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Here we have given notes for Data Handling-IV (Probability) for Class 8. Data Handling-IV (Probability) is part of RD Sharma Solutions for Class 8 Mathematics for Quick Revision. These notes are comprehensive and detailed yet concise enough to glance through for exam preparations. Data Handling-IV (Probability) is one of the critical chapters for students to understand thoroughly to perform well in Class 8 examinations. Many students find this chapter a little complicated and thus they can take help from EduRev CBSE Class 8 notes, prepared by expert teachers according to the latest NCERT syllabus.

Frequently asked questions on Class 8 Preparation

  1. What are the questions asked in Class 8 examinations?
    As per the CBSE exam pattern for Class 8 2021, the type of questions asked in the examination are Very Short Answer (VSA) type, Short Answer(SA) type, and Long Answer (LA) type. There will be CBSE internal marks for Class 8 2022 of 20 marks for both the terms.