Test: Paths To Modernisation

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Japanese borrowed their written script from


Japanese had borrowed their written script from the Chinese in the sixth century. Japanese developed two phonetic alphabets – hiragana and katakana. Hiragana is considered feminine because it was used by many women writers in the Heian period. It was a a mixture of Chinese characters and phonetics.


The Korean president, whose resignation was demanded by citizens, through candlelight protests, was:


In 2012 CE, Park Geun-hye, the daughter of Park Chung-hee, became South Korea’s first female president. During October 2016 CE, it was revealed that she let a friend secretly run state affairs. Consequent candlelight protests by Korean citizens led to her impeachment and removal from office in March 2017 CE.


An immediate result of the Commodore Matthew Perry's visit to Japan in 1853 was __________________.


After Perry’s demonstration of American military prowess, Japan ceased to be isolated and began trading with the United States. Perry’s arrival had another important effect on Japanese politics. The emperor, who till then had had little political power, now re-emerged as an important figure.


Mao Tse Tung advocated ways of solving social problems based on a survey conducted in 1930 in


In a survey in 1930 in Xunwu, Mao Zedong looked at everyday commodities such as salt and soya beans, at the relative strengths of local organizations, at petty traders and craftsmen, ironsmiths and prostitutes, and the strength of religious organizations to examine the different levels of exploitation.


The independence of Korea, after World War II, was ensured due to:


Japanese rule in Korea ended in August 1945 CE with Japan’s defeat in the World War II. This was facilitated by continuous efforts of Korean independence activists, both within and outside Korea, which ensured Korean independence after 1945 CE.


Syngman Rhee, Korea’s first elected president had to resign, after the April Revolution because:


South Korea’s first president, Syngman Rhee, had been democratically elected in 1948 CE. But, after the Korean War, he extended his rule, twice by passing illegal constitutional amendments. In April 1960 CE, Koreans protested against a rigged election during the April Revolution, ultimately forcing Rhee to resign.


The third longest river in the world that flows in China is the


Chang Jiang (Yangtse River), meaning "Long River", is the longest river in China and Asia and the third longest in the world. after the Amazon in South America and the Nile in Africa. Like Huang He, it is a cradle of civlisation in ancient China.


After the Korean War, South Korea received economic assistance from:


The Korean War (1950-53 CE) caused massive loss of life and property, and stalled free-market economic development and democratization. Prices rose due to inflation, due to increased national expenses and wartime issued currency. Industrial facilities constructed in the colonial age were totally destroyed. Consequently, South Korea relied hugely on American economic assistance.


The Western sciences such as astronomy and mathematics were introduced in China by


The first attempt by the Society of Jesuits to reach China was made in 1552 by St. Francis Xavier, a Spanish priest and missionary and a founding member of the Society.


Japanese rule in Korea, which lasted till 1945 CE, was not liked by Koreans because:


Imperial Japan annexed Korea in 1910 CE, ending Joseon rule in Korea after over five centuries. However, the Koreans opposed Japanese policy of suppressing Korean culture and forcing Japanese assimilation. Hence, Koreans desiring independence, opposed colonial rule all over the country.

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