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List of Words and their synonyms

Words Synonyms
Abandon Leave, Forsake, Give up
Abhor Hate, Detest
Abnormal Unusual, Unnatural
Absurd Silly, Ridiculous
Abridge Shorten, Curtail, Reduce
Abundant Plentiful
Accumulate Collect
Adequate Sufficient
Admiration Praise
Adversity Misfortune
Affliction Distress, Sorrow
Aggravate Heighten, Intensify
Alien Foreign
Amiable Lovable, Charming
Appalling Terrifying, Dreadful
Apposite Suitable
Apprehend Know, Catch
Astonish Amaze, Astound
Assistance Help
Attack Assault
Audacious Bold, Daring
Anguish Pain, Agony, Torture, Torment
Authentic TRUE
Aversion Hatred, Hostility
Awakward Clumsy
Base Low, Mean
Behaviour Demeanour
Blame Accuse
Bliss Joy, Happiness, Felicity
Brisk Bright, Lively
Brutal Savage, Cruel
Callous Hard, Cruel
Calm Quiet, Tranquil
Candid Sincere, Frank
Casual Uncertain
Category Class
Civil Polite, Courteous
Cold Frigid, Indifferent
Compassion Sympathy, Pity
Consistent Compatible, Congrous
Conceit Pride, Thought
Concise Brief, Short
Condense Compress, Thick
Conversant Warm, Friendly
Cordial Hearty
Crafty Cunning, Sly
Criterion Standard, Test
Crucial Decisive
 Cruel Fierce, Tyrannical
Cynical Misanthropic
Damage Loss, Harm, Injury
Deadly Fatal, Destructive
Decay Decline, Fade, Wither
Decorate Adorn, Embellish, Ornament
Deficient Lacking, Inadequate
Deformity Malformation, Dis-figurement
Denounce Accuse, Condemn
Desolate Lonely, Deserted
Destitute Needy
Deteriorate Degenerate, Decline
Dexterity Skill, Deftness, Adroitness
Didactic Instructive
Diffident Hesitant
Diligent Industrious, Persevering
Disgrace Dishonour, Shame
Divine Godlike, Heavenly
Earnest Serious
Eccentric Odd, Singular
Emergency Exigency
Emulate Imitate
Exceptional Unusual, Rare
Extravagant Wasteful, Prodigal
Fabricate Forge, Construct
FALSE Untrue, Spurious
Fanciful Imaginative
Ferocious Fierce, Savage, Barbarous
Fine Pleasant, Agreeable
Flimsy Slight, Thin
Fury Anger
Fraud Deceit, Trickery
Gaiety Joyousness, Mirth, Happiness
Grievous Painful, sorrowful
Guilt Sin, Crime
Hamper Hinder, Impede
Humane Kind, Benevolent
Imminent Threatening
Imposter Cheat
Imperious Authoritative, Lordly, Commanding, Despotic
Inanimate Lifeless
Incessant Continuous
Indignant Angry
Ingenuous Artless, Sincere
Jolly Jovial, Merry
Jubilant Joyful
Lament Mourn, Grieve
Liberty Freedom, Independence
Liberal Generous
Likeness Similarity, Resemblance
Loyal Faithful, Devoted
Magnificent Splendid, Grand
Malice Spite
Marvellous Wonderful, Astonishing
Meagre Small
Mean Low, Abject
Melancholy Gloomy, Sad
Mockery Ridicule
Negligent Careless, Heedless
Notorious Infamous
Obsolete Antiquated
Opportune Timely
Pathetic Touching, Moving
Pensive Thoughtful
Persuade Urge
Pious Holy, Devout
Plentiful Abundant
Portray Draw, Sketch
Pretence Pretext, Excuse
Obscene Indecent, Filthy
Quaint Queer, Odd Strange
Questionable Doubtful, Disputable
Radiant Brilliant, Bright
Refined Elegant
Reiterate Repeat
Rejoice Delight
Relevant Pertinent
Remorse Regret, Repentance
Renown Fame, Reputation
Reticent Silent, Reserved
Ruin Destruction, Downfall
Sacred Holy, Consecrated
Savage Wild, Barbarous
Scanty Slender, Meagre
Scandal Infancy, Slander
Shy Bashful
Simple Plain, Natural
Special Particular
Specimen Sample
Sterile Barren, Unproductive
Stiff Rigid, Stern
Sublime Elevated
Surplus Excess
Superficial Shallow

Some More Synonyms & Antonyms

1. Abominable

Syn. : hateful, loathsome, terrible, unpleasant

Ant. : admirable, noble, fine.

2. Abet

Syn. : aid, assist, back, encourage, goad

Ant. : hinder, discourage, obstacle, problem

3. Abolition

Syn. : abrogation, ending, eradication, dissolution

Ant. : retention, continue, establishment

4. Abomination

Syn. : hateful, heinous, despicable, contemptible

Ant. : desirable, delightful, pleasant

5. Abrupt

Syn. : blunt, brisk, broken, hasty

Ant. : expensive, ceremonious, leisurely

6. Absur

Syn. : comical, crazy, fantastic, farcical

Ant. : logical, rational, sensible

7. Accord

Syn. : agree, allow, conquer, endow

Ant. : discord, conflict, disharmony

8. Acute

Syn. : crucial, dangerous, decisive, cutting

Ant. : obtuse, poor, mild, slight

9. Adamant

Syn : firm, fixed, hard, determined

Ant. : flexible, hesitant, yielding

10. Adjacent

Syn. : alongside, abutting, touching, near

Ant. : remote, distant, far

11. Adversary

Syn. : assilant, antagonist, contestant, enemy

Ant. : ally, supporter, favourable

12. Analogous

Syn. : agreeing, akin, alike, comparable

Ant. : disperate, dislike, different

13. Aversion

Syn. : animosity, disapproval, detestation, disgust

Ant. : desire, liking, sympathy

14. Balmy

Syn. : element, gentle, mild, pleasant

Ant. : wicked, inclement, rude

15. Banish

Syn. : debar, deport, discard, dismiss

Ant. : recall, welcome, greet

16. Bashful

Syn. : backward, blushing, confused, different

Ant. : aggressive, confident, bold

17. Bedraggled

Syn. : disordered, dirty, messy, muddical

Ant. : clean, neat, tidy, fair

18. Benevolence

Syn. : altruism, compassion, generosity, goodness

Ant. : malevolence, meanness, selfishness

19. Bigot

Syn. : dogmatist, fanatic, racist

Ant. : liberal, moderate, humanitarian

20. Boggy

Syn. : fenny, marshy, muddy, oozy

Ant. : arid, dry, hot, barren

21. Boisterous

Syn. : clamorous, disturb, noisy, impetuous

Ant. : calm, peace, quiet, restrained

22. Camouflage

Syn. : blind, cloak, deception, covering

Ant. : revival, expose, uncover

23. Casual

Syn. : accidental, cursory, chance, random

Ant. : deliberate, planned, formal

24. Censure

Syn. : admonition, disapproval, blame, reproach

Ant. : approval, complements, praise

25. Clumsy

Syn. : awkward, blundering, fisted, crude

Ant. : careful, elegant, graceful

26. Coarse

Syn. : rough, unpolished, unpurified

Ant. : fine, smooth, polite, refined

27. Coherent

Syn. : logical, lucid, orderly, meaningful

Ant. : disorder, meaningless, irrational

28. Comply

Syn. : accede, accord, assent, accomodate

Ant. : resist, disobey, disagree

29. Concerted

Syn. : collaborative, collective, combined, joint

Ant. : separate, dispersed, uncordinated

30. Convenient

Syn. : accessible, adapted, appropriate, available

Ant. : awkward, different, inconvenient

31. Customary

Syn. : common, confined, accepted, established

Ant. : rare, occasional, unusual

32. Deceit

Syn. : abuse, artifice, cheating, craftiness

Ant. : honesty, openness, frankness

33. Decry

Syn. : blame, censure, condemn, cry down

Ant. : value, pause, appreciate

34. Dejected

Syn. : unhappy, depressed, despondent

Ant. : bright, happy, high spirited

35. Deplorable

Syn. : appalling, dire, disgraceful, grievous

Ant. : commendable, excellent, praiseworthy

36. Despotic

Syn. : absolute, arbitary, arrogant

Ant. : democratic, egalitarian, liberate

37. Dubious

Syn. : doubtful, fishy, obscure, sceptical

Ant. : certain, reliable, trustworthy

38. Dwindle

Syn. : abate, contract, decay, decline

Ant. : gain, grow, increase

39. Eccentric

Syn. : abnormal, bizare, dotty, erratic

Ant. : normal, sane, orthodox

40. Elevate

Syn. : advance, boost, brighten, exalt

Ant. : lower, lessen, abbreviate

41. Erudite

Syn. : cultured, educated, learned, lettered

Ant. : illiterate, unlettered, unpolished

42. Explode

Syn. : detonate, discharge, erupt, discredit

Ant. : prove, confirm, certain

43. Fascination

Syn. : attraction, charm, enchantment, glamour

Ant. : repulsion, boredous, ugly

44. Feasible

Syn. : achievable, attainable, likely, possible

Ant. : difficult, impossible, hard

45. Flamboyant

Syn. : brilliant, colourful, dazzling, elaborate

Ant. : modest, restrained, disgraceful

46. Furious

Syn. : angry, boiling, enraged, fierce

Ant. : pleased, calm, peaceful

47. Gigantic

Syn. : colossal, enormous, giant, huge

Ant. : small, tiny, narrow

48. Gorgeous

Syn. : beautiful, brilliant, enjoyable, fine

Ant. : dull, plain, shabby

49. Grotesque

Syn. : absurb, deformed, distorted, fanciful

Ant. : graceful, normal, attractive

50. Hazardous

Syn. : chancy, dangerous, haphazard, jeopardy

Ant. : safe, secure, sure, amicable

51. Hideous

Syn. : appalling, awful, disgustful, frightful

Ant. : beautiful, attractive, handsome

52. Hilarious

Syn. : amusing, comical, funny, entertaining

Ant. : grave, sad, serious

53. Honorary

Syn. : unpaid, titular, formal, complimentary

Ant. : paid, waged, salaried

54. Hysterical

Syn. : berserk, crazed, frantic, mad

Ant. : composed, calm, self possessed

55. Illuminate

Syn. : clarify, decoration, beam, explain

Ant. : darken, mystify, serious

56. Incredible

Syn. : absur, amazing, astonishing

Ant. : believable, reliable, general

57. Ingenuity

Syn. : cleverness, cunning, faculty, flair

Ant. : clumsiness, awkwardness, simple

58. Juxtaposition

Syn. : closeness, contact, nearness, proximity

Ant. : separation, dissociation, delink

59. Languish

Syn. : brood, decline, droop, fade, fall

Ant. : develop, flourish, proper

60. Magnification

Syn. : amplification, boost, enhancement, increase

Ant. : reduction, diminution, decrease

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