What is Permanent settlement ??[History]?

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Aahan answered Oct 08, 2018
· The Permanent Settlement (also Premanent Settlement of Bengal) was introduced by Lord Cornwallis in 1793. It was an agreement between the British East India Company and the Landlords of Bengal to settle the Land Revenue to be raised. Lord Cornwallis came to India as the Governor General.

Khushi Singh answered Jul 04, 2018
The permanent settlement of Bengal was brought into the effect by the east india company headed by governer general Lord Cornwallis in 1793.This was basically an agreement between the company and the zamindars to fix the land revenue in England where the landlords were the permanent masters of their interests. He envisaged the creation of a hereditary class of landlords in India. This system is also known as zamindari system.

Sreesha Phalod answered Oct 08, 2018
Permanent settlement is done in a particular place or country is called permanent settlement.

Sachin Pardesi answered Oct 07, 2018
The settlement done in a fix place is know as parmanert settlement

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