How much percent of water is there in our Earth?

Class 7 Question

By Shaik Suhana · Jan 26, 2018 ·Class 7
37 Answers
Drama Queen answered Apr 07, 2020
71 % is correct

Neelu Singh answered Apr 05, 2020
There is 71 percent of water in earth but there is 2.5 fresh water

Siddhesh Bagad answered Apr 26, 2020
71 percent of water is on earth

Swakriti Kushwaha answered Jan 26, 2018
It is 3/4 part of H2O

Anil Shirsath answered Nov 02, 2019
71 percentage of water there in earth

प्यारे लाल answered 4 weeks ago
71present of water in earth.

Abhimannu Kumar answered 4 weeks ago
71 percent of water covers the whole earth

Ananya answered Jan 26, 2018
72 percent?

Aarohi answered Jan 26, 2018
71 %

Honey Mishra answered Feb 03, 2020
71% percent of water is present on earth

Pallavi Tiwari answered Jan 26, 2018
72 or 71 percent water on the earth means 3/4 percent .

Neema Bhatt answered Nov 03, 2019
71 percent of water is present in the earth

Nayara answered Jan 28, 2018

Biswashree answered Jan 27, 2018
71%are earth surface is covered and ocean cover 96.5%

Gargi Singh answered Feb 02, 2020
71 percent.

Diksha Chandwani answered Jan 26, 2018
71% of the earth surface is covered by water. ....

Kirti Bhatia answered Mar 29, 2020
71 percent
It's also in living things. Your body is made up mostly of water. Water covers 71 percent of Earth's surface. And almost all of it—96.5 percent—is salt water.

Pranav Kumar answered Apr 05, 2020
Ïts 71 përçëñt

Bsc Ggn answered 2 weeks ago
71% or we can say 3/4 of the surface of earth APPROXIMATELY is covered with water.If it helps kindly upvote my answer.

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