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Worksheet Solutions: Reported Speech - English Grammar Class 10

Reported Speech

(i) My father said, “Honesty is the best policy”. 

My father said that honesty is the best policy. 

(ii) I said to him, "I will not go there tomorrow." 

I told him that I would not go there the next day. 

(iii) The clerk said to me, "I will not attend the office tomorrow." 

The clerk told me that he would not attend the next day.

(iv) Hari said to them, "Mohan did not sleep here yesterday." 

Hari said to them, "Mohan did not sleep here the previous day." 

(v) Gita said to Rita, "Will you help me in this work?" 

Gita asked Rita if she would help her in that work. 

(vi) Sadhna said to me, "Can you go with me to the station?" 

Sadhna asked if I could go with her to the station. 

(vii) Her father said to me, "Do you know where Prem is?" 

Her father asked if I knew where was Prem. 

(viii) I said to him, "Who are you?" 

I asked who he was 

(ix) Ram said to me, "Why do you not go home?" 

Ram asked me why I did not go home. 

(x) My mother said, "Watch the milk. Don’t let it boil over?".

My mother asked to watch the milk and forbade to let it boil over. 

(xi) He said to her, "Go away from here at once." 

He asked her to go away from there at once. 

(xii) The teacher said to the boys, "Work hard." 

The teacher advised the boys to work hard. 

(xiii) The doctor said to the patient, "Do not eat much to escape from disease." 

The doctor forbade the patient to eat much to escape from disease. 

(xiv) The servant said to him, "Sir, grant me leave for two days." 

The servant requested his sir to grant him leave for two days. 

(xv) He said, "Rahul. Good Morning!” 

He wished Rahul good morning. or He wished good morning to Rahul. 

(xvi) He shouted, "Let me go."

 He shouted that he should go.' 

(xvii) The spectators said, "Bravo! Well done." 

The spectators applauded by saying well done. 

(xviii) The captain said, "Hurrah! We have won the match." 

The captain exclaimed with joy that they had won the match. 

(xix) The doctor said, "Alas! The Poor man is no more." 

The doctor exclaimed with grief that the poor man was no more. 

(xx) The teacher said to me, "What a beautiful picture it is!" 

The teacher exclaimed with joy that it was a very beautiful scene. 

(xxi) Mohan said, "Hi Ajay! What are you doing?!" 

Mohan greeted Ajay and asked what he was doing. 

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