Woman can change the world by learning. This statement is True or False. And why?

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Mr. Sameer answered Oct 19, 2019

Gilvaz Vyasan answered Nov 04, 2019
Women can Change the World


"#Ramabai Pandita is also as Pandita because she

could read and write in Sanskrit, during her time

females weren’t allowed to study. She was a rebel.

Pandita studied and proved everyone that even

women can study. She also set up a mission in

Khedgaon for widows and the poor, who were

encouraged to be literate and independent."


"#Laxmi Lakra became the first woman engine driver

for Northern Railways. She is from Jharkhand and

over there females aren’t encouraged to work or study.

However, Laxmi broke the norm and became an

engine driver."

#3, #4............







They CAN!"

“The strongest actions for a woman is to love herself, be herself and shine amongst those who never believed she could.” 


Aditi Rathore answered Oct 11, 2019
YES women can change the world.Because she has a power to do it which is not in man.😛

Mr.perfect answered Oct 16, 2019
Im sorry If I said i need her...but I dont care cause Im not Scared of Love. When Im not with her Im weaker....is that so Wrong That she makes me Strong?

Hanzala Ehsan answered Feb 05, 2020
It is true because
'Don't be shy. you are not a girl!'
'why are you crying like a girl?'
'Be brave and strong. you are a boy!'
people make similar statement to girl such as;
' Learn to be soft- spoken and gentle,
you are a girl,after all;
' why do you play football and cricket
all the time like boys?

Anil Shirsath answered Oct 12, 2019
Yes ...the statement is true because women have that power but women not show it .and women is also helpful and clean mind then mens that's why .....

Sakshi Singh answered Dec 18, 2019
Ya women can change the world if they got the proper education as men got there should be no discrimination between men and women. Then women will able to change the world

The么 Vishal answered Jan 11, 2020
True.Women’s status in India has been changing since the ancient times. There were a lot of ups and downs in their status. Inequality on the basis of gender is very common in a country like India. Women have been harassed for dowry. One in three women experiences sexual or domestic abuse.

Riya Sahu answered Jan 09, 2020
This statement is true. surely women can change the world, if she is educated. we can see the difference in educated and uneducated mother. An educated mother will provide her child better life and values, hence in long term her child will contribute in building nation. Almost half population of any country contains females normally, and for the development of Nation contribution of both genders is required. You may have listened this quote that if you educate a boy, you have educated only him, but if you educate a girl, you have educated a family.

Shivam Bhardwaj answered Dec 02, 2019
Of course dear....we literally know each and every great work women are involved and we succeed also

Jasmin Shiekh answered Dec 18, 2019
Yes they can!!

Avengers- black widow, wanda, captain Marvel... etc

Hariom Gupta answered Dec 18, 2019

Ayush Tiwari answered Jan 17, 2020
It's true, because woman's can learn faster than man.
Note: Woman's brain work fast.

Gend Ram Dewangan answered Jan 17, 2020
True because Kalpana Chawla also go space she also a women indra Gandhi is president of indra she is also a women the answer of that question is true because women can change the world and cumtry also

Anjali Saini answered Jan 11, 2020
Yes because a woman is more hardworking than a men

Rana Vandana answered Jan 08, 2020

Neesha Arun answered Jan 15, 2020
Learning is a tool for both men and women but will power and skill development are the equipment for women to change world

Amtul Musavir answered Jan 30, 2020
This statement is absolutely true ,
because if a woman is educated she can give better care to her children . she would be able to make her own identity . fir example Indra gandhi . she was a women and she was educated that's why she was able to control the nation . Tina dabi IAS she is a IAS officer . She topped IAS civil service exam in her first attempt and got rank 1 . At the age of 22 she qualified IAS . She worked hard and give her best to qualify IAS exam (UPSC) . If we educate a women this doesn't mean she will change the world until she has her own attraction to learning . A women can change the world , if a woman will give her best to studies otherwise if the women will take her studies easy and didn't give importance to studies then she can't do anything . she will be like an illiterate women .
everybody thinks women's are not good in studies but some people think that women's are good in studies they give better learning and more to their daughters but when women's didn't have interest in learning then who the hell will give them education .
so at the end women's should study hard and they can achieve everything.

thank you .

Gargi Singh answered Feb 05, 2020
Woman can change the world if they get same respect , education and etc ..

Sandeep Tiwari answered Feb 05, 2020

Aayushi Bhagat answered Jan 30, 2020
Yes, woman can change the world as we have many examples in which girls have done many things which bos can' t do.

Neelu Singh answered Apr 05, 2020
This is True

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