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Logical Reasoning (LR) and Data Interpretation (DI)

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The document Practice Questions: Seating Arrangements CAT Notes | EduRev is a part of the CAT Course Logical Reasoning (LR) and Data Interpretation (DI).
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Easy Level

These questions are targeted to improve your knowledge of basic concepts, though easy questions are rare in CAT. These are extremely important for conceptual understanding at the foundation level.

Directions for Example 1 to 4 and Question 1: (Question Category: Matching Puzzle) Study the following information and answer the questions that follow:
(i) Six picture cards P, Q, R, S, T and U are framed in six different colours – blue, red green, grey yellow and brown and are arranged from left to right (not necessarily in the same order).
(ii) The pictures are of the king, princess, queen, palace, joker and prince.
(iii) The picture of the palace is in the blue colour frame but is not on card S and card P which is of the queen is in the brown frame and is placed at the extreme right.
(iv) The picture of the princess is neither on card S nor on card T and is not in either the green or the yellow frame. Card R has a picture of the king in a grey frame and it is fifth from the right and next to card Q having the picture of the prince.

Question 1:If the princess’s card is immediately between the cards of the palace and the prince, then at what number is the joker’s card placed from left?

Question 2:Which is the correct combination of card and frame colours?

Question 3:The picture of the palace is printed on which card?

Question 4:If the photo frame of the prince and joker is interchanged, then the colour of the frame of the prince is:

Question 5:The picture of the joker is in which colour frame?

Directions for Q. 5, 6 and Question 2: Study the following information and answer the questions that follow:
A company is planning to organise 8 lectures—A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H for 3 subjects—Quants, D.I. and English. The lectures are spread over three days. Quants is to be covered first in 3 lectures followed by English and then D.I. in 2 lectures. Lectures A, C and D have to be different days. (Lectures B and F have to be on the same day), but lecture B cannot be clubbed with A or G or D. Lecture G and H should come on the same day. Lecture A is a lecture on Quants and Lecture C cannot be on the last day. It is also known that there are at least 3 lectures on day 1.

Question 6:Which combination of lectures was arranged on the second day of the series? 

Question 7:Which of the following lectures were for D.I.?

Question 8:Which of the following pairs of lectures can go along with lecture ‘A’ on Quants?

Directions for Q. 7, 8 & Question 3: Five courses — A, B, C, D and E, each of one-month duration are to be taught from January to May one after the other though not necessarily in the same order by lecturers P, Q, R, S and T. P teaches course ‘B’ but not in the month of April or May. Q teaches course ‘A’ in the month of March. R teaches in the month of January but does not teach course ‘C’ or ‘D’.

Question 9:Which lecturer’s course immediately follows course B?

Question 10:Which course is taught in the month of January? 

Question 11:Which course is taught by S?

Medium Level

Directions for Q.9 to 11 and Question 4: The annual gathering of a college was organised on a day. Six different programmes—drama, singing, mimicry, speech, story-telling and dance are to be performed by six students A, B, C, D, E and F, not necessarily in the same order. The programme begins with a song not sung by B and ends with a dance. C performs mimicry immediately after the speech. E performs drama just before the dance. D or F are not available for the last performance. The speech is not given by A. An interval of 30 minutes is given immediately after mimicry with three more items remaining to be performed. D performs immediately after the interval.

Question 12:Who performed the dance? 

Question 13:Who was the first performer?

Question 14:Who was the last performer?

Question 15:Which item is performed by F?

Directions for Q. 12, 13 & Question 5: Six persons—Akshay, Bobby, Celina, Dimple, Esha and Faisal took up a job with XYZ Consultants in a week from Monday to Saturday. Each of them joined for different posts on different days. The posts were of Clerk, Officer, Technician, Manager, Supervisor and Sales Executive, though not in the same order. Faisal joined as a Manager on the first day. Bobby joined as a Supervisor but neither on Wednesday nor Friday. Dimple joined as a Technician on Thursday. The officer joined the firm on Wednesday. Esha joined as a clerk on Tuesday. Akshay joined as a Sales Executive.

Question 16:Who was the last to join the firm?

Question 17:On which of the following days did the Sales Executive join? 

Question 18:Who joined the firm on Wednesday?

Directions for Q. 14, 15 and Question 6:
(i) Six friends A, B, C, D, E and F are sitting along the sides of a hexagonal table for playing a game, though not necessarily in the same order.
(ii) F, who is sitting exactly opposite A, is to the immediate right of B.
(iii) D is between A and B and is exactly opposite to C.

Question 19:Who is sitting opposite B?

Question 20:Three of the following are alike in a certain way on the basis of sitting positions and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to the group?

Question 21:Who are the people sitting next to A?

Hard Level

Directions for Q. 16, 17 and Question 7, 8: A group of five boys—Abdul, Bony, Chandan, Devdas and Eram, and a group of five girls—Paro, Queen, Reena, Saifali and Tulika are standing in rows facing each other (not in the same order). The group of girls is facing north. Eram is not at any of the ends. Chandan is to the immediate right of Bony and Devdas is to the immediate left of Abdul, who is facing Paro. There are as many girls between Paro and Queen as between Reena and Saifali. Abdul is second to the left of Bony. Saifali and Reena are not facing either Bony or Devdas.

Question 22:Which of the following is definitely true?

Question 23:Who is standing to the immediate right of Abdul?

Question 24:Which pair of boys is standing at the ends of the row? 

Question 25:Who is facing Bony?

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