must-read.

Every piece of news and newspaper is critical to CAT. You must concentrate on the offered content, grammar, writing style, and learning new terms. In addition to the news, you should read the editorial part of the newspaper. They will help you look alert for your PI session and be of excellent assistance for your W.A.T (Written Ability Test), which will play a critical role in your overall selection. If you currently read newspapers in the morning, now is a good time to widen your horizons and try reading ones with a different writing style. Every newspaper has its own distinct flavor. Here are a few of them that you should read.

  • The Financial Times
  • The Hindustan Times
  • Mint
  • The Hindustan Times

You may also use your phone to install numerous programs and explore through electronic forms.

10. Take Rest

Last but not least, take a break and read a novel, watch some nice movies, and catch up on your sleep because you deserve it and it is not in your plans for the next two years.

Will the IIMs publish the cutoff along with the CAT results?

No. Following the announcement of the CAT results, all IIMs will announce the cutoff score. The cutoff list will be made available on the institute's website to just those candidates who have qualified for the WAT-PI phase.

What should I do once the CAT results are released?

You must examine the CAT score and determine which institutions can grant admission based on it. Subsequently, apply for admission.

Can I receive provisional admission to the IIMs if I have a backlog in my graduation-level coursework?

No. Candidates for admission to the master's program at IIMs must have a bachelor's degree, according to the admission eligibility at IIMs.

Does the CAT score have any validity?

The CAT score is valid for one year. Candidates must retake the CAT if they want to be considered for admission in a later admission cycle.

Is there anything else I need to do to get into an MBA program in India?

For MBA admission, several universities accept CAT scores. MAT, GMAT, XAT, NMAT, CMAT, and SNAP results are also taken into account by some institutes for admission. Candidates can therefore verify the admission criteria of the targeted institute before taking an entrance exam.

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