How many human have bones?

Class 7 Question

By Regina Moras · Aug 17, 2020 ·Class 7
23 Answers
Aditi Patel answered Aug 18, 2020

Ushmita Dhalendra answered Aug 18, 2020

Umar Ias Abdullah answered Aug 18, 2020
Metal and nonmetal

Shanaya . S . B answered Aug 25, 2020
Ur answer is 206 bones

Nidhi Jain answered Aug 18, 2020
206 bones

Rohit Gangwar answered Aug 30, 2020
206 bones in an adult human body

Mukul Kumar answered 2 weeks ago
Human have 206 bones

Merry answered 3 weeks ago
An adult man has 206 bones but a child has 300 bones gradually they fuse together before they adult .

Mahi Gupta answered 2 weeks ago
206 is the correct answer

Tulsi Yadav answered 2 days ago
Humans have 206 bones.

Neeraj answered 3 days ago
206 in human body bones have

Sachidanand Singh answered Aug 18, 2020
Human have 206 bones.

Shreya Yadav answered 3 days ago
The adult human body has 206 bones.

Shalini answered yesterday
There are 206 bones in humans

Nairit Prajapati answered 4 weeks ago
206 is correct answer

Chitra Kapse answered 4 weeks ago
There are 206 bones in our body starting from the smallest bone to the largest bone .

Kartik Anudeep answered 3 weeks ago
Do you want to ask how many bones human every human has bones..So its 206 bones in elders and about 300 hundred in new born babies..

Pradyumna Rao answered Aug 30, 2020
Adult have 206 bones & a child have 300 bones.
you noticed that a adult have less bones than of child because the bones fuse together to make a longer bone aur you can say that it two bones are joined to make one.

Yash Chaudhry answered Aug 18, 2020
Its very easy 206

Sapna Chaudhary answered 3 days ago
There are 206 bones in an adult (human).

Subhi Prajapati answered 3 weeks ago
206 is the correct answer for the question

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