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Literature Reader Class 10

Class 10 : MCQ's (with Solutions) - The Dear Departed Class 10 Notes | EduRev

The document MCQ's (with Solutions) - The Dear Departed Class 10 Notes | EduRev is a part of the Class 10 Course Literature Reader Class 10.
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Read the following extracts and choose the correct option.

1. Mrs Slater : “I’m amazed at you, Victoria, I really am. How can you go gallivanting about in the street with your grandfather lying dead and cold upstairs, I don’t know. Be off now, and change your dress before your Aunt Elizabeth and your uncle Ben come. It would never do for them to find you in colours.”

(i) Mrs Slater is angry with Victoria because

(a) she is moving around too much

(b) she is wasting time in the street

(c) she hasn’t changed her dress

(d) she’s not bothered about her grandfather’s death

(ii) Aunt Elizabeth and Ben are paying a visit to

(a) offer condolence for the old man’s death

(b) check upon the old man

(c) lay their hands on his belongings

(d) to show to Mrs Slater their sorrow over the death

(iii) Mrs Slater appears to be a lady who is very particular about

(a) ceremonies

(b) relatives

(c) condolence

(d) mourning dresses on death

Answer : 

(i) (c)

(ii) (d)

(iii) (d)

2. Mrs Slater : My heart’s fit to break when I see the trifles that belonged to grandfather lying around, and think he’ll never use them again.

Here! you’d better wear these slippers of grandfather’s now : It’s lucky he’d just got a new pair.

(i) Mrs Slater is very disturbed because

(a) her father is dead

(b) his things are lying scattered

(c) she has to make arrangements

(d) she cannot afford to have his things wasted

(ii) Mrs Slater is very resourceful as

(a) she manages to make all the arrangements

(b) she is able to use her father’s slippers

(c) she has managed to inform her sister

(d) she has managed to get tea ready for relatives

(iii) From the above statement it is clear that Mrs Slater was

(a) resourceful

(b) miserly

(c) greedy

(d) vain

Answer : 

(i) (d)

(ii) (b)

(iii) (c)

3. Victoria : Are we pinching it before Aunt Elizabeth comes?
 Henry : (Shocked) No, my child. Grandpa gave it to your mother before he died.

(i) Victoria’s remarks reflect upon the behavior of the adults that they are

(a) hypocrites

(b) mercenary

(c) greed-driven

(d) clever

(ii) Henry proves to be __________ from his statement.

(a) submissive

(b) gullible

(c) hen-pecked

(d) vulnerable

(iii) Such pretensions and manipulative behaviour ends up __________ the lives of children like Victoria

(a) benefitting

(b) guiding

(c) harming

(d) confusing

Answer : 

(i) (a)

(ii) (c)

(iii) (d)

4. Mrs Slater : I could never fancy buying readymade things.
 Ms Jordan : No? For myself its such a relief to get into the black.

(i) The above conversation reveals that both the daughters are not __________ at the death of their father.

(a) emotional
(b) grief-stricken
(c) sad
(d) concerned

(ii) Death has become an occasion for only

(a) sad expressions

(b) flaunting mourning dresses

(c) funeral services

(d) prayers

(iii) The above conversation reveals that both the sisters are

(a) Jealous

(b) Competitive

(c) Vicious

(d) Concerned

Answer :

(i) (b)

(ii) (b)

(iii) (c)

5. Mrs Jordan : I like ‘Never Forgotten’. Its refined
 Henry : Yes, but it’s rather soon for that.
 Ben : You couldn’t very well forget him the day

(i) Do you believe the conversation taking place above is

(a) emotional

(b) authentic
(c) genuine

(d) pretentious

(ii) The comment of Ben is

(a) humorous

(b) pretentious

(c) ironical

(d) satirical

(iii) The relatives above are discussing about __________ to be given in the newspaper.

(a) obituary

(b) announcement

(c) tribute

(d) notice

Answer : 

(i) (d)

(ii) (d)

(iii) (a)

6. ‘She’s never been here since grandfather brought it. If it was only down here instead of in his room, she’d never guess it wasn’t our own.
 [C.B.S.E. 2011 (T-1)]

(i) These words are said by

(a) Victoria

(b) Amelia
(c) Elizabeth

(d) Henry

(ii) The word ‘it’ referred to here is

(a) the ornaments

(b) the clock

(c) the chest of drawers

(d) bureau

(iii) The speaker is planning to

(a) steal the clock before her sister comes

(b) bring the bureau down

(c) send the child up to bring the keys

(d) sell the old chest of drawers

Answer : 

(i) (b)

(ii) (d)

(iii) (b)

7. (Chirpily) “Now, Amelia, you mustn’t give way. We’ve all got to die sometime or other. It might have been worse.” [C.B.S.E. 2011 (T-1)]

(i) Who speaks these words?

(a) Ben

(b) Mrs. Slater
(c) Mrs. Jordan

(d) Victoria

(ii) The speaker is prompted to utter these words to Amelia so that / because

(a) she should not cry.

(b) she need not show off.

(c) he knew her real nature and wanted to caution her that when they would face such a situation, it would be still worse.

(d) He wanted to be lively and humorous in that grim situation.

(iii) The literary device used in the given lines is :

(a) Personification

(b) Irony
(c) Alliteration

(d) Metaphor

Answer :

(i) (a)

(ii) (c)

(iii) (b)

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MCQ's (with Solutions) - The Dear Departed Class 10 Notes | EduRev


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MCQ's (with Solutions) - The Dear Departed Class 10 Notes | EduRev




MCQ's (with Solutions) - The Dear Departed Class 10 Notes | EduRev


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