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Class 7 Geography Chapter 2 Question Answers - Inside Our Earth

Very Short Q & A:

Ques 1: Our earth constantly undergoing changes inside and outside.( T/F)

Ans: True

Ques 2: The uppermost layer of the earth surface is called the…………….

Ans: Crust

Ques 3: The oceanic crust mainly consist of ………………and …………….

Ans: Silica and Magnesium

Fig: Oceanic CrustFig: Oceanic Crust

Ques 4: Any natural mass of mineral matter that makes up the earth’s crust is called……………….

Ans: Rock

Ques 5: Grinding stones used to prepare paste/powder of spices and grains are made of sedimentary. (T/F)

Ans: False

Ques 6: The radius of the earth is……………km.

Ans: 6371

Ques 7: The deepest mine of the world is in which country.

Ans: South Africa

Ques 8: The upper crust is made up of minerals like silicon and aluminium while lower constitutes silicon and magnesium. (T/F)

Ans: True

Ques 9: Basalt is the example of which of the following rocks-

a. Igneous

b. Sedimentary

c. Metamorphic

d. primary

Ans: Igneous

Fig: BasaltFig: Basalt

Ques 10: Deccan plateau is made up of …………………rocks.

Ans:   Basalt

Ques 11: Is the earth is a dynamic planet?

Ans: Yes

Ques 12: What temperature found at the core?

Ans: 5000 degree

Ques 13: Due to intense heat and pressure granite rocks changes into

a. Schist

b. Slate

c. Marble

d. Gneiss

Ans: Gneiss

Ques 14: Which of the following is not the transform form of rocks-

a. Slate

b. Ques uartzite

c. Marble

d. Sandstone

Ans: Sandstone

Fig: SandstoneFig: Sandstone

Ques 15: Sedimentary Latin word sedimentum meaning………………….

Ans: Settle down

Ques 16: The three layer of earth mantle is the thinnest among them.(T/F)

Ans: False

Ques 17: The inner most layer is the core with a radius of about…………km.

Ans: 3500 km

Ques 18: Coal, gold, petroleum are example of-

a. Rocks

b. Fossil

c. Minerals

d. Sand

Ans: Mineral

Ques 19: Define rock cycle?

Ans: The process of transformation of the rock from one to another is known as rock cycle.

Fig: GneissFig: Gneiss

Ques 20: Core is made up of………… and …………….

Ans: Nickel, iron

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FAQs on Class 7 Geography Chapter 2 Question Answers - Inside Our Earth

1. What are the layers of the Earth?
Ans. The Earth is made up of three main layers - the crust, the mantle, and the core. The crust is the outermost layer, followed by the mantle, and then the core.
2. How thick is the Earth's crust?
Ans. The thickness of the Earth's crust varies depending on the location. On average, the oceanic crust is about 5-10 kilometers thick, while the continental crust can range from 20-70 kilometers thick.
3. What is the composition of the Earth's mantle?
Ans. The Earth's mantle is composed mainly of solid rock, specifically silicate minerals rich in iron and magnesium. It is the thickest layer of the Earth, accounting for about 84% of its volume.
4. What is the temperature of the Earth's core?
Ans. The temperature of the Earth's core is estimated to be around 5,000-6,000 degrees Celsius (9,000-11,000 degrees Fahrenheit). The core is divided into the outer core, which is liquid, and the inner core, which is solid.
5. How do scientists study the Earth's interior?
Ans. Scientists study the Earth's interior through various methods, including seismic waves, drilling, and studying volcanic eruptions. Seismic waves, generated by earthquakes, provide valuable information about the different layers and their properties. Drilling allows scientists to collect samples from the Earth's crust, while volcanic eruptions provide insights into the composition of the mantle.
64 videos|406 docs|60 tests
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Class 7 Geography Chapter 2 Question Answers - Inside Our Earth