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Read the following passages and write the most appropriate option from the ones provided to you.

Q1. “It’s a mad man, sir, who worries by calling everyday for letters that never come.”

(i) Identify the speaker

(a) the postmaster

(b) The postman

(c) Ali

(d) the clerk

(ii) Who is referred to as the mad man? What is the context?

(a) The staff because they keep gossiping whole day

(b) Laxmi Das because he never mentioned Ali

(c) Ali is mad because he went to the post office everyday to collect his daughter’s letter

(d) The postmaster because he imagined that Ali was alive.

(iii) What does the above remark reflect about the character of that person?

(a) hardworking

(b) persevering

(c) kind and compassionate

(d) polite and humble

Answers : 

(i) (d)

(ii) (c)

(iii) (b)

Q2. “But he is a bit touched, sir. In the old days he committed many sins and maybe he shed some blood within sacred precincts and is paying for it now,” the postman added in support of his answer.

(i) What crime has the above-mentioned person committed?

(a) He has cheated people of their money

(b) He has killed many birds and animals

(c) He had beaten many people in great cruelty

(d) He was a liar

(ii) How is the person paying for his crimes?

(a) He is suffering greatly due to diseases

(b) He is isolated from his friends

(c) His wife has died

(d) No letter has come from his daughter so he is mentally very upset

(iii) What does the above remark reflect about the character of the speaker?

(a) fun-loving and jolly

(b) sadistic

(c) concerned and caring

(d) cruel

Answers : (i) (b)

(ii) (d)

(iii) (d)

Q3. “Here, look at this!” and Ali produced an old tin box and emptied five golden guineas into the surprised clerk’s hands. “Don’t look so startled,” he continued. “They will be useful to you and they can never be to me. But will you do one thing?”

(i) The money cannot be of any use to Ali because

(a) He is already too old and has no other desires

(b) He is a miser

(c) He has no near relative

(d) He is charitable

(ii) The purpose for which Ali gave money is

(a) to show his kindness

(b) to get Miriam’s letter to him

(c) given as a tip

(d) to impress the staff with his compassion

(iii) The above remark shows that the speaker is

(a) indifferent
(b) optimistic
(c) compassionate
(d) reasonable

Answers : (i) (a)

(ii) (b)

(iii) (b)

Q4. The postmaster didn’t receive his own letter all that day. He worried all night and getting up at three, went to sit in the office. “When Ali comes at 4 o’clock,” he mused, “I will give him the letter myself.”

(i) Why is the postmaster waiting for Ali when he had turned him away earlier?

(a) He wants to personally deliver Miriam’s letter to Ali

(b) He has no other work to do

(c) He repents his bad behaviour

(d) He is ashamed of his behaviour towards Ali

(ii) Which letter is the postmaster waiting for ?

(a) Miriam’s

(b) Laxmi Das’s

(c) his own daughter’s

(d) his wife’s

(iii) What is his ultimate realisation?

(a) letters must be delivered fast

(b) one must not scold anyone

(c) separation from a child is unbearable

(d) one must control one’s anger

Answers : (i) (d)

(ii) (c)

(iii) (c)

Q5. Laxmi Das had heard the postmaster’s words as he came towards the office from another quarter. “Who was that, sir? Old Ali?” But the postmaster took no notice of him.

(i) Describe the context of the above statements.

(a) Arrival of the letter of postmaster’s daughter

(b) Arrival of Miriam’s letter

(c) Postmaster talking to Ali

(d) Laxmi Das’s presence

(ii) The postmaster took no notice of Laxmi Das because

(a) he was depressed

(b) he was lost in the thoughts of his daughter

(c) he had seen Ali looking strange and unearthly

(d) he was disturbed by Laxmi Das’s loud voice

 (iii) What was the strange news that Laxmi Das gave?

(a) That a letter had arrived from the postmaster’s daughter

(b) That the staff at post office was noncooperative

(c) That Ali had died three months ago.

(d) That Ali had given him money

Answers : (i) (c)

(ii) (c)

(iii) (c)

Q6. “That evening you could have seen Laxmi Das and the postmaster walking with slow steps to Ali’s grave. They laid the letter on it and turned back.”

(i) Where were Laxmi Das and the postmaster going?

(a) Miriam’s house

(b) His daughter’s residence

(c) Ali’s grave

(d) Laxmi Das’ household

(ii) What was the purpose of their visit?

(a) A walk

(b) to place Miriam’s letter on Ali’s grave

(c) to pacify the staff

(d) to visit the postmaster’s daughter

(iii) What lesson did the postmaster learn that day?

(a) Letters have human worth

(b) A letter must always be delivered

(c) One must always control one’s temper

(d) One must never mock others

Answers : (i) (c)

(ii) (b)

(iii) (a)

Q7. “Ali came out very slowly, turning after every few steps to gaze at the post office. His eyes were filled with tears of helplessness, for his patience was exhausted, even though he still had faith.” [C.B.S.E. 2011 (T-1)]

(i) Ali eyes were filled with tears because

(a) the postmaster had misbehaved with him
(b) Miriam had died
(c) Ali was unwell
(d) Miriam was unwell

(ii) Ali had faith that

(a) the postmaster would understand his feelings

(b) he would be well soon

(c) he would hear from Miriam

(d) None of the above

(iii) His patience was exhausted because

(a) he was very tired

(b) he could not convince the postmaster

(c) he had not received any letter from Miriam during the last five years.

(d) All of the above

Answers : (i) (a)

(ii) (c)

(iii) (c)

Q8. “Beholding the wooden arch of this building, the old man was filled with the joy that the pilgrim feels when he first sees the goal of his journey.” [C.B.S.E. 2011 (T-1)]

(i) Ali’s walking to the post office daily even in biting cold weather shows his

(a) courage

(b) optimism

(c) foolishness

(d) strength of will

 (ii) The post office is referred to as Ali’s “place of pilgrimage” as he

(a) visited it daily.

(b) came there to pray for a letter from his daughter.

(c) went there with faith and hope.

(d) believed God would bless him if he went there.

(iii) When did Ali’ daughter get married?

(a) One year ago

(b) Two years ago

(c) Three years ago

(d) Five years ago

Answers : 

(i) (b)

(ii) (c)

(iii) (d)

Q9. “Beholding the wooden arch of this building, the old man was filled with the joy that the pilgrim feels when he first sees the goal of his journey.”

(i) Who is the old man?

(a) Ali

(b) Lakshmi Das

(c) Divan Sahib

(d) Librarian

(ii) Which was the building that filled him with joy?

(a) the office building

(b) mosque

(c) post office

(d) pilgrimage

(iii) There he expected a letter from

(a) his son

(b) the postmaster’s daughter

(c) his daughter

(d) his wife

Answers : (i) (a)

(ii) (c)

(iii) (c)

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