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Class 10 : Sample paper - 1 Computer Science (Information & Computer Technology) Class 10 Class 10 Notes | EduRev

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Q1) Fill in the blanks: [5]

i) Viruses, worms and trojans are collectively named ________________.
Ans: Malware

ii) Cellspacing attribute is used with ______________ tag.

iii) _____________ is a program which makes you view the information on the World

Wide Web.
Ans:Web browser

iv) Collection of Web Pages is called _____________.

v) Columns of a table are specified using __________tag.
Ans:  <td>

vi) _________ can replicate itself automatically .

vii) _________ attribute is used with <A> tag to specify the URL of link.

viii) ___________ is type of program that is installed on a user’s computer to

collect information about user.
Ans: Spyware

ix) XML attribute value should always be enclosed in _______________ .

x) ______________is a program that appears harmless but actually performs malicious

Ans:Trojan Horse

Q2) State True or False: [5]

i) The World Wide Web Consortium was founded to develop common standards.

ii) An XML document can have any number of child elements.

iii) No value is specified with border attribute of <img> tag.
Ans:  False

iv) COLSPAN attribute of <TD> tag is used to merge more than one column of table.

v) Unsolicited bulk emails are called spam.
Ans: True

vi) Malware is Antivirus software.

vii) Because each computer differs in terms of what fonts it can display, each individual

browser determines how text is to be displayed.
Ans: True

viii) Xml is Extended MarkupLanguage

ix) Software piracy is crime.

x) A cracker is a malicious programmer who break into secure systems.

Q3) Short Answer Questions –

i. What does an anti-virus software do? [2]
Ans:i) Anti Virus software are used to prevent, detect and remove malicious programs.

ii. What is full form of HTTP and what is its use? [2]
Ans: HyperText Transfer/Transmission Protocol 

Hypertext Transfer Protocol is the main protocol of the World Wide Web. When you request a

web page by typing its address into your web browser, that request is sent using HTTP. The

browser is an HTTP client, and the web page server is an HTTP server.

iii. Write the HTML code to display links of a web page in yellow colour. [2]
Ans: <Body link = “yellow”>

iv. Write the full forms of: [2]
i) URL ii) <LI> iii) <TD> iv) HTML
Uniform Resource Locator
List Item
Table Data
HyperText Markup Language

v. As life gets busier, it becomes difficult for everyone to keep a track with school &

college friends, old colleagues, old neighbours and favourite teachers. It is important

to keep in touch with all your near and dear ones. At times, people sitting miles away

doing similar kind of activity or solving similar kind of problems can help you to

achieve goals faster by sharing their experiences. Similarly people belonging to

different socio-economic background can change your perspective and can enhance

your understanding of various cultures. [2]

a. Suggest two real time tools that are suitable for the above-mentioned activities.
Ans:  Facebook and Twitter

b. What is the generic name used for such tools?
Ans:  Social Networking

vi. Laleema Chakradhar wants a broadband connection for accessing her mails and

staying informed about the latest happenings in the field of Biotechnology. Can you

suggest two Internet Service Providers of India to be approached for the same? [2]
Ans: VSNL, Airtel etc.

Q4) Short Answer Questions –

i. Draw the XML tree for the code given below: [5]



















ii. Observe the following table and write the HTML code to generate it : [5]
 <html><body><table border=1>

<tr><th colspan=6>Time Table</th></tr>

<tr> <th rowspan = 6>Hours</th>








<tr><th colspan=5> Lunch</th></tr>

<tr><td> Science</td><td>Maths</td>


<td rowspan =2> Project</td></tr>






iii. What is the meaning of backup and why the data backup is essential? Also name 4

devices to take data backup. [5]
Ans: In information technology, a backup, or the process of backing up, refers to the copying

and archiving of computer data so it may be used to restore the original after a data loss event.
Data Backup protect us against failures like:
Hardware failure
Media Failure
Accidental file deletion
Theft and natural disaster
Virus attack
Following are some storage devices to take backup:
External hard disk
USB Flash drive
Online Backup

iv. Write any two attributes for each tag: [3]

a) <img>

b) <Table>

c) <A>
 img tag-src, alt, height, width
table tag- align, bgcolor, border, cellpadding, cellspacing
a tag- href, name

v. Sharvan Joshi is a student of Political Science and is a keen researcher of Political

issues related to various countries and states. He wants to share his research and

his own opinion on these issues on day -to-day basis with everyone on the World

Wide Web. He is also interested in collecting views of others to enhance his

research and knowledge related to his area of interest. He belongs to a middle

class family and can’t afford his own website. Also being a non-technical person

he can’t create a dynamic website to deal with day-to-day inputs. [2]

a) Suggest an easy way for Shravan to achieve the same.
Ans: Shravan should develop a blog.

b) Also name any two popular websites providing free services that can help Shravan in

this regard.

Q5) Long Answer Questions –

Observe the following web page and write HTML code to generate it. [10]

Note the following points while generating the Webpage:

· Link colour is black, background colour is yellow and visited link colour is green

· Title of the page is “wild life in India”

· Heading of the page is maroon

· Image used is “elephant.png”

· Caption of table is blue

· Table border is blue and of size 2

· The 4 links are one.html, two.html, three.html and four.html

· The email id for contact us is

Ans: <HTML>

<HEAD><TITLE> wild life in India </TITLE></HEAD>

<BODY bgcolor=yellow LINK="black" VLINK="green">



<IMG SRC="elephant.png" ALIGN="right" HEIGHT=225 WIDTH=250>

<p>The Indian elephant (Elephas maximus indicus) is one of three recognised subspecies of the

Asian elephant and native to mainland Asia. Since 1986, Elephas maximus has been listed as

Endangered by IUCN as the population has declined by at least 50% over the last three

generations, estimated to be 60–75 years. Asian elephants are threatened by habitat loss,

degradation and fragmentation".

<p> See Also :


<LI><A HREF="one.html">Sri Lankan Elephant</A>

<LI><A HREF="two.html">sumatran Elephant</A>

<LI><A HREF="three.html">Borneo Elephant</A>

<LI><A HREF="four.html">African elephant</A>



<TABLE BORDER=2 BORDERCOLOR="blue" width=25% height=175>

<font color =blue><CAPTION>Threats To Elephants</CAPTION></font>

<TR> <TD> 1<TD> Illegal Hunting</TR>

<TR><TD> 2<TD>Industrialisation</TR>

<TR><TD> 3<TD> Habitat Loss</TR>

<TR><TD> 4<TD> Fragmentation</TR>

<TR><TD> 5<TD>Disease</TR>

</TABLE><BR>For further enquiries and reservations <A

HREF="">Contact Us</A>



Q6) Multiple Choice Questions (Choose most appropriate option): [18]

i. What does URL stand for?
a) United Route Line

b) Uniform Resource Locator

c) Unknown Redirection Link

d) Upload Redirection Link
Ans: b) Uniform Resource Locator

ii. XML uses

a) Only 6 tags

b) Predefined tags

c) Custom tags

d) HTML tags
Ans: c) Custom tags

iii. Copy of data created for safe storage is

a) Saved copy

b) Backup

c) Dcopy

d) Stored copy
Ans: b) Backup

iv. XML uses the features of




Ans: a) SGML

v. Which of the following is not the source of virus?

a) Email attachments

b) Pen drives

c) Typing through key board

d) Downloading files
Ans: c) Typing through key board

vi. Which of them is correct XML tag

a) <first name>

b) <6class>

c) <name>

d) All of the above
Ans: c) <name>

vii. A good way to safeguard access to your computer is to _________ protect it.

a) A deadbolt

b) Copyright

c) Safemode

d) Password
Ans: d) password

viii. Which one of these is correct processing instruction (PI) of a XML document?

a) <?xml version = “1.0”?>

b) <?xml version = “1.0”>

c) </xml version = “1.0”>

d) <xml version = “1.0”?>
Ans: a) <?xml version = “1.0”?>

ix. Which statement is true?

a) All XML elements must have a closing tag.

b) All XML elements must be in lower case.

c) All XML document must have a DTD.

d) All of the above
Ans: d) All of the above

x. Out of the following, which one will be altered or modified by a computer virus?

a) Operating System

b) Speed of Network Connectivity

c) Application Software

d) All of the above
Ans: d) All of the above

xi. Google ( is a

a) Search Engine

b) Number in Math

c) Chat service on the web

d) Directory of images
Ans: a) Search Engine

xii. Border, cellspacing, cellpadding, align are the attributes of

a) <body>

b) <img>

c) <table>

d) None of these
Ans: c) <table>

xiii. Mozilla Firebox is a

a) Web Browser

b) News Website

c) Graphing Package

d) Word Processor
Ans:a) Web Browser

xiv. Which of these are all table tags?

a) <thead>, <body>, <tr>

b) <table>, <tr>, <td>

c) <table>, <head>, <title>

d) <table>, <tr>, <tt>
Ans: b) <table>, <tr>, <td>

xv. Valid XML document means

a) The document has one root element

b) The document contains one or more root element

c) The document has a DTD and complies to it

d) Each element must be in capital letter
Ans: c) The document has a DTD and complies to it

xvi. When creating a Web document, what format is used to express an image's height

and width?

a) Centimeters

b) Pixels

c) Dots per inch

d) Inches
Ans:b) Pixels

xvii. What can you do with the Internet?

a) Exchange information with friends and colleagues

b) Access pictures, sounds, video clips and other media elements

c) Find diverse perspective on issues from a global audience

d) All of the above
Ans: d) All of the above

xviii. Which command we use to link a page with an HTML page?

a) <a link="url">link text</a>

b) <a href="url">link text </a>

c) <a connect="url">link text </a>

d) <a attach="url">link text </a>

Ans: b) <a href="url">link text </a>

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