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1. Abase (नीचा दिखाना)
Syn—Disgrate, Debase, Humiliate, Depise, Expose.
Ant—Respect, Praise, Cherish.

2. Abash (लज्जित करना)
Syn—Discourage, Discompose, Embarrass, Humble, Mortify.
Ant—Embolden, Uphold, Buoy.

3. Abbot (महंत)
Syn—Assist, Abbess, Incite, Stimulate, Embolden.
Ant—Confound, Deter, Resert.

4. Ablution (साफ करना)
Syn—Washing, Bath, Cleaning, Leaving, Purification.
Ant—Defiling, Taint, Polluting.

5. Abstinence (संयम)
Syn—Abstention, Temperance, Continence, Frugality, Sabriety.
Ant—Excess, Intoxication, Gluttony.

6. Accessory (सह अपराधी)
Syn—Accomplice, Ally, Colleague, Participator, Retainer.
Ant—Opponent, Betrager, Hinderer.

7. Acerbity (तीक्ष्णता)
Syn—Harshness, Sourness, Acrimony, Secrity, Malignity.

8. Adjunct (अनुबंध)
Syn—Appendancy, Addition, Appurtenacy, Dependency, Auxiliary.
Ant—Removal, Lessening, Separation.

9. Adulterate (मिलावट करना)
Syn—Corrupt, Impure, Debase, Muddle, Mix.
Ant—Purify, Clarify, Refine.

10. Affable (सुशील)
Syn—Courteous, Polite, Kindly, Gracious, Mild.
Ant—Grouchey, Haughty, Grumbling.

11. Amateur (अव्यवसायी)
Syn—Nonprofessional, Beginner, Dawder, Novice, Dilletante.
Ant—critic, Professional, Sarant.

12. Antagonism (विरोध)
Syn—Opposition, Antipathy, Animosity, Hostility Discord.

13. Ascetic (तपस्वी)
Syn—Abstemous, Austere, Rigid, Stern, Recluse.
Ant—Luxinous, Dissolute, Sensuous.

14. Banish (देश से निकालना)
Syn—Exile, Expel, Expatriate, Dismiss, Ostracise.
Ant—Repatriate, Recall.

15. Barbarous (असभ्य)
Syn—Brutal, Atrocious, Barbarian, Untamed, Uncivilized.
Ant—Humble, Cultured, Polite.

16. Beneficient (परोपकारी)
Syn—Charitable, Benevolent, Kind, Generous, Liberal.
Ant—Greedy, Uncharitable, Miserly.

17. Breeze (ठंडी हलकी हवा)
Syn—Gale, Tempest, Wind, Blast, Bluster.
Ant—Calm, Quiet, Repose.

18. Bigoted (कट्टर)
Syn—Fanatical, Intolerant, Obstinate, Prejudiced.
Ant—Practical, Broad-minded.

19. Bustle (जल्दी-जल्दी काम करना)
Syn—Hustle, Quickness, Hurry, Haste, Stir.
Ant—Inertia, Inaction, Indolence.

20. Brave (साहसी)
Syn—Bold, Gallant, Courageous, Adventurous, Stout.
Ant—Cowardly, Fearful, Afraid.

21. Brittle (भंगुर)
Syn—Easily broken, Fragile, Breakable, Slender.
Ant—Strong, Tought, Crumbling.

22. Calamity (प्रलय)
Syn—Disaster, Misfortune, Adversity, Distress, Sorrow.
Ant—Prosperity, Fortune, Happiness.

23. Candid (सपाट)
Syn—Frank, Open, Impartial, Fair, Blunt.
Ant—Unfair, Diplomatic.

24. Calibre (गुण, योग्यता)
Syn—Worth, Ability, Skill, Merit, Mental faculty.
Ant—Disability, Ignorance.

25. Capable (योग्य)
Syn—Able, Qualified, Skillful, Impressive, Competent.
Ant—Incompetent, Unqualified, Unable.

26. Cessation (रुकावट)
Syn—Stopping, Pause, Halt, Rest, Intermission.
Ant—Continue, Regular, Function.

27. Cherish (पोषण करना)
Syn—Nourish, Nurse, Shelter, Harbour, Cheer.
Ant—Abandon, Relinquish, Desert.

28. Consolidate (संघटित करना)
Syn—Unite, Solidify, Confound, Dismay, Disprove.
Ant—Prove, Verify, Affirm.

29. Contemplate (सोचना)
Syn—Consider, Intend, Design, Ponder, Purpose.
Ant—Disregard, Reject, Neglect.

30. Convoke (इक्कट्ठा करना)
Syn—Convence, Assemble, Gather, Call, Collect.
Ant—Dismiss, Dissolve, Adjourn, Separate.

31. Dainty (स्वादिष्ट, सुरुचिपूर्ण)
Syn—Elegant, Sweet, Delicate, Soft, Tender.
Ant—Sour, Tasteless, Unpleasant.

32. Debase (नीचा दिखाना)
Syn—Lower, Degrade, Adulterate, Impair, Shame.
Ant—Enhance, Improve, Lift.

33. Delectable (आनन्दकर)
Syn—Delightful, Delicious, Palatable, Equisit, Jaunty.
Ant—Offensive, Loathsome, Repulsive.

34. Denounce (निन्दा करना)
Syn—Accuse, Threaten, Blame, Scold, Reprove.
Ant—Praise, Land, Applaud.

35. Despair (निराश होना)
Syn—Hopelessness, Desperation, Discouragement, Dejection, Depression.
Ant—Hope, Ambition, Confidence.

36. Disparage (उपेक्षा करना)
Syn—Lower, Belittle, Deory, Discredit, Dishonour.
Ant—Praise, Approve, Commend.

37. Dubious (संदिग्ध)
Syn—Doubtful, Equivocal, Uncertain, Suspicious.
Ant—Certain, Sure, Positive.

38. Dwell (ठहरना)
Syn—Reside, Stay, Stop, Live, Wait.
Ant—Move, Remove, Forshake.

39. Earnest (सच्चा)
Syn—Sincere, Eager, Determined, Serious, Grave.
Ant—Triffling, Careless, Negligent.

40. Endanger (आपत्ति में डालना)
Syn—Hazard, Jeopard, Venture, Peril, Expose.
Ant—Guard, Protect, Secure.

41. Endeavour (कोशिश करना)
Syn—Attempt, Aim, Attack, Struggle, Aspire.
Ant—Rest, Shun, Defer.

42. Enforce (बाध्य करना)
Syn—Urge, Compel, Strain, Force, Press.
Ant—Neglect, Dodge, Dismiss.

43. Enterprise (साहसिक कार्य)
Syn—Endeavour, Boldness, Undertaking, Venture, Activity.
Ant—Idleness, Inaction, Passiveness.

44. Exalt (बहुत प्रशंसा करना)
Syn—Praise, Expand, Ennable, Dignity, Enlarge.
Ant—Degrade, Despise, Humiliate.

45. Farbric (रचना)
Syn—Structure, Texture, Stuff, Material, Cloth.
Ant—Pull Down, Destruction.

46. Fabulous (काल्पनिक)
Syn—Untrue, Mythical, Rediculous, Incredible, Amazing.
Ant—Historical, Usual, Testified.

47. Forbid (रोकना)
Syn—Prohibit, Restrain, Oppose, Prevent, Deprive.
Ant—Encourage, Command, Permit.

48. Foregoing (परहेज करना)
Syn—Preceding, Prior, Former, Antecedent, Anterior.
Ant—Succeeding, Following, Behind.

49. Forth with (तुरन्त)
Syn—Immediately, Directly, Instantly, Presently.
Ant—Anon, Soon, Never.

50. Foster (उत्साह देना)
Syn—Nourish, Encourage, Promtoe, Cherish, Humour.
Ant—Neglect, Ignore, Overlook.

51. Generie (जातीय)
Syn—Typical, General, Ideal, Comprehensive.
Ant—Individual, Particular, Special.

52. Gratuitous (निःशुल्क)
Syn—Voluntary, Spontaneous, Groundless, Wanton.
Ant—Deserved, Called for.

53. Harbour (आश्रय)
Syn—Shelter, House, Refuge, Shield, Foster
Ant—Eject, Expel, Banish.

54. Hostile (प्रतिकूल)
Syn—Unfriendly, Adverse, Meleuolent, Contrary.
Ant—Friendly, Loyal, Devoted.

55. Husbandry (खेती)
Syn—Farming, Economy, Agriculture, Cultivation.
Ant—Waste, Misure, Decrement.

56. Hypothesis (परिकल्पना)
Syn—Theory, Scheme, System, Suggestion, Thesis.
Ant—Fact, Certainly, Conviction.

57. Ignorant (अनजान)
Syn—Illiterate, Uneducated, Unlearned, Untaught.
Ant—Educated, Learned, Well-informed.

58. Injurious (हानिकारक)
Syn—Wrong, Harmful, Unjust, Hurtful, Wrongful.
Ant—Helpful, Wholesome, Beneficial.

59. Intimate (घनिष्ठ)
Syn—Familiar, Close, Friendly, Confidential.
Ant—Strange, Superficial, Unfamiliar.

60. Invalid (अमान्य)
Syn—Illegal, Untrue, Weak, Sick.
Ant—Strong, Legal, Sound.

61. Jealous—(ईष्यालु)
Syn—Envious, Anxious, Suspicious, Watchful.
Ant—General, Indifferent.

62. Jovial (प्रसन्न)
Syn—Merry, Joyous, Jolly, Genial.
Ant—Ungenial, Melancholy, Gloomy.

63. Judicial (न्यायिक)
Syn—Legal, Just, Well balanced.
Ant—Impulsive, Legislative.

64. Keen (तीव्र)
Syn—Sharp, Strong, Eager, Penetrating, Acute.
Ant—Condemn, Censure, Blame.

65. Knotty (कठिन)
Syn—Knotted, Difficult, Hard, Complicated.
Ant—Simple, Smooth, Easy.

66. Latent (गुप्त)
Syn—Hidden, Concealed, Secret, Invisible.
Ant—Visible, Exposed, Apparent.

67. Lofty (घमण्डी)
Syn—High, Noble, Proud, Eminent, Tall.
Ant—Low, Ordinary.

68. Lusty (स्वस्थ और पुष्ट)
Syn—Healthy, Strong, Full of lust, Robust.
Ant—Weak, Infirm.

69. Massive (भारी)
Syn—Bulky, Heavy, Large, Vast, Weighty.
Ant—Small, Slight, Petty.

70. Mournful (शोकाकुल)
Syn—Sad, Sorrowful, Grevious.
Ant—Joyful, Pleasant.

71. Mystic (रहस्यमय)
Syn—Occult, Secret, Spirit, Unknowable, Mysterious.
Ant—Familiar, Ordinary.

72. Nasty (गंदा, फूहड़)
Syn—Dirty, Filthy, Annoying, Disagreeable.
Ant—Pleasant, Nice, Sweet.

73. Naughty (नटखट)
Syn—Wicked, Bad, Corrupt, Mischievous, Malice.
Ant—Good, Worthy, A well-behaved.

74. Obsolete (अप्रचलित, पुराना)
Syn—Old, Unfashionable, Out of use, Out of date.
Ant—Common, Usual, Regular.

75. Obese (बहुत मोटा)
Syn—Abnormally, Fat, Stout, Plump, Fleshy, Chubby.
Ant—Lean, Slim, Thin.

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