Fill in the blanks with correct form of the action verb/option.
Q. My father ______________ a newspaper every day.
  • a)
  • b)
  • c)
  • d)
Correct answer is option 'C'. Can you explain this answer?
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Class 7 Question

By Diksha Ranjan · Jan 15, 2020 ·Class 7
364 Answers
Dev Gujjar answered Jan 15, 2020

Dipti Panjwani answered Jan 24, 2020

Yusuf Ansari answered Feb 23, 2020

Super Star Pj answered Feb 02, 2020

Jignesh Patel answered Jan 23, 2020
Option C is correct

Gaurang Patel answered Feb 12, 2020
Father is buying newspaper everyday. therefore it is a daily activity so simple present tense is used

Sunita Danu answered Mar 14, 2020
Buys will be the answer

Rama Durga answered Mar 22, 2020
Buys is the correct answer

Tanmay Gupta answered Jan 24, 2020
Buys is the answer

Sanjay Singh answered Mar 01, 2020
The answer is buys

Bani Sharma answered Apr 03, 2020
Because the above sentence is in Simple Present tense. It's structure is - Subject+V1/V4 +Object.And also Subject is singular therefore it's verb would also be singular.

Pallavi Kohli answered Mar 09, 2020
C) buys.... this is because father is a single noun and one noun we use s , es or ies......

Ashutosh Awtansh answered Jun 08, 2020
The right answer to this question is option C because with every third person singular there will be s,es.
So answer to this question is option C

Abhimannu Kumar answered May 06, 2020
The Wright answer is option (c) buys

Vinod Darekar answered Mar 04, 2020
My father buy a newspaper everyday

Asanmohamed S answered Mar 04, 2020
Buys because everyday is a present tense word

Ramu Sharma answered Mar 05, 2020
Answer is c buys

Siddhesh Bagad answered Apr 26, 2020
Buys is the correct answer

Manoj Gupta answered Apr 03, 2020
Subject verb agreement , according to the rule where words like every , each , neither etc comes the answer is always with 's'

Priya Panicker answered Apr 05, 2020
The answer will be option C "buys" because the sentence says that the action is happening everyday frequently.

Sanju Paramjeet answered Mar 05, 2020
The answer is "buys".

Gargi Singh answered Feb 06, 2020

Raj Datta answered Mar 29, 2020
Buys is the answer
option C

The Little Dancer Karan answered Mar 07, 2020
C buys is the correct answer

Sunita Mongia answered May 27, 2020
Correct option is c because father is singular and he buying newspaper is an everyday routine

Rampal Kumar answered Jun 14, 2020
Bought option no. C gyus that is very easy question

Simrati Lalwani answered Mar 11, 2020
B) Buys . Singular verb with singular subject .

Nandini Chikki answered May 15, 2020
Option to c c is correct

Keshav Hanju answered Jun 06, 2020
Buy news paper

Rohitha Taduru answered May 17, 2020
C is the correct answer because his/her father buys the newspaper everyday but not for a day.

Sonic Dash answered Apr 08, 2020
it is.speaking about the future

Mookambika Nayak answered May 08, 2020
The right answer is Buys because The is My father newspaper everyday the option but bought buys buying I treats every day buy means he should buy tomorrow bought means had bought yesterday buys means he buys every day buying means he is buying now

Aishu Bala answered Mar 07, 2020
Option is (c)

Patel Sangita answered May 01, 2020
Option c buys

Shivu Shy answered Feb 24, 2020
A) buy

Kamle Nagendra answered 4 days ago
Because the father buy is continuse tense

Unicorn Life answered Mar 12, 2020
The right answer is 'buys'

Harsha Dama answered Jun 01, 2020
Buys becoz it is of a regular pattern not only a time,moment,or day and t is for a long period

Amolika Mehta answered Jun 08, 2020
Buys option c

Sk Mastan Valli answered Jun 05, 2020
Buys is the answer because every day is time indicater of present tense

Ayan Chaudhary answered Jun 04, 2020
Option(c) buys
is correct

Chintapalli Jaswanth answered May 19, 2020
Because it's future tense

Anavi Bhatt answered May 31, 2020
Father is a singular noun so option a is incorrect and the words 'used to' are also not there. Since the sentence is in present tense so option b is incorrect. The word 'is' not there so option d is also incorrect. So only option c is correct.

Krishna Ghosh answered May 09, 2020
The correct answer is c because according to the present indefinite tense 's' add after the verb with the third person singular number.

Geetha K answered 4 days ago
Bought because it is present tense

Arohan Arohan answered Apr 21, 2020
Father is buying newspaper everyday. therefore it is a daily activity so simple present tense is used

Palak Srivastava answered 3 weeks ago
C is the correct answer because father is singular noun with this noun we use the verb with 's' or 'es'

Erastus Keru answered 4 weeks ago
Buy is bought something

Subhi Prajapati answered 4 weeks ago
Option c is correct answer

Pihu Diwan Pk answered May 04, 2020
C option because father is a single noun and we use 's' or 'es', i.e. buys

Siddhi Shukla answered Mar 05, 2020
It's a Present Indefinite Sentence
In Present Indefinite Singular S or ES and Verb I Form
. Plural Verb I Form

Mriganka Majumder answered Mar 04, 2020
Option C is correct :)

Hc answered Apr 05, 2020
C is correct option

Devina Desai answered Feb 21, 2020
C is correct

Tanisha Choudhary answered Mar 26, 2020
Therefor it is daily activity it's simple present tense is used that's why correct answer is buys

Harshit Poddar answered Feb 27, 2020
Buys is correct answer

Kanishka Singhal answered May 09, 2020
The word, 'everyday' in the sentence indicates that the activity mentioned n the sentence is a habitual activity. The simple present tense is used to denote a habitual activity. Therefore the correct answer is C) Buys

Princess Arora answered Apr 18, 2020
A) buy because there is everyday..

Hasini Goud answered 2 weeks ago
Option c because the above sentence is in simple present tense and it's structure is -subject+v1/v4+object. and also subject is singular therefore
it'sverd would also be singular

Srinidhi Pvn answered Apr 21, 2020
C is tue correct

Kirti Bhatia answered Mar 12, 2020
does not mean he buys the same newspaper every day! It means he buys each day's newspaper. 

Gurubasappa Adeppa answered Mar 24, 2020
My correct answer ic option c

Martin Willy answered May 05, 2020
Buys becauce we are taking of continous days