who invented the telephone

Class 7 Question

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Rishita Bisht . answered Dec 12, 2018

Abhimannu Kumar answered May 02, 2020

= Alexander Ghaham bell
= Antonio Meucci
= Amos Dolbear

These persons together make the TELEPHONE

Aswin Sajeev answered Dec 19, 2018
Alexander Graham Bell.

Neeraj! answered yesterday
Alaxeneder Graham Bell invented the telephone

Ambika Ashwathappa answered Dec 17, 2018
Alexander Graham bell

Rachana . Kotiyan answered Dec 12, 2018
The inventor of telephone was 'Alexander Graham Bell' .

Ishita Rawat answered Dec 17, 2018
Alexander graham bell .............

Abhishek Pandey answered Oct 12, 2020
Alexander Graham bell invented to telephone but it was not hear sound clearly .
so Thomas Alva Edison improved the sound of the telephone.

Åbhï Ssharma answered Dec 18, 2018
Alexander graham bell

Laxmi R Kharvi answered Dec 17, 2018
Alexander Graham Bell

Adithya Shasan answered Dec 18, 2018
Alexander graham bell

Shalvi Chauhan answered 6 hours ago
Alexander Graham Bell invented telephone..

Shreya answered 42 minutes ago
___Alexander Graham Bell__!!!

Sanskruti Bandooni answered Oct 11, 2020
Alexander Graham Bell .....

Haniyya Sanad answered Dec 17, 2018
Hey mate here is your answer😯😯😊😊😊


Allen Peter Jibi answered yesterday
Alexander graham bell invented telephone

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