What are pyrenoids. Give examples?

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By Deepak Jaat · Jul 04, 2020 ·Class 12
4 Answers
Suresh Kumar answered Jul 06, 2020

Yashika Singh answered Jul 06, 2020
It is a small structure within a chloroplast, as in some algae, functioning as a center for starch production.ex-->Rubisco

Rajeev Ranjan Kumar answered Jul 06, 2020
A protein body in the chloroplasts of algae and hornworts that is involved in carbon fixation and strach formation and storage.

Ex : Apicoplast ,Rhoptry etc..

Poojashri M. K. answered Jul 05, 2020
Pyrenoids are sub-cellular micro-compartments found in chloroplasts of many algae, and in a single group of land plants, the hornworts. Pyrenoids are associated with the operation of a carbon-concentrating mechanism (CCM)..

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