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Class 10 : SST Question Paper Set - 1 Class 10 Notes | EduRev

The document SST Question Paper Set - 1 Class 10 Notes | EduRev is a part of the Class 10 Course Social Science (SST) Class 10 - Model Test Papers.
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SST Question Paper Set - 1

Q.1. What is Economic Theory? What are the functions of an economic theory?

Q.2. What do you understand by Opportunity Cost?  

Q.3. What are the main differences between the demand for factors and goods?  

Q.4. What is the behaviour of Aggregate Demand?   

Q.5. Define Qualitative  Instruments or Selective Credit Control.  

Q.6. Why is the capital output ratio generally high  in Public Sector than in the private sector in India?    

Q.7. What were the objectives of the Tenth Five Year Plan?    

Q.8.  What are the main sources of the Indian Constitution?    

Q.9. What are the Powers, Privileges and Immunities of State legislatures and their Members?     

Q.10. Which was the highest court of appeal for Indian litigants prior to 1950 i.e., before the advent of the Supreme Court of India?     

Q.11. (a) Who is the first Chief Justice of India?
(b) Which Chief Justice of India acted as President of India in 1969? How long? 

Q.12. How did the Zonal councils are formed? What are its functions?   

Q.13. 'The Presidential System of Government is full of demerits.' Discuss.

Q.14. What are the procedure for the amendments of the constitution of Jammu and Kashmir?  

Q.15. What is the significance of the preamble? 

Q.16. What is the need for Subordinate Legislation?

Q.17. What is the importance of an independent judiciary in a democracy? How has the independence of the Supreme Court Judges been ensured by the constitution?

Q.18. How is the position of Legislative Council of a State inferior to the Legislative Assembly? What is the utility of the second Chamber in a State?   

Q.19. What is the code of conduct of Legislators outside the Legislature?  

Q.20. What are the punishment given to the Legislators for breach of code of conduct?    

Q.21. Write short notes on:
(i) Kundah Hydro electric Project 
(ii) Talcher Hydro electric Project 
(iii) Neyveli Lignite Power  Project 
(iv) Kobra Thermal Power Project

Q.22. "The present day geomorphological divisions of the sub-continent have evolved in the course of long geographical destroy". Elaborate the above statement. 

Q.23. What are the difference between Himalayan and Peninsular rivers?  

Q.24. Describe the drainage system of peninsular India.

Q.25. Why is Godavari river often referred as 'Dakshina Ganga' or 'Vridha Ganga'?  

Q.26. What is a Sub-Continent? Name the countries included in the Indian Sub-Continent.

Q.27. Explain how far  India can be said to occupy the most central position in the Indian Ocean?  

Q.28. What are the characteristics of Western Ghats?

Q.29. Describe the physiography of the islands that form part of the territory of India. 

Q.30. Compare and contrast the geo-morphological features of the Himalayas with those of the Indian plateau.  

Q.31. Describe the drainage system of Northern India.   

Q.32. Discuss the Position of women in the Rigvedic society.

Q.33. Write short notes on the following : 
(i) Kalpi 
(ii) Kanauj 
(iii) Kangra
(iv) Masulipatam 
(v) Multan.  

Q.34. Who are they and why are they famous for:  
(i) Sister Nivedita  
(ii) V.S. Srinivasa Sastri 
(iii) Vithalbhai Patel 
(iv) Charles F. Andrews 
(v) V.O. Chidambaram Pillai   
(vi) Bhulabhai Desai 
(vii) E.V. Ramaswami 
(viii) Subramania Bharati 
(ix) B.C. Roy 
(x) Kaka Saheb Kalelkar 

Q.35. Who are they and why are they famous for:
(i) Rashbehari Bose 
(ii) S. Satyamurti  
(iii) Acharya Narendra Dev
(iv) Champaka Raman Pillai  
(v) Mahadeo Desai  
(vi) Rafi Ahmed Kidwai 
(vii) C.N. Annadurai 
(viii) Abdul Haye, Main  
(ix) Dr. Sheikh Abdullah 
(x) Alva, Joachim and Violet 
(xi) Abhyankar, Moreshwar Vasudeo 

Q.36. Examine the status of Psychology in the family of Social Sciences.  

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